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Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout

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Posted on 24 June 2015 by "T".

Poker Central, the world's only 24/7 poker TV network, earlier this week announced that Hollywood celebrities Hank Azaria, Don Cheadle, Brad Garrett, Norm Macdonald and Kevin Pollak will play in the upcoming Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout.

The tournament, which will take place on June 27th and 28th at ARIA Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, has a $1 million prize pool and the celebrities will compete against some of poker's best players: Doyle Brunson (picture), Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, and Vanessa Selbst.

The tournament will air on NBCSN for three Wednesdays in a row, beginning at 9:00 PM ET on July 29th.

Quick Facts about the Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout

  • The Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout is a No Limit Hold ‘Em poker tournament
  • The poker pros will compete against each other until one pro is left. The celebrities will do the same.
  • The winner of the poker pros' match will face off against the winner of the Hollywood celebrities in a best-of-three showdown.
  • The $1,000,000 prize will go entirely to the one winner of the event.



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9 comments on "Super High Roller Celebrity Shootout"

 doubletop77724/06/2015 08:57:32 GMT
I love watching these kind of shows and i will be tuning in to see it. Some of the celebrities playing have all done well at world series events, so the standard should be high
 Fakiry24/06/2015 10:48:22 GMT
So, after all, this will be a two-in-one tourney. Let's start shaking odds, i'll do the honour: who will sit against Daniel Negreanu in the final HU? Ok, i said it all? Statistics may say Esfandiari have bigger chances of taking this event, while Doyle will just be there for the pictures. Now we just have to try to know if any of the celebrities is passing their free time online having fun in some poker tables. If so, things can get funny in the end. Along their way to the celebrity chair in the final table, i bet this will be the most funny game to watch, as they will for sure make each other laugh a lot!
 JorAxe24/06/2015 15:05:05 GMT
As I say very good end wing or passing Negreanu and Selbst as the etrellas will have to be very lucky.
 klash2324/06/2015 16:05:21 GMT
This sounds like a good tournament to be watching,though the million just going to the winner sounds slightly unfair for the celebs.
Brad Garrett is a funny guy who is fun to watch.If I had to bet on this though I would have to go for a poker pro winning it all,maybe Hellmuth who always takes TV games seriously.
 banoos24/06/2015 19:36:17 GMT
I just can't wait xD
 demodawggy24/06/2015 21:24:03 GMT

I hope I can get that on cable around here,.. It should become available on some channel or other..! Thumbs Up

Could you imagine sitting at a table with Hank Azaria cracking jokes in some of the voices he does on The Simpsons like Moe the Bartender,...OR my personal favorite Simpson's character...APU...!

Big Smile< Thank You...! Come Again...! lol..
 av196624/06/2015 21:50:45 GMT
Hello my friends and fellow mobsters

This seems to be a very nice poker tournament with some celebrities that can play some good poker

Hopefully when the time comes will be a way to see this on a stream Worship

Like demodawggy says beeing at the same table with Hank Azaria will be a double challenge Big Smile Big Smile staying focused on poker and don´t crack out on the jokes
 klash2325/06/2015 16:22:04 GMT
I think most people will have to watch the program on Youtube or the internet,we don't get much TV poker in the UK.
I wouldn't put my money on Selbst to win,a good player but I think the more experienced players seem to catch her bluffs far too easily.
 bowie198402/08/2015 10:00:25 GMT
Well this was played since almost a month and it premiered a couple days ago on NBCSN, I am not sure it was released or captured by anybody (I mean anybody who is pre'd or make torrent things from the TV) but maybe sooner or later we could see it as well here in Europe. Who would not want a peak on Don Cheadle or Norm Macdonald while playing cards?

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