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The Murder of Poker Player Mehmet Hassan: Trial Underway

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Posted on 19 February 2015 by "T".

In March 2014, poker player Mehmet Hassan was found dead in his London flat after his sister became concerned about his welfare and called the police. The police suspected that it was a premeditated burglary and it didn't take long before they arrested and charged three people (Leonie Granger, Kyrron Jackson and Nicholas Chandler) with murder, robbery and false imprisonment.

This week, the trial began at the Old Bailey (also known as Justice Hall). BBC News England reported that Mehmet Hassan, 56, was bound with parcel tape and a neck tie and then kicked and stamped to death. While he lay dead, the trio filmed themselves throwing £50 notes around and celebrating, before looking around his home for more cash. 

Miss Granger, 25, is being accused of murder and false imprisonment, which she denies. Her boyfriend Kyrron Jackson and his friend Nicholas Chandler, both 28, are further accused of robbing Mr Hassan.

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8 comments on "The Murder of Poker Player Mehmet Hassan: Trial Underway"

 doubletop77719/02/2015 09:54:56 GMT
I read about this crime yesterday in the papers and i was shocked and appalled at the very violent death that this man endured. I really hope that justice is served because no one deserves to die like this
 drakdivin19/02/2015 15:20:07 GMT
I`m just sad and hope the best for his family . I Hope the law will act and do it`s job to catch however did this !
 Heskor19/02/2015 17:15:23 GMT
Sad story it is the first time i heard about it , hopefully the presumed guilty people get what they deserved if they guilty like a long sentence and spending a lot of time in jail, murder and all is bad and need to be punished, if they are innocent then be it and they will be free.

Anyway sad news what can we say we have to live our life to the fullest and make the most of it and enjoy our time on earth who knows i might not be around tomorrow Big Smile

Cheers peace out guys have fun at the tables!
 klash2319/02/2015 18:37:40 GMT
If they are found guilty then hopefully they will be go to prison for a very long time.The people that did this are just scum,it's one thing to rob someone but to then kick someone to death who is tied up ,and film it,is just sick.
 sunirico19/02/2015 23:41:32 GMT
Sounds a bit odd, if yo made a video of it there is very little point in denying guilt. Maybe all is not quite what it seems. But that said these are clearly not the brightest smarties in the pack. Robbed people from the same casino, get seen with the victim in public.

There's a saying don't chit on your doorstep.. Just watch any movie about a heist or similar "premeditated crime" and there is always a lot of attention placed on the getaway. But time and time again you hear about thieves being caught with the loot at home still just down the road from the scene. Getaway!!!! You can afford it! Idiots!

Pity about the old man but he obviously flaunted his earnings and hung out with trash so in a way he got what was coming. It does not justify their actions and I guess we should remove them from society but there will always be others. Would this ever happen to you? In my opinion he brought it on himself.

 Fakiry23/02/2015 19:03:32 GMT
How can someone be cold enough to kill someone and play with the robbed money and film it? Filming was something really stupid to do, didn't they thought that video could become the main evidence of the crime? Court will make justice in this case.
 pajalnick24/02/2015 09:18:28 GMT
This is of course terrible. Murder is always awful. But it could be any other rich man. Apparently bad watching their safety, and in this world caught the killer and there are many.
I never understood how it is possible to take away the life of a person (in peacetime)
 bowie198426/02/2015 00:23:52 GMT
These looser idiots will never learn I guess and no trial nor jailtime will help them to be a useful part of society again. This was a senseless, cold blooded killing with three stooges who should never look at the Sun again for 20 years IMO. Despicable.

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