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Isildur1 Starts First Week Of August With $287K In Winnings

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Posted on 11 August 2016 by "T".

Swedish high-stakes poker pro Viktor Blom aka Isildur1 has successfully managed to win almost $287K from the first seven days of August 2016. It was three times that Isildur1's name topped the daily leaderboard charts with five-figure wins, and he was among the top 7 players daily this August to end the week with a total of $286,704 in winnings.

August 1 (Monday) - $57,200
August 5 (Friday) - $87,700
August 7 (Sunday) - $35,000

Isildur1 could have ended the week with $400K on his name if only he had stopped at his highest point on Saturday, when he was battling a five-hour $50/$100 PLO match against TILTMENOT which ran from mid-morning until the early afternoon. Isildur1 was up over $130K in a heads-up with TILTMENOT, but he lost $100K of that back before the end of the session. At the end of the day, however, Isildur1 did profit at the PLO tables with another win, earning himself a total of $32,600 after some more mixed-game victories.

It was the 8-Game tables wherein Isildur1 won the largest amount of his overall wins, winning more than $1/4m at stakes from $100/$200 up to $400/$800.

The biggest pot of the week was found at the $100/$200 PLO tables, in a match between Sirens and fjutekk.
To earn the $286,704, Isildur1 put in almost 14.5K hands in the past 7 days. Only he was able to pull off six figures in overall winnings.

Below is a list of the biggest (online poker) winners in the first week of August 2016:










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6 comments on "Isildur1 Starts First Week Of August With $287K In Winnings"

 doubletop77712/08/2016 09:08:04 GMT
This guy continues to be an absolute phenomenon at the tables. I have never read about another player like him. I hope he continues to play and we continue to keep on reading about him
 DaCapo7112/08/2016 09:22:04 GMT
His up and downs are verry crazy, but it seems, that he don´t have a shutterhand Big Smile And which losts did he have before in Juli? It sounds verry nice, but the truth have to sides in my opinion... But for Stars he was a big rake machine.
 Tony_MON7ANA12/08/2016 09:58:10 GMT
Winning around $300K in 7 days must be pretty amazing even for the high-stakes specialist like Viktor Blom. It is nice to see him doing well. How old is he now? 30-something? What is his net worth? How much tax does he have to pay on his winnings?
 pinotte12/08/2016 14:45:03 GMT
It has been a long time since we heard from him why is that because he was not playing or he was loosing i think we will never know about this.

It is very nice winnings for a month but this guy and all the high stake players don't really know what is money.

I would really like to know if he is really a winning player on the long run. Question Question
 Mober12/08/2016 22:18:19 GMT
Great job winning such amounts in one week. Lets hope he isnt participating
in any stupid prop bets like Negreanu does Smile losing all his "hard worked" money Smile
You can play a week and relax for months. Not that they are doing this.
 bowie198412/08/2016 23:14:18 GMT
Tilt-me-not. Dude apparently choose a nick which not suits him well to be quite honest.
But nice to know Viktor is not in the red this month alone as opposed to me.
Wish I could sit at two hundred bucks a bb plo tables as well.

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