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PokerStars Sets New World Record With 225,000 Player Tournament

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Posted on 19 June 2013 by "T".

Eighteen months ago, PokerStars celebrated its 10th anniversary by, for example, hosting a fourth World Record tournament attempt. The tournament was a huge success as it attracted 200,000 runners who played for a $250,000 prize pool. That world record lasted until last Sunday when the site hosted its fifth World Record tournament attempt...

A massive crowd of 225,000 players entered the $1 buy-in tournament and contributed $225,000 to the the $300,000 guaranteed prize pool ($75,000 overlay) by PokerStars. 60,000 of the participants earned a share of the prize pool and the winner (Mr.SlavaPro from Russia) walked away with $25,000! Now, let's look forward to the next world record online tournament attempt on PokerStars! 

PokerStars Road to 100 Billion World Record Attempt results
Players: 225,000
Prizepool: $300,000 ($75k added)
Places paid: 60,000

1. Mr.SlavaPro (Russia) $25,000.00
2. johnnykara75 (Greece) $15,000.00
3. 1star09 (Russia) $10,000.00
4. jpstef06 (Germany) $7,500.00
5. Tormenter85 (Australia) $5,000.00
6. KARI#9 (Slovenia) $3,500.00
7. SOY PATO355 (Argentina) $2,500.00
8. jmmetra (Argentina) $2,000.00
9. Ravic77 (Estonia) $1,500.00
10. Evgeniy33377 (Ukraine) $1,000.00


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16 comments on "PokerStars Sets New World Record With 225,000 Player Tournament"

 lukasb19/06/2013 11:14:38 GMT
"A massive crowd of 225,000 players entered the $1 buy-in tournament and contributed $225,000 to the the $300,000 guaranteed prize pool"

........huh?!?!?!? are you sure about that? with all the freebies that were given around i would be surprised if more than $30k were "contributed". And those were the first ones to register thinking that it wud fill up very fast and they wud miss the boat if they didn't rush in. boy were they wrong...
 nipitiri319/06/2013 12:52:20 GMT
had 3 free tickets played few satelites cuz bored
 demodawggy19/06/2013 13:51:28 GMT
How the heck are they going to fit 225,000 names in the next issue of the Guiness Book Of World Records....??? Big Smile

That would be a whole edition unto itself... Smile
 vic7519/06/2013 15:10:22 GMT
Played for free no itm thats alot of names too fit in one book what next for pokerstars 230000 players
 INHIAJ19/06/2013 19:40:39 GMT
dam played there came out at 54 with one stupid allin
 Greenmohave19/06/2013 19:51:04 GMT
Damn! Would be nice just be able to have been a part of this, but there's one thing we all know about this world record. There's no U.S. payers involved in the making of this record unless they were playing from some other country.

Just another one for the Obama lovers! This Fk can take his family on a 10 million dollar trip to Africa on U.S. tax payers money, but we can't spend a $100 on playing poker of our hard earned money. Damn, I get upset every time I read about a Freeroll or Tournament that I can't play in because of this country's dictatorship.
 mascona19/06/2013 20:51:11 GMT
Worship Worship Worship
How come ?
You live in the "biggest democracy" in the Modern World where FREEDOM is so important to everyone... Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Watch the movie : "Zeitgeist - Addendum" , maybe you will understand how your FREE country really "works".
 Doarulle19/06/2013 21:37:52 GMT
I wonder how many players play that tournament and how many sit out and why a russian won that tournament... is pretty wired because russian always win but what can i do... nothing
 mascona19/06/2013 22:44:59 GMT
For at least 20-30 K of all players it was a freeroll - they got a free entry from intelli, so they didn't care or just forgot to log in.
 AlexandrosLM20/06/2013 09:14:34 GMT
Posted by demodawggy:
How the heck are they going to fit 225,000 names in the next issue of the Guiness Book Of World Records....??? Big Smile

That would be a whole edition unto itself... Smile

They will not publish any name,like in 2011 they will say,a russian donk has won this tournament and bla bla bla,and they will give the world record certificate to a pokerstars team player like in 2011 Fatima Moreira de Melo.
 pochui20/06/2013 09:17:36 GMT
have to agree with lukasb here- stars shouldn't feel upbeat with a tourney which cost them lots of cash in the end. actually this tourney looked like a total flop, with all those free seats being given away in all possible forms (like for just logging in into your pso account, or making a $10 deposit) the amount of real paying players was ridiculously low.
 Mysik8620/06/2013 09:21:49 GMT
Yes... but maybe PSO pay some cash to PS for freebies? We don't know mechanism between companies. I don't think that PS is a charity.

Besides, it's nice advertisement for them - "PS settle World Record"
 pochui20/06/2013 09:26:30 GMT
pso is owned by the same company as jokerstars- rational group. so stars really had no financial injection from giving away free seats- i think they were just so desperate that world record is not gonna be achieved, that they just made the tourney into a freeroll basically

 Mober20/06/2013 16:08:53 GMT
What they actually did is buying a new world record Smile
Same way can do this every year by increasing the number of participants and the prize pool
to draw the crowds. It will work every time. When money talks....
 jacob493022/06/2013 11:28:09 GMT
yeah you are completely right. And if there are not registered enough players, they just held some big freerolls like this year. In addition to the 4 daile freerolls, their was a big freeroll the day before the tournament. with 10.000 tickets. I won a ticket in that freeroll. But I didn´t like it thinking of all the people paid $1 to play when it was so easy to win a free ticket. I don´t hope they do the same with the 1M freeroll.
 mcedger24/06/2013 21:13:07 GMT
i doubt many people actually paid for this tourny, and the prize pool was, i'm sure made from all the extra rake they must have made from this whole promotion. coining it in is the word for the last month at stars.

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