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Poker Players Show Their Anger Towards The Alleged High-Stakes Scam

Tags: cheating, Lauren Kling, Matthew Marafioti, Samer Rahman, scam, scandal.
Posted on 14 August 2012 by "T".

Canadian poker pro Matthew Marafioti's name has been dragged through the mud in the past weeks. It all started last month when he and his ex-girlfriend Lauren Kling broke up and he called her names via his Twitter and Facebook.

Last week, things got really bad when an anonymous person posted Skype and Facebook conversations between Marafioti and Swedish hacker and poker player Samer Rahman in which the two talked about hacking the computer of Canadian poker player Will "molswi47" Molson so that Marafioti could see his cards.

Ever since the alleged scam was brought to light, people from all over the world have posted their thoughts on the matter - most of which are not so nice. And it's not only in forums that people attack the 2 accused but also in videos and blogs. Little does it help that Marafioti is a guy with lots of money and confidence. Just have a look at the video (and comments) below are you understand what we mean.

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14 comments on "Poker Players Show Their Anger Towards The Alleged High-Stakes Scam"

 ayaraled14/08/2012 13:33:45 GMT
who will not get angry with this people....they want to cheat in poker which is a lot of people playing...that is really not want to hack other user account and see their hold cards while playing HU....not nice...
 Fakiry14/08/2012 13:37:13 GMT
The first text about this wasn't clear but now, after reading this update, i happen to find a clue about who could be that anonimous person that decided to reveal all those conversations between both players. Maybe his recently becoming ex-girlefriend had access to his social media passwords and logins...
 Macubaas14/08/2012 17:23:57 GMT
It's so sad to hear more and more of this kind of stories, it's clear that this people have no respect for the game or for the law...

The only thing i wish is that they'll get what they deserve after a trial. If you want to make more money out of poker learn the game!
 onlinejoke14/08/2012 17:54:09 GMT
When will someone stop online sites rigging deals for action. They have been cheating for years and noone goes off on one .
 pochui14/08/2012 18:43:40 GMT
sad to hears these kind of stories...wait a sec? really? no it's not!- i am very happy to see stories like this pop up from time to time- it just adds more meaning to the old good saying:"poker is rigged"- it is rigged is so many ways, that the safest thing you can think of is to play with money won from freerolls/no deposit bonuses/ min deposit- if you want to have a crack at nosebleeds...well you just have to climb all the ladders from the bottom
 Indo36M14/08/2012 21:27:32 GMT
if a hacker can look in the FBI files,or by the Pentagon then is it possible by every website's, banks ,so on n on,wright?
 noonlion14/08/2012 22:27:16 GMT
Well there's nothing conclusive so far but this looks like a story thats set to run and run.

Marafioti sounds like a complete fucking moron especially after his g/f exposed him for being such a lame.
If she released the info that's awesome. Still no confirmation if its genuine or not...but it's fishy as hell and again shows the dangers of the internet and hacking.

If you're playing low stakes I wouldn't worry too much....
 remco250415/08/2012 08:11:30 GMT
Where there is 1 rat there are 20 you dont see....

So this is just 1 storie that happened to get public by coincidence.
There must be 100dreds maybe thousands of people scamming others with online poker.

Funny that the rigtards seem less crazy as time goes on...
 zeroster15/08/2012 08:43:42 GMT
Posted by remco2504:
Where there is 1 rat there are 20 you dont see....

So this is just 1 storie that happened to get public by coincidence.
There must be 100dreds maybe thousands of people scamming others with online poker.

Funny that the rigtards seem less crazy as time goes on...

Rigtards, in general, claim that the poker site itself is rigged. This story is about two alleged scammers who are in no way connected to the poker site.

Two alleged scammers acting independently of the site they are operating on give absolutely no credence to the notion that the poker site itself is rigged. But of course you do actually know this.

Did you really expect a logical fallacy of that magnitude to go unchallenged?

 Flippedchips15/08/2012 08:57:13 GMT
You must be newish and not know remco lol
 zeroster15/08/2012 09:07:19 GMT
Oh I know remco alright. I had a few run ins with his multi account aatje, now thankfully deleted.
 marie151015/08/2012 16:01:56 GMT
i am not into this, but is this really posibble? I've seen once a video where pros were making a documentary and saying how poker site owners could see your cards and that they did it and closed that site which owns a millions to their players...
 remco250415/08/2012 16:44:23 GMT
Yes its possible...seeing your cards is possible..
Its a computerprogram made by greedy people.
Computerprograms can be hacked also ...even governements computers get hacked.
Everybody who thinks its all fair and all poker love..then you realy a re TARD
 Fakiry16/08/2012 10:59:43 GMT
“The reason i play poker is: I want fast and easy Money and that’s what poker means to me”, says Matthew Marafioti's. This sentence is a resume of what poker means to everybody. This shows how people who don’t play the game look at it and how those who play it for serious and involving big sums of Money on it define it. Poker envolves Money, people want Money, so people need to know how to play poker! Serious, this is obvious stuff, but after hearing about the stuff in which Matthew Marafioti is suposed to be involved, this vídeo hasn’t half the fun to watch as it should have, seeing a normal guy who likes to play poker reaching the top and enjoying the best pleasures with the easy and fast Money poker gave him. Now, was it just poker or was it poker scheme that made him reach all that he has? It’s sad. And everyone liked him as a person, and now they just can’t hear about him anymore. That’s why the really good ones tend to become na elite where it is difficult to enter, having some of these cases from time to time, it will be even more difficult to get near the good ones.

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