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"IreadYrSoul" Wins $425k Against Viktor Blom

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Posted on 02 August 2013 by "T".

According to highstakesdb, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom was up a six figure amount yesterday before he took on Alex "IreadYrSoul" Millar at Full Tilt Poker's $400/$800 NLH tables. The two played two tables for just about 45 minutes (approx. 200 hands) and Blom ended up losing $425k to Millar.

The main reason for Blom's big loss was that Alex Millar took down three pots of +$200k (the three biggest pots of the day). Here is how the biggest one was played out:

IreadYrSoul bet $2.7k from the button and Isildur1 raised to $9.6k. IreadYrSoul called. The flop came down ASpade7Spade6Heart and Blom bet $12,800. IreadYrSoul called. The turn card was the 6Spade and Isildur1 checked. IreadYrSoul bet $22,550 and Isildur1 called. The 3Heart completed the board. Isildur1 checked once again and IreadYrSoul shoved his remaining $176,836. Isildur1 called with his last $83,299 and IreadYrSoul turned over KSpade10Spade for a flush. Isildur1 didn't show his hand (any guesses?) and IreadYrSoul took down the pot of $256.5k.

Alex Millar, who was down over $200k before playing Blom, called it a day with a sweet $216.6k profit (the second biggest winner of the day - the biggest winner was "samrostan" with $301.7k) while Blom went to sleep when he was down $269k.


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15 comments on ""IreadYrSoul" Wins $425k Against Viktor Blom"

 ELDONKOII02/08/2013 16:01:50 GMT
maybe he had 56 suit something like that anyway would be in his range to call the allin with that hand i thin k
 Phisix02/08/2013 18:19:53 GMT
He may have had pockets if he raised Alex when he was on the button.
 roeish303/08/2013 13:47:54 GMT
To call that hand he must have had a 6 or a lower flush - but then I can't understand his game earlier - pre and post flop. But I never understood his game, it just works for him more often than not
 Timebank04/08/2013 05:54:53 GMT
7-6 o Viktor had Im guessin
 roeish304/08/2013 06:11:04 GMT
7-6 would give him a full house and lots of cash...5-6 suit makes a little sense, but how can you not be afraid of a flush or even a full/higher kicker?. He probably thought he read a bluff of some sort. Obviously was wrong
 scouserpoker04/08/2013 22:41:54 GMT
i dont know about this one, never like his style of play, one day i plan to be up there with the best. ))
 infinitypl05/08/2013 07:26:44 GMT
Thats sick, how this guys live with that pressure ?
 Sorin88808/08/2013 11:39:11 GMT
"MalACEsia" managed to edge ahead of "Rhje" on yesterday's high stakes leaderboard with a $250,253 profit.
Over the course of 421 hands the online pro managed to bank a rare win and finish the day just under $40,000 ahead of his closest rival.
Although "Rhje" was unable to top the daily leaderboard, he has managed to bank $1,929,462 in the last 30 days which makes him the year's fifth biggest winner.
At the other end of the high stakes spectrum, "proudlikeagoat" and "HelicopterBen82" finished as the day's biggest losers with $353,917 and $296,385 deficits respectively.
 Sorin88817/08/2013 07:39:03 GMT
Gus Hansen and Viktor "Isildur1" Blom decided to test their 2-7 Triple Draw and Omaha 8 skills last night and when each of their sessions came to an end it proved to be a wise choice.
At the close of play Hansen topped the daily leaderboard with a profit of $302,655, while Blom finished second with a $252,525 win.
 sergejcho23/08/2013 21:15:27 GMT
Both are very unpredictable players's , congratulations goes for the IreadYrSoul.
 Greenmohave23/08/2013 21:42:27 GMT
Like I've said this guy (Blom) is unreal and now we can all watch, he'll play again within the next week and win all of it back plus a few 100 thousand to boot.
What's really weird is to look at Blom he usually appears to have been on a three or four ay binge by looking at him.
 Macubaas25/08/2013 19:13:21 GMT
The swings he has are sick, not sure if you guys watch the high stakes scene but in the last 24 hours he won and lost 1 mil dollars...

You can never predict how a session could end for him. The only thing that he stated is that he only plays for fun not for the money.
 Phisix25/08/2013 20:02:34 GMT
He must have a lot of back up money if he only plays for fun. Alright for some.
 teddybears7325/08/2013 20:16:02 GMT
aye,it's the same old same old,anybody think that in the next week Blom will be back winning insane amounts.
Viktor sure knows how to throw money about!!!
 doubletop77724/11/2013 16:15:49 GMT
The trials and tribulations of Victor Blom. This kid is quit unreal in the way he gambles and i dont think there has ever been a player like him before. I look forward to reading more about this phenom

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