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2016 WSOP: November Nine Is Set!

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Posted on 19 July 2016 by "T".

Josh Weiss (picture) shoves his final 850k from early position and everyone folds until Michael Ruane and Gordon Vayo both call from the small and big blind. No action as the board comes JSpade7Heart3Heart5Club4Club and all players reveal their cards:

Weiss ADiamond8Club
Vayo QHeart7Spade
Ruane JDiamond5Heart

Ruane takes down the pot with two pair and Weiss is eliminated in 10th place for $650,000. All remaining players (from USA, Belgium, Czech Republic, Spain and Canada) are awarded a seat at the 2016 WSOP Main Event final table, which will take place in October. 

Seat, Player, Country, Chips
1 Griffin Benger - Canada - 26,175,000
2 Vojtech Ruzicka - Czech Republic - 27,300,000
3 Fernando Pons - Spain - 6,150,000
4 Qui Nguyen - USA - 67,295,000
5 Cliff Josephy - USA - 74,600,000
6 Michael Ruane - USA - 31,600,000
7 Gordon Vayo - USA - 49,375,000
8 Kenny Hallaert - Belgium - 43,325,000
9 Jerry Wong - USA - 10,175,000

The 2016 Main Event started over a week ago and attracted 6,737 players, which makes it the largest field since 2011. In total, it's the fifth-largest Main Event in World Series of Poker history! The remaining 9 players of this year's Main Event will return in 3.5 month to battle it out on the final table, which will air live on ESPN from October 30 through November 1.

All the finalists are guaranteed at least $1,000,000 each, and the last man standing will get $8,000,000!


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10 comments on "2016 WSOP: November Nine Is Set!"

 doubletop77719/07/2016 09:27:07 GMT
Congratulations to all the final nine players. I havent heard of any of these but one of them will become World Champion. I still cannot understand why they do not play it off straight away
 pinotte19/07/2016 14:51:35 GMT
I also don't know anyone of the players of the final table. However it looks like that there are very good poker players inn there of course you have to be good to be at this table wit over 6k entrants.

I also see that some of them were top online poker players before and doing pretty good live.

As to why wait to Nov. 9 i am not sure about that but i think it is for TV purposes. Question Question
 dule-vu19/07/2016 15:32:05 GMT
I wathced WSOP 2015 episodes on arena sport and its good to see how people play there!and its strange when you see they after few months they play final table,dont know why they do this!hope that after this WSOP 2016 finish,arena sport will again have this show!
 damosk19/07/2016 20:59:54 GMT
The November nine is always an interesting part of the World Series and intriguing that it all takes place some months later. Imagine having to wait another four months to get your hands on your winnings. Being part of the November nine must be a fantastic feeling and something to dine on for years.
 bowie198420/07/2016 00:32:46 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
Congratulations to all the final nine players. I havent heard of any of these but one of them will become World Champion. I still cannot understand why they do not play it off straight away

Because the media coverage they can get this way is worth way more than the one they would get if they played the tourney through a weekend.
 Tony_MON7ANA20/07/2016 00:35:51 GMT
Massive congratulations to this year's November Niners!
It is remarkable that these nine finalists got through notoriously tough field of over 6,700 participants. They are officially guaranteed to receive at least $1,000,000 each. Who will be the last man standing that grabs $8,000,000 and gold bracelet in November?
 pajalnick20/07/2016 20:43:19 GMT
6693 players beat is certainly very cool !!! these nine people have earned a place at the final table of course ... but I'm not one of them I do not know ... with each new tournament, new names and it is of course very well ... maybe I, too, someday will be in the final of any offline tournament))
 DaCapo7122/07/2016 14:07:21 GMT
Me too, i don´t know any final table player at the WSOP this year. But that´s nice, so we can see other good players, not every time the same pros. And perhaps they have another gaming styles and it would be interesting to see who´s the best this time.
 bowie198424/07/2016 00:08:21 GMT
Dunno, whenever see liveplay or experience it myself it feels so different from what I do (or what I have 2 do) online while playing poker. I'm not sure I'll ever have a spare 10k just for 2 hop on this tourney so I can say to myself I tried it. But, you never know what the future brings...
 JorAxe27/07/2016 15:32:39 GMT
The finalists will be too happy because who does not want to earn 1 M and whoever wins the first position will be a great player because you will 8M to continue playing at the best poker tournaments worldwide.

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