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Daniel Negreanu's New Girlfriend

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Posted on 29 August 2014 by "T".

Sportbladet Poker, the poker section of Aftonbladet - Sweden's biggest newspaper, recently met up with Daniel Negreanu at Arts Hotel (during EPT Barcelona) for an interview. In the interview, Daniel talked about getting his heart broken and meeting his new girlfriend, Marissa Rachelle Rodney - a hairstylist in Las Vegas.

Daniel: My biggest life crises was related to a girl I used to be in love with, Amanda Leatherman. I didn't know where I stood in life. But I'm thankful for that time as I managed to figure out who I really am.

Sportbladet Poker: How is your relation to Amanda today?

Daniel: It's fine, we are friends.

Daniel about his new girlfriend: It's her first trip, she has only been to Mexico before. It's great fun for both of us.

Marissa Rachelle Rodne had no idea that Daniel is a superstar in the poker world...

Daniel: We met at a charity event and she had no idea who I was. The first time we went out together and a guy came up to me, she thought I had arranged it all. She didn't understand why he wanted a picture of me, haha.

Sportbladet Poker: What are your future plans together?

Daniel: We'll see. Get married? You never know. It's a tough question to answer. Maybe she is hearing this? haha

*Marissa walks into the room*

Daniel: We have been talking about you!

Marissa: Really? Only good things, I hope.

Aftonbladet: What is it like to be together with a poker player, Marissa?

Marissa: I love it! It's great to travel here. I'm very thankful.

Aftonbladet: Daniel, what is it like to be together with with Marissa?

Daniel: She's very sweet. We have an incredible chemistry. But now I'm realising that I'm ruining my "game" in Sweden. I will never be able to find a girl in Sweden. They are so good looking. Ha ha!


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11 comments on "Daniel Negreanu''s New Girlfriend"

 doubletop77729/08/2014 10:49:14 GMT
Nice to see Daniel Negreanu happy in his life and i hope that they do get married and live a very happy life together. He's always been one of my favourite players and its nice to see him happy
 LIKEIT2729/08/2014 11:14:30 GMT
Yes she looks fine,
And Daniel is oen of the pokerplayers that are totaly fine....
Chill and always friendly .....Enjoy youre life.....

But i dont think that will be a problem Big Smile
 klash2329/08/2014 12:35:49 GMT
Lucky girl,Daniel Negreanu is definitely a favourite of mine.I thought everyone in Vegas would know who Daniel Negreanu was but obviously not very well known in the hair styling world.
His new girl seems to be working for him as he has had a great year,winning about $10 million so far.
 Skpmorita29/08/2014 13:34:35 GMT
becoming the most successful ( cash wise ) tournament player in history sure can help you get a beautiful girlfriend
just kidding Big Smile , Daniel is great guy and he deserve happiness in his life
 Heskor29/08/2014 14:38:43 GMT
Cheers such a nice story and glad for Daniel in finding a girlfriend he is getting old maybe settled down and have kids lol, but knowing poker players they won't settle as the have to travel a lot and no time for family , anyway good luck to him , hope he has fun and enjoy life and also the story has a good twist the girlfriend not knowing Daniel is a superstar in poker lol. Cheers have a nice day guys on BRM and in life!! Big Smile
 mgabesz30/08/2014 04:20:14 GMT
Very nice girl. Daniel has enough money to hold her.
 Sorin88830/08/2014 07:50:36 GMT
check out Daniel Negreanu's Vegas home:
Complete with everything a poker pro needs, from a luxury poker table to a custom made DVD box set from the producers of Game of Thrones, it's fair to say that Negreanu has spent his winnings wisely.
Possibly the most impressive feature of Negreanu's "geek" house is the arcade machine that dispenses beer.
Stocked with 8,000 video games and a keg of beer, the machine is literally everything someone needs for the perfect night in.
 Samarietis30/08/2014 09:20:56 GMT
Success in real life is more inportant then gambling , good luck to Daniel , hope he's new girl friend wont talk him out from playing poker Smile
 cucho31630/08/2014 21:43:57 GMT
cheers to Daniel, hopefully she's a keeper!
 demodawggy30/08/2014 23:30:21 GMT
Yep....nice to see Daniel finding a nice girl...! New hair, putter,....millions of dollars,....on top of the the ol' poker sh!t-heap... Big Smile

Life couldn't be better for the ol' guy...

Definately my favorite poker personality..... Smile Thumbs Up

She looks like a reall hottie too... I hope she doesn't wind up fleecing him for half his fluff...! Heart
 Sorin88802/09/2014 13:32:13 GMT
favorite poker personality,what is that?Canadian citizenship?He is a clown,well paid by Pokerstars.
All new relations are only honey for a few moths an than you reach the sshit layer under thin honey.
And is the Prenuptial to protecr his bankroll

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