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Kevin Martin becomes Newest Member of partypokerís Team Online

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Posted on 03 May 2019 by "K".

Kevin Martin is the 12th member to join partypoker’s Team Online.

Team Online is a group composed of members who are some of the world’s most well-known and highly influential online poker content creators and streamers.

Here are the Team Online members so far:

1. Matt Staples

2. Hristivoje Pavlovic

3. Travis Darroch

4. Patrick “XxXMLGPROXxX” Tardif

5. Alan “Hotted89” Widmann

6. Ryan “RSchoonbaert” Schoonbaert

7. Courtney “courtiebee” Gee

8. Steven ‘DWstevie’ Kok

9. Monika “HeyMonia” Zukowicz

10. Jeff Gross

11. Jaime Staples

Kevin Martin is already an established name in the world of streaming. He first became a radio presenter before he transitioned to professional poker full time in 2014. Almost a year later he came across the Twitch platform where he was able to document and share his poker journey to everyone.

Thanks to him winning in the Canadian version of the hit reality TV show ‘Big Brother’, Martin was able to get more exposure for his Twitch and other social media channels. He currently enjoys a Twitch following of over 83,000 and counting as people love his energetic on-screen charm plus a collection of impressive tournament achievements.

Kevin Martin’s Twitch account:

Follow him on Twitter:

He will be playing the partypoker online tables as “KevinMartin”.

What Next? 

There will be plans to include an all-new partypoker high stakes cash game that will allow the poker community to witness some of the biggest poker personalities coming together and battling it out on the site's virtual cash game tables, streamed live!

partypoker's official Twitch channel:

As an added treat, current Team partypoker members such as Fedor Holz, Ludovic Geilich, and Patrick Leonard will take turns in hosting partypoker Twitch streaming sessions to make it more appealing to viewers as well as provide valuable insight on a wide array of poker topics.

partypoker managing director Tom Waters said, "We have been a bit behind the curve when it comes to streaming, but we are hoping to make up for lost time by compiling an elite team that will be able to stream entertaining and engaging content 24/7. We are delighted to have Matt join the team and will be able to announce some more exciting additions to Team Online in the coming days."


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11 comments on "Kevin Martin becomes Newest Member of partypokerís Team Online"

 CALICUL03/05/2019 15:53:14 GMT
It's impressive how many ambassadors sign up with Party Poker. In total there are 12 and it is possible to bring someone else. It is a decision that will attract players, but it can also be a disadvantage for these ambassadors, who will have new obligations which will involve time. PP is currently a big room.
 erru910703/05/2019 20:50:01 GMT
I would never be able to do this. Sure, playing poker and streaming it is fine but as soon as you involve having to talk about what's happening and everything, I wouldn't be able to do that. Had it been a live thing, I could have done it. But somehow I get more self conscious as soon as I get to be on camera for one reason or another.

In any case, it's great that these players are doing what they do, it can help others to improve their game and also give a lot of enjoyment along the way.
 pajalnick03/05/2019 23:19:50 GMT
These are 12 apostles of poker who should promote poker to play on all continents and in general countries as the apostles once preached the doctrine of Christ these apostles should preach the game of poker It seems to me that this is absolutely correct.
 doubletop77704/05/2019 07:59:10 GMT
This team they have assembled is looking very good and there are exciting times ahead. I really do look forward to seeing the high stakes games they are going to cover and well done to them for doing this
 Mober05/05/2019 10:15:40 GMT
Another addition to party poker's online team.
They are giving big attention to this, since they are considering a good way
to promote their business.
Streaming is for quite some time now the "thing" on the internet,
and has thousands and thousands od followers.
An advertising for them for cheap probably Smile
 dule-vu05/05/2019 12:14:57 GMT
another member of team online party poker that I dont know anything!I am not in poker so much in last year or two,but still dont know anything about this player!they collect so many this team online members and ambassadors,but dont know do they need them in this number!they probably know what they are doing!
 bowie198406/05/2019 14:56:21 GMT
Posted by doubletop777:
This team they have assembled is looking very good and there are exciting times ahead.

Yeah, I would imagine that Party now knows who to send out the next time Thanos shows up on Earth without a doubt. I wish they would care about the not sponsored players as much too.
 pajalnick06/05/2019 15:35:33 GMT
It would be interesting to watch a poker match with the participation of all members of this team between them and that there was no one else and that there was only one winner in the end, it would be a really great spectacle that would attract many people, it seems to me a good idea Take note of PartyPoker.
 damosk07/05/2019 07:36:11 GMT
I have no idea who Kevin Martin is! Does that make me a bad person? It is amazing how these players appear from no where and become brand ambassadors. I would be really interested to know what actual value these players bring to the respective brands and what they actually do for their bucks. Maybe I am just jealous!
 Gerimantas07/05/2019 12:21:08 GMT
I think because i am old guy i not know anyone form this party poker online team, only read in this forum about Staples brothers and not because they good poker players but because they have make some crazy bets to famous poker people
 dule-vu07/05/2019 14:52:35 GMT
for me whole story about this is stupid!I dont know do new kids really come just because of this players and online streamers or what!I know that at new generations everything is about you tube,instagram and other things,but come on!its stupid that you come and spend money just because of some players who make live on twitch!

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