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Gus Hansen Reaches $20m Milestone

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Posted on 15 September 2014 by "T".

Gus Hansen has surpassed $20 million in all-time career losses after yet another disastrous week at Full Tilt Poker's nosebleed tables. Hansen has lost approximately $920k this month alone, bringing his losses this year to $5.5 million!

Funnily enough, he's the biggest winner ever in Stud cash games and has $11.2 in live tournament cashes, which puts him in 19th place on the all-time money list. However, it's hard to ignore the fact that he's by far the biggest loser online since HSDB started tracking results (2007). Where does he get his money from? Well, he used to be a shareholder in Full Tilt Poker prior to Black Friday, he was a world-class backgammon player, and he used to own an online poker site that was sold for $15,000,000 in 2005. Besides that, he has probably won some decent money in big cash games in Macau etc.

But the question is, what keeps him motivated playing online poker when he's constantly losing? Feel free to discuss here on the forum. Below is a graph of Gus's results (Full Tilt Poker). 

source: highstakesdb

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10 comments on "Gus Hansen Reaches $20m Milestone"

 shokaku15/09/2014 14:53:03 GMT
Outsch. That hurts. Surely no "milestone" to be proud of. Usually some businesmen with a lot of money they don't care for were the guys with the heavy losses. Unbelieveable that a well known pro can take over here.
 mgabesz15/09/2014 15:37:07 GMT
Tom Durr Dwan, Phil Ivey, Gus Hansen... We are surprised in connection with their horrible big wins and losses. But man, they seem not to play with their own money. Remember the whole Fultilt Scandal story. That is like when a bank give you a loan. ALL JUST NUMBERS not else.
 klash2315/09/2014 15:45:49 GMT
The last 4 or 5 stories I have read about Gus Hansen has been about him losing massive sums of money but he must be winning somewhere along the line.
We don't get to hear about the big cash games where the top poker players take millions from crazy billionaire businessmen from China and he must be doing that quite regular as he doesn't seem to care about losing the odd million hear and there.
 yout8515/09/2014 15:48:32 GMT
He's sponsored up to the eyeballs.... and is a very profitable MTT player. He can afford the cash game losses, as they keep him an interesting proposition for the sponsors, and gives him a wild and loose reputation that he can exploit in tournament play.

He almost certainly wouldn't be one of the best tournament players ever to play the game without this reputation...
 JorAxe15/09/2014 18:17:38 GMT
You must remove a time aver how it goes later.
 doubletop77716/09/2014 08:29:11 GMT
This is one milestone that i bet Gus hoped he would never reach. I have often wondered where he keeps getting the money to play and he must be getting backed by some pretty rich people
 LIKEIT2716/09/2014 09:24:10 GMT
In the past he was a good player,..
But now he loose soo many,....
I think he go's a lot off time's on tilt,
But i think its hard not to when you loose millions Shock Shock
Someone got a idea how late they aprox play?
Phil ore gus ore isildur i cant seem to find them playing Aww crap!
 Heskor16/09/2014 14:39:12 GMT
haha i just click on the link, thought he won 20 million in one go and thought he was out of the red zone again but haha he is not and just reached his lowest point i think. Like him as he never gives up ever since he was losing and keeps playing. For me it shows courage and on the other hand it might just he is an addict having too much money to lose or he just is becoming too old for the game. Cheers hope he recovers one day lol, i like him as a player and he as some good skills too!
 xgcsnippy27/11/2014 19:31:11 GMT
This probably went to some russian donk
 StS528/11/2014 01:54:57 GMT
I am really sorry for Gus Hansen to reach the $20m Milestone. I really like this guy. Was it not him that went all in all the time like a maniac - and was succesful with it? Well if he played like that I understand his losses. Cool

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