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2014 WSOP Paul Volpe Denies Negreanu His 7th Bracelet In Event #13

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Posted on 06 June 2014 by "T".

A lot was at stake for Mr. Daniel Negreanu on the final table of the Event #13: No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball, given that he could win his 7th gold bracelet but also because he and Phil Ivey have accepted large bets on whether they will win a bracelet this summer. And to make things extra exciting, Negreanu made it to heads-up against Paul Volpe after a few hours of play...

Paul Volpe maintainted his chip advantage very well as he never let Negreanu surpass 1 million chips during the heads up. The fact is that the Canadian Team PokerStars Pro struggeled from start to finish. This is how the last heads-up hand (they played 85 hands in total) was played out:

Hand #205: Volpe moved all in from the button. Negreanu said, "I have four good ones". A few seconds later he announced, "I'll call."

Negreanu: Jx6x5x4x
Volpe: Jx10x7x6x

Volpe then immediately showed a 3x, making his jack-ten. Negreanu fans shouted for low cards.

"It's paint," Negreanu said, throwing a Qx on the table. Negreanu had been eliminated in 2nd place and received $156,674.

Paul Volpe, the only player without a bracelet on the final table, received a gold coveted WSOP bracelet and $253,524 for the victory. This is what he told WSOP after the victory.

"It feels amazing to get my first bracelet, especially in the $10K Deuce-to-Seven (event), which is one of the toughest events of the summer. I was confident I was going to win. I felt like I was going to win. It was a super-tough table. It was unbelievable getting heads-up against Daniel. If I have to pick one person to beat for my bracelet, it would be him."

"I think he wants to win so bad - he plays amazing, I'm not saying he doesn't - but as we were getting deeper and deeper he could have been hesitant to put all the chips in. He really wanted to get heads up and go from there. So, I took advantage of that and put a lot of pressure back on him."

Final table results:
1st: Paul Volpe - $253,524
2nd: Daniel Negreanu - $156,674
3rd: Jason Mercier- $99,313
4th: Brian Rast - $67,264
5th: Larry Wright - $47,792
6th: John Monnette - $35,549
7th: Abe Mosseri - $27,633

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10 comments on "2014 WSOP Paul Volpe Denies Negreanu His 7th Bracelet In Event #13"

 klash2306/06/2014 13:33:07 GMT
I do like Daniel Negreanu and he is a good personality to have in poker so I would have liked to have seen him win,I'm sure he will win one this year though.
It looks like it was extremely tough table.According to Hendon Mob stats the total live winnings for the top 7 was around $44million.Negreanu and Mercier have around $32m of the total but obviously not an easy task to win.
Paul Volpe may not have won a bracelet before but he has had some big wins in EPTs and WPTs.
I have to say I have no idea how to play No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball and I just looked at the rules of the game and it looks very confusing to a regular NL Texas hold 'em player.I can just about manage Omaha so I give a lot of respect for those players that can win in all these types of poker.
 Heskor06/06/2014 14:31:52 GMT
Haha there is is another story in this WSOP on a new player getting his bracelet finally sad for Daniel Negreanu but Paul Volpe was just too good at the final hurdle in that heads up anyway hope Daniel manages to win 3 gold bracelets as he had mentioned would be nice for him as i like him as a player and a person. Cheers keep going wsop so good so far!!
 ddblt197006/06/2014 16:08:54 GMT
Damn, so close!

I wish he wins a bracelet soon!
 Macubaas07/06/2014 08:41:40 GMT
He was so close to win, the good part is that there is over a month left of events, i'm sure Daniel will score eventually.
I guess the good part is that he won some good money too in the process Big Smile
 ddblt197008/06/2014 08:36:00 GMT
Close, but no cigar (that means, that you did not win).

 doubletop77710/06/2014 10:56:08 GMT
Gutted for Daniel Negreanu because he has always been one of my favourite poker players. He always seems to play well whenever i see him on television and i hope he wins another bracelet soon
 ddblt197010/06/2014 13:27:05 GMT
If it was heads up of hold´em, I think he would have better chances of winning.

The "lowballs" are a lot about luck.
 Cardmonkey14/06/2014 00:48:21 GMT
Happy for the first timer, but Daniels the man, no doubt about it.
 DaCapo7115/06/2014 15:48:04 GMT
The 7th bracelet at the wsop- wow some guys have really a good run....And because, side bets are a new Kind of poker and than he can win the 8th bracelet tooo Cool But ok, Negreanu is really a serious and sympatic poker player.
 Mipetin31/07/2014 23:08:44 GMT
Good luck to Daniel for WSOP next year. Really wish you win a bracelet. I railed you so hard this summer you don't even believe Tongue

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