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Las Vegas high-stakes game shortly interrupted by brawl in Bobby’s Room

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Posted on 03 July 2017 by "T".

The tranquil atmosphere brought about by super high-stakes poker pros who are labeled to be some of the most collected and calm personalities was interrupted briefly this past weekend, when a short display of violence sparked out in Bobby's Room at the Bellagio casino.

Jimmy Fricke, a lower-stakes poker pro, was watching the Big Game on June 25 comprised of famous players like Gus Hansen and Phil Ivey, when he wrote in his Twitter account, "Full on fist fight in Bobby's room just broke out. Was over pretty quick but wow."

The short brawl was apparently between "some guy in the game" and "Phil Ivey's bodyguard", but there was no explanation as to what caused the scuffle.

A bit of prodding across Twitter and other poker forums resulted to some information that might shed some light (although not completely reliable) on the incident. User GazzyB123 on the 2+2 poker forums claimed he has seen a video clip of it, and said no punches were thrown but one was body-slammed. He said the video showed two African-American males standing up, stared each other down when, "the big big dude just throws him to the ground like a rag doll and the other guy gets up and just sits back down hahahaha."

As usual whenever the WSOP is in full swing, Bobby's Room is that special place to be for those looking for uber-high stakes poker action. Isolated by glass walls, that special room in Bellagio has become a landmark to some of the highest stakes poker games in the world.

Gus Hansen has tweeted about his experience in there, such as losing a $60K pot to Daniel Cates. Also, just recently he said that players were "turning up the heat", raising the blinds to $3,000/$6,000.

Scott Seiver verified on his Twitter feed that the blinds were at that exact amount. On June 22, Thursday, he tweeted he was awake for 24 hours playing in it, and by June 24, Saturday, he said he had been at the table for 44 of the last 48 hours.

Even if the sessions seem to be a torture sleep-wise, he wrote that it is going to be a "great summer."



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9 comments on "Las Vegas high-stakes game shortly interrupted by brawl in Bobby’s Room"

 Gerimantas03/07/2017 19:29:50 GMT
Wow guys ay bobbys room are playing at $3000/6000 blinds and this is just blinds when i probably dont have such amount in all my poker tournaments buyins added Tongue i always like tomsee videos from youtube of such high stakes games they are fun to watch
 Robbo199004/07/2017 03:41:40 GMT
i think the fight was filmed on DNegs vlog cant remember exactly since even poker tube reported this 6 days ago -_-
 doubletop77704/07/2017 07:44:18 GMT
With the amounts of money being gambled in that room, there is no wonder that tensions can reach boiling point and somebody snaps. I would love to know the exact amounts being won and lost each day.
 Mober04/07/2017 17:10:34 GMT
All that i noticed from this news article was phil ivey's bodyguard.
Why does he need one? Smile
It is the first time i hear that a poker player has a bodyguard Smile
Maybe cause of all he late involvements in so called cheating?....
 Gerimantas04/07/2017 20:00:43 GMT
Yes it is also strange to me like Mober say too that pomer players have bodyguards i dont k ow iff some guys need them because all people there are ruch and play for bug money and only casino security is needed so that players keep playing with the rules nothing more.
 pajalnick04/07/2017 21:37:15 GMT
As it seems to me when playing for big money, the casino is obliged to provide at least a few guards in order not to allow such actions ...... I am sure that these problems arose of course because of the players but the casino is obliged to provide a solution to such problems
 DaCapo7105/07/2017 09:31:44 GMT
This amazing high stakes blinds are verry awsome, i only played with the blinds with play money chips in the past Big Smile Normally that they need bodyguards at th live tables with so much money in the game. They play with more money that a lot of people get in one year with their work...
 Tony_MON7ANA05/07/2017 10:03:06 GMT
There must have been tens of millions of dollars at stake. Money is the topic many people argue passionately about. Sometimes argument gets too heated. And excessively fighting about money can affect our relationships in a negative way.
 av196605/07/2017 13:19:05 GMT
Hello my friends and felllow mobsters

Wow with such amounts of money involved the tension must be at high levels but the also needs to be more carefull and prevent those situations maybe more bouncers (the players may not like it )

When you play with "big dogs" you must pay attention to the teeth Big Smile Big Smile

They all will be back tomorrow Cool Cool

Stay cool and enjoy life

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