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BLOG: Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 10)

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Blog post published on 07 March 2014, written by Ronin`s Renegade Blog.
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Ronin`s Renegade Blog
Leonard E. Spencer "Ronin Harper" from Canada born in 1968

Welcome mobsters, if you are reading this blog for the very first time, I thank you for your initial interest. I think that if you give it a little time, you will find something that will peak your interest.

I am a semi-pro poker player and an author. I am currently working on several projects for publication, and will be discussing them on occasion in this blog. If you are a fan then I warn you, from time to time there will be spoiler book ideas discussed.



Section 1: Poker Tips & Concepts
We have all been there when idiots just keep playing every hand and keep sucking out win after win with unbelievable hold cards. Well I am writing this section while I am on total and complete TILT. There is no question I am beyond upset. The cheese has totally slipped off the cracker and the dog licked it then walked away.

Here is today's poker tip.
Table selection is extremely important people. It is no trouble to figure out in a live venue if someone is a pro, or at the very least a semi-pro competent player. They always walk around for a while before sitting down at a table to soak and breathe in the atmosphere are the casino in general. This little ritual to the unknowing masses seems somewhat strange. However, there really is a great deal going on.
Professional players observe the room and make a table selection based on their own personal criteria. The observe many things like, How much money is sitting on a given table for them to win? How soft do the players at the table seem to be? Do they recognize any other solid players at a certain table? Do they recognize a personal favorite sheep whom the love to fleece? What is the mood of the players at a certain table? Is there a table where players are splashing a lot of chips around and just having a great time?

Once they factor all these things in and other personal factors as well, then and only then, do they make a decision as to the exact table they are going to sit down on to win money.

The unenlightened never do this ritual. Many if not most players just walk in and go to the first empty seat they see in their desired dollar value range and take a seat to start playing right away. They just want to play and get their fix immediately. They want to get into the action right away and they just hope to win.

Online is no different. People spend some time selecting which tables to play on before you add your name to the waiting list to play on a given table.

If you are playing at a table and you see a total fish, then use the software and make a note on them, also give total fish a specific color and mark them.
Do the same with solid players and give them a different color.

You find a total idiot calling station who is also an ATM, then once again make a note and assign them a color.
This information can be seen in the lobbies on most good poker sites. It can be used to help identify which tables you should be playing on to maximize your personal profits. Why play on a table if you see that 6 out of 9 players a truly solid regulars whom are going to really be tough to beat when you can sit down on another table with much softer opponents and make money hand over fist when you hit you premium hands.
Until next time

Section 2: "Ronin's Bankroll Management Challenge"
Well this section is going to be familiar to the forum regulars as I have been running this section for awhile in the forums, It is about the single most important skill a poker player must have in their arsenal in order to be a successful winning player.

Bankroll Management has been estimated to be the single most neglected poker skill by almost 95% of all players. Countless books have been written on the subject, and yet most players most often just ignore the rules of proper bankroll management.

I too fall into this trap at times.
This section is intended to show how proper bankroll management can ensure that and good poker player who approaches his bankroll and poker play from a solid and disciplined position can succeed.

It also is intended to help me to remain focus and discipline in my own bankroll quest to succeed.
The 1st part of the year in 2014 will see me discussing heavily the results of a combined staking run between myself and a fellow mobster. (His name will be withheld to keep people from asking him for stakes which he does not need the grief from)

The next 60 bankroll challenge will begin Monday January 27th, 2014.

Day 1, Monday 27/01/2014
Well day 1 of the challenge was a true test of my resolve to play within the rules.
I had a very bad start to the challenge. There was a point when I was down $12.78
I took a full 1 hour break before going back at it.

Day 1 of the challenge left me down just - $2.36 US
Day 2 of the challenge left me down just - $0.67 US

Day 3 of the challenge and I finished up $1.18 US
Day 4 of the challenge and I finished up $3.85 US

Day 5 of the challenge left me down after $38.62 US
Day 6 of the challenge left me down just $23.46 US

Day 7 of the challenge left me down just $2.03 US
Day 8 of the challenge left me down just $6.45 US
Day 9 of the challenge and I finished up $24.08 US
Day 10 of the challenge and I finished up $50.26 US
Day 11 of the challenge and I finished up $67.18 US
Day 12 of the challenge and I finished up $78.67 US
Day 13 of the challenge and I finished up $96.43 US

Day 14 of the challenge left me down $14 overall.
Day 15 of the challenge and I finished up $10.36 US
Day 16 of the challenge and I finished up $20.64 US
Day 17 of the challenge and I finished up $10.18 US
Day 18 of the challenge and I finished down $13.41 US
Day 19 of the challenge and I am back in the black up $19.67 US

The last few days have been unfriendly days at the tables. Lady luck is mad at me for something I guess. I am not worried though as all variance comes to an end after a time. There is still a lot of daylight left so plenty of time to turn things around today.
Until later.

Section 3: The daily rant.
I could not help but notice all the thumbs down I sudden received in the Dark Horse Challenge blog area in the forum area after I did not bend over and give out all the personal information which one BRM Member was asking me for. I am not the first Mobster member to suffer from this type of childish response when a poster did not get their question answered the way they wanted.

It makes me smile though. I find myself wondering what it is people think they are going to achieve by going back and giving someone a -1 thumbs down on all the post a particular member makes. Personally I think it is great that they are doing it to me. Way you ask? Because it means that most likely if they are doing it to me then they are less likely to be doing it to some else at the same time.

Another mobster might care about the childish action which someone is taking towards me and see it as a personal assault, I think it is amusing someone is so childish. I think they believe by giving me many thumbs down I will get banned from the site or something.

I know that the site administrators are naive, they would not ban someone without doing an investigation first. It would be very easy for them to see what has been really going on. Also I am sure they would ask an explanation as well and then take the proper course of action.

I am ranting about it here because I could not think about what else to talk about 
Well until next time, be cool.

Section 4: The call of the Muse (Wednesday's)

This section will also be familiar to forum regulars. I am resurrecting Ronin's Short Story blog which I ran for a time. Yes mobsters I am going to write more poker based shorts here on BankrollMob.

I have decided to once again start writing in "The Bluff - A Poker Short Story".

I will re-post the entire story here in this new blog area along with a new section in the next few hours.
I apologize to Steve's fans for the long wait.
I hope you enjoy the new blog area.

The Bluff - A Poker Short Story
Chapter 2: part #4
Coming soon
So until later mates.

Section 5: The Escape

Welcome to what for me might very well be the most difficult section of the blog to write on a daily bases. In this section, I will attempt to keep a detailed food intake log, as well as an honest accounting of a daily exercise routine, which hopefully will move me steadily towards the goal of getting physically healthy.

In May 2013 I was admitted into hospital and they weight me at that time at the weight of 602 lbs. I spent 64 days in the hospital and during that time they had me on an 1800 calorie a day diabetic diet. On the day I was released from the hospital I was weighted at 542 lbs.
During the 1st month my weight climbed back upward to 158 lbs again.

I became very depressed about this and honestly just wanted to die. I could not see my life getting better and was constantly in extreme pain which required me to take a lot of pain medications just to stay somewhat functional.
I decided to lose weight even if it killed me. In October I began, and in November I was weighted at 536 lbs. I have not been weight since.

In December I completely went off the rails and I am convinced that I regained some weight back. I plan to get weight very soon in order to have a truer starting number to once again begin working from. I believe that I am right around 550 lbs again, I have a 74" waist and ware an 8X T-Shirt.

It is humiliating to admit these facts but I fell I must be honest with you all of why even bother with this section, my hope is that by making myself accountable to my fellow BankrollMob members that it will motivate me to succeed this time unlike past failures.

The exercise levels for the day will not be great, as I was in a lot of pain, my back is out and can barely move at all. Looking at the day ahead, I think I probably will take in more calories then I exercise away. Will do better tomorrow, I really need to work on my diet and exercise routine. I am at least being honest about what I have done, and realize I MUST do better. It all comes in baby steps and at least I am trying.

I am going to develop a better way of keeping the daily food intake log. I need to have a much better record of the calories which I am truly eating.

I have been working on this issue since the 1st of January, 2014 but I have not really been having as much success as I would like. I am thinking about counselling from a dietitian to get me food choices improved, going to do some investigation on YouTube about healthy eating.

The journey continues...

My food intake over the last two days has been both bad and good. I have been eating more vegetables over all. I truly think I have eaten less calories then I have burned off through both my exercise rates and basic metabolic rate. I believe if I can keep things under control for a few months like this then I will lose weight and feel better for sure.
Feeling lower then pond scum right now, I am depressed at my lack of will power and upset with myself for giving in to my food cravings. Starting over sucks, but it is what I must now do starting right now.

I have now gone through another day and do not feel I have done well at all. I think I ate to many calories and did not exercise enough. I must get things under control very fast.

Going to bed now. Tomorrow is a new day


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6 comments on "Poker Tips, Bankroll Management and More (PART 10)"

 doubletop77707/03/2014 11:22:28 GMT
Table selection is very important and i agree with you. I always try and watch a cash game table for at least twenty minutes before joining it because you can get a grasp on what type of players they are
 Fakiry07/03/2014 15:04:48 GMT
Of course table selection is important, but when playing $0.02/$0.04 we know we will get all types of players. I bet some of you, who play higher values, are already laughing because you know that even on $0.50/$1 you get calling stations. For newbie like me, it's confusing on realizing that a pro prefers a table with other pros than newbies because it seems like he will have more troubles there. The truth in fact is the opposite, as he will by far recognize a lot better the way his pro opponents play than if he was among rookies.
 noonlion07/03/2014 20:12:29 GMT
Table selection is entirely underrated or underdiscussed even among people who play alot. It makes all the difference and online theres no excuse not to find a soft place to plunder - the stats are there for all to see.
 Don_Corleone09/03/2014 15:01:28 GMT
Than you for the tips. I'm gratefull. I think table selection is really very importante too. In small bids are a lot of bluffing players. Wish you luck in the game hugs TonguePPP
 RoninHarper09/03/2014 22:43:04 GMT
G'day mate

Well I am glad that you have been finding the tips helpful.
I have been trying to keep them both clear and understandable.
best wishes to you.
be cool

Ronin Cool
 Fakiry11/03/2014 08:28:11 GMT
The yips are very good Ronin, but they can also work as a basis to discussion. sometimes is harder to get to a definitive consens around here, but that's not the most important either. The best is to have the chance to read what those who want to participate have to say about it. By the way, do you agree with me in what regards to choose a table among lower levels? Of course that, online, if we are using some software like Hold'Em, we will prefer to sit on table with players from whom we have information, that way it will be easy to play against them.

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