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Play Against Viktor Blom at Unibet

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Posted on 20 May 2015 by "T".

The avatar Viktor Blom will use on UnibetOn Wednesday 27th May 11:00 - 23:00 BST, you have the chance to play against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom at Unibet's cash game tables! The Swedish high-stakes legend will be making a unique appearance that gives Unibet players, with large enough bankrolls, the chance to put their poker skills to the test.

Blom will sit down at four cash game tables (NL50-NL400 and PL50-PL400) and will move tables every hour or so. All action will be streamed on and Blom will also be answering questions during play. 

€10 Free Money, No Deposit Required 

€500 deposit bonus

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12 comments on "Play Against Viktor Blom at Unibet"

 Sorin88820/05/2015 07:20:52 GMT
The Swedish player netted $624,000 profit in april, but thanks to a dismal string of sessions on Full Tilt over the last week or so that winning streak has been cast into the shadows.
In May so far Blom's already dropped some $755,940 on Full Tilt - last Wednesday he incredibly lost over $900,000 in 24 hours - and it's only his solid performances at PokerStars (he's up $336,591 at the world's largest site) preventing him from topping the losers leaderboard at the month's mid-way point.
 pochui20/05/2015 09:04:03 GMT
i testify that i will pass this unique chance to play against Viktor Blom at unibet cash tables. sole reasoning behind this decision is the fact that i do not want mr. blom to lose more of his leftover cash and risk his poker career to end at play money tables and freerolls.
 doubletop77720/05/2015 09:52:33 GMT
There will be a queue of players waiting to take Viktor Blom on but i wonder how many will end up winning? This guy seems reckless but i think he is better than a lot of people give him credit for
 Curtlyref20/05/2015 13:33:30 GMT
Unless you are truely rec player just wanting to play against a pro- why would you play against him. you'll either give him too much respect and just not enter flops with him. or playing in pots with him could cost you.
 klash2320/05/2015 14:14:02 GMT
I seem to remember him doing something similar some time ago or it may have been a sit and go but I think a few people did beat him.Can't say I would fancy it,would he be really taking it seriously and 4 tables only means not many players will get the opportunity to do this.
 Heskor20/05/2015 16:09:13 GMT
Unitbet has changed its poker software and i like the old one better the new one is one tabling and you cannot multi table a lot and if you want to make money then you will have to find a site that allows multi table, anyway good luck at the tables have fun make some money and most of all, there is one thing you must always do have fun at the tables, no use playing when you are not up to it! Cheers peace out guys!
 klash2321/05/2015 14:43:10 GMT
I did try the new Unibet poker software and personally it was not for me.It felt like they were turning poker into something like candy crush.The casino has improved a lot recently though.
 Fakiry21/05/2015 17:24:53 GMT
NL50? That gives a unique chance to a lot of players. Even me, not being a regular player, would consider to spend (yes, spend, not invest i guess it would be like a blind all-in) this just to have a story to tell to my friends!
 Sorin88822/05/2015 06:12:45 GMT
Viktor Blom to make Twitch debut, for the first time ever at 11:00 BST on Wednesday, May 27 for a 10-hour long session at Unibet's cash tables.Viewers of the stream will be able to interact with the mysterious hero of the game throughout the day, ask questions and even win a limited edition Viktor Blom avatar (pictured above) for their Unibet account.
 superthight22/05/2015 07:46:46 GMT
ok then ,u made a word by your self ,i expect victory dont get failed because someone is watching you all over the world Cool Cool .victor bloom known as fearless he bluffs a lot and i think u need to work on it.
 klash2322/05/2015 14:56:53 GMT
Good luck to him in his 10 hour long session,if he is only doing 4 tables it will probably be a lot less than he is used to.
I just received 10 free spins at unibet for one of their new slots in the casino,I think it is called stickers.
 bowie198414/06/2015 12:22:10 GMT
Posted by klash23:
I did try the new Unibet poker software and personally it was not for me.It felt like they were turning poker into something like candy crush.The casino has improved a lot recently though.

Agree on both fronts. Microgaming was overall a perfect platform for them, I just loved playing there when they still used it. Also - yeah, their slot selection is through the roof it seems, and nowadays they seem to send me new bonus offers every week from the casino section. They focus obviuosly shifted.

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