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Gus Hansen returns to compete at ‘Poker After Dark'

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Posted on 07 March 2018 by "T".

Gus Hansen shall compete on Wednesday night at ‘Poker After Dark' in a high-stakes PLO cash game, thereby marking the comeback of the Danish pro since his first appearance on the show since 2010.

One of the poker boom's most-entertaining poker personalities, ‘The Great Dane' distanced from the high-stakes scene for a few years, and now, he returns. It's actually great news for fans who enjoyed watching one of the poker world's seemingly loosest players.

Gus Hansen's poker career has been somewhat a roller coaster ride, with several massive scores and losses here and there. In the online poker world, he's considered the all-time leader in losses, having lost almost $21 million on Full Tilt Poker. Realizing he would sooner or later go broke blowing through hundreds of thousands of dollars regularly, he stopped playing online. During his time at Full Tilt Poker, fans enjoyed watching him splash chips around in the highest stakes online games in the world against opponents such as the likes of Phil ‘OMGClayAiken' Galfond, Phil Ivey, and Viktor ‘Isildur1' Blom.

Despite this loss at online poker, he has over $10 million in winnings in the live tournament setting, and he's one of just five players to win three World Poker Tour titles.

Before the "High Stakes Poker" and "Poker After Dark" were cancelled in 2011, Hansen was actually a regular on these televised poker shows. Because of his unpredictable play style, he was instantly a crowd favorite, as he is often seen trying to pull off crazy bluffs and calling big raises pre-flop with marginal hands.

Hansen shall be competing in a $100/$200/$400 pot-limit Omaha cash game at the Poker After Dark scheduled on Wednesday starting at 3pm PT live on the PokerGO app.

As a part of "Racks of Lamb Week", the show mainly features 2011 WSOP Player of the Year and two-time WSOP Main Event final table participant Ben Lamb.

Play begins for PokerGO on Tuesday at 3pm, but Hansen won't be there until Wednesday. Besides Hansen and Lamb, other players who will be there include Brian Rast, Chris MacFarland, Matt Kirk, Sam Soverel, and Keith Lehr.



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9 comments on "Gus Hansen returns to compete at ‘Poker After Dark''"

 Sandmanilo07/03/2018 16:32:05 GMT
It would be nice to watch again Gus Hansen's perfomance at poker tables. I loved this show, and it's sad that they cancelled it after the Black Friday. Also I hope that some other players from the old show will join this.
 RoninHarper07/03/2018 22:38:27 GMT
Gus Hanson was always fun to watch. People just never knew what to put him on because he could literally be playing damn near anything at any time.
Hope he does well on this his return to Television
 doubletop77708/03/2018 07:54:16 GMT
It will be great to see Gus Hansen back playing on this show. Poker After Dark was always one of my favourite poker shows and i still watch old repeats. Looking forward to this
 Skpmorita08/03/2018 12:56:48 GMT
i miss these shows , i tried watching the new ones and they dont have the same feeling
i find them boring , hopefully getting the same guys back would change that
Gus has always being one of my favorite , i like his play
he just dont care , one crazy poker player
 av196608/03/2018 14:16:40 GMT
hello my friends
That is a very good news for the poker fans because Gus Hansen was nad still is a awesome player that always put on a good show
I spended several nights wathcing epic battles between him and Ivey Worship and other great players it´s nice to have in back Thumbs Up
 CALICUL08/03/2018 14:53:48 GMT
Gus Hansen lost 21 millions dollars in full tilt. Incredible. Probably belongs to a family of millionaires if he only earned 10 millions in live tournaments. I think he is the most unlucky pro player online. It is good that he came back but if he will play online i hope he does not lose millions. Smile
 Mober09/03/2018 14:25:29 GMT
We keep hearing of him a lot lately.
It seems he has funds again Smile
He is a good player, that is the truth, but a bit aggressive in his games.
I have watched him play a couple of times, and i can say he is the most aggressive player i have ever seen.
 godoy12/03/2018 16:38:45 GMT
the turn of a giant has always been and always will be a much better player and experienced as a premier and big loss, but always a great pleasure to see a player of this caliber playing
 CALICUL18/03/2018 15:33:09 GMT
he is not the only caliber player in the world of poker but he is the one who lost many millions in a single poker room full tilt. In my opinion he should play live because there he has more talent. In this way he will not repeat that bad period of his life with online poker. Smile I think you agree with this.

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