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Galfond Challenge: Phil Galfond Loses another €200K to 'Venividi1993'

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Posted on 06 February 2020 by "T".

Three-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Galfond has founded his own poker site with the goal of keeping the online poker dream alive. Over the years, a big part of that dream has been epic high stakes battles for everyone to see.

With the Galfond Challenge, a series of high stakes heads up matches between Phil and his various challengers, Phil is bringing back the glory days of railing high stakes games.

Phil Galfond vs Venividi1993
It has already been the second week of the Galfond Challenge and things aren't looking so good for the 35-year-old Galfond.

Against "Venividi1993", Galfond is down a whopping €380,000 after the first seven sessions, resulting to a new low of -€569,164.31. With over 7,500 hands played as of Tuesday afternoon, recorded during the time this was written, the challenge is 30% finished, and Galfond is bound to lose nearly €2 million.

In the second week of the challenge, below shows what happened on each round of the match.

Day 8
Most of the medium to large pots were raked in by Venividi, building up a nice profit of €60,000.

After the break, he scooped a double from Galfond when they saw a JClub6Diamond3Club flop. Galfond had aces with nut flush draw while Venividi had top two and a backdoor flush draw. Galfond hit a set on the river, but it gave Venividi his diamond flush.

Around four hours in, Galfond was able to make some headway. He put in a block bet on 5Heart6SpadeAHeart3Club and Venividi shoved on him. After some thinking, Galfond called with QClub6Club6Diamond5Diamond to create a pot of €45K. Venividi held 10Heart8Heart4Heart4Spade for a combo draw and blockers but he bricked the river.

Galfond at the final stretch tried to bluff off a stack as Venividi made a sick river call with kings and a club blocker on a board containing three clubs and a pair of nines. However, Galfond got it right back when he got there with KSpade9Spade10Diamond4Diamond against bottom set on JSpadeQHeart3Diamond, running out a diamond flush. He ended the long session stuck three buy-ins.

Hands Played: 940

Results: Venividi1993 +€60,743.37

Full Session video:

Day 9
This is one of the shorter sessions that transpired which saw Galfond on the lead about 30 minutes in when he coolered Venividi who flopped bottom set of threes in a three-bet pot against Galfond's set of aces. Galfond raised by betting flop and turn small, and Venividi couldn't find a fold against Galfond's three-bet shove, surrendering a €46K pot.

Two hours into the game, they played a pot worth €52K. Venividi bet half pot on the flop and then potted turn for €7,200 on 4Spade5DiamondKSpadeQDiamond. Galfond set him in for about €15K more and Venividi called with KHeartKClub8Heart6Club. Galfond was drawing with QClub4Club10Spade7Spade, but he lost this one as he did not find a spade on the river.

Venividi was able to get ahead once more when Galfond went for three streets of value, shoving river with ASpade7SpadeJClub9Diamond on 6Spade7DiamondAHeartKClub2Diamond. Unfortunately for him, Venividi had turned top two with AClubKSpade8SpadeQHeart.

Galfond was able to get a couple of stacks back, but was unable to get ahead of his opponent.

Hands Played: 446

Results: Venividi1993 +€12,706.51

Full Session video:

Day 10
Galfond got stacked immediately in a 4-bet pot when he flopped top pair with KClubQClubJDiamond5Diamond on 8SpadeJHeart2Diamond but could not improve against dry aces. Galfond got two stacks back by cracking aces with a flopped set and flopped bottom two, but he gave a heap back, losing a €54K pot when he called pot on the river but could not beat a set of queens on QClub8Diamond2Spade4HeartAHeart.

A little under three hours in, Galfond was down less than a buy-in but dropped a €53K four-bet pot. Stacks went in on 6Diamond8Diamond6Spade with Galfond's ADiamond4DiamondKHeartJClub merely ahead against QSpade7Spade10Diamond9Diamond. Venividi made a straight when a ten appeared on the river.

Venividi was unstoppable after that. Venividi called with a jack-high flush when Galfond bluffed off a stack with a queen-high nut blocker, then Galfond check-raised for €14K on a completed, paired board and folded to a shove. He suddenly was down €130,000+ when they returned from break.

For the next 45 minutes, Venividi kept winning as he racked up €170,000 in winnings. Then, Galfond managed to hit the river with KHeartKClubQDiamond8Club on a board of 2Heart4Spade4Club5ClubKDiamond. He check-raised all in and a pot-stuck Venividi called off the last few thousand with the nut straight.

Galfond got lucky with top and bottom two pair against middle set, but he suffered another six-figure loss to clock out down more than €550,000.

Hands Played: 696

Results: Venividi1993 +€100,993.30

Full Session video:

Day 11
Right away Galfond netted a stack when he flopped a set against an overpair and a gutshot and held up. After giving one back when a pair and the nut flush draw could not beat flopped trip threes, he went into the first break down just slightly.

Three hours in, Galfond lost another stack in a 4-bet pot. Against the top two of Venividi, he flopped top pair and a flush draw, and he ran out a backdoor flush to boot to rake in €44K.

Down almost €50,000 again, Galfond recovered a stack when he potted 9HeartAClub2Diamond7Diamond with aces and sevens, and Venividi shoved with ADiamond6Diamond4Club2Club. A brick river sent the pot to Galfond.

After the break, in a 4-bet pot, Galfond potted for most of his chips on 4Diamond5Heart8Heart with JHeartJClub4Heart3Club. Venividi went with his 10Club9Club6Spade4Spade and found an offsuit seven on the river, much to the fans' dismay.

A bit later, Galfond four-bet JSpade7Spade8Heart6Heart and called a five-bet then put the rest in on a jack-high flop. Venividi had aces and the board paired on the turn, so Venividi stacked Galfond once more.

Galfond would rally over the final 30 minutes and close out down less than a buy-in. Afterward, he admitted the results have him not having as much fun as he hoped.

Hands Played: 741

Results: Venividi1993 +€15,647.36

Full Session video:


The Galfond Challenge with Venividi continues Thursday, with session No. 12.

Every session of The Galfond Challenge presented by Run It Once Poker will be live-streamed on Twitch:

Note: For Galfond Challenge matches only, rake will be 1% up to a cap of €1.


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23 comments on "Galfond Challenge: Phil Galfond Loses another €200K to ''Venividi1993''"

 dule-vu06/02/2020 16:10:57 GMT
dont know anything about this players,but this heads up is sick!such a big number of hands and what about money that is in game,thats another story!we can see how much you can lose in heads up and what you can win!but this amount is just a dream fro 99 % of poker players!
 CALICUL06/02/2020 18:53:50 GMT
2 millions of dollars is a very big sum and if he likes to play big stakes, then to support the consequences of this loss. It is not easy to lose this amount and if his poker room is successful, Phil Galfond can recover from what he lost. It's easier in that way.
 bowie198407/02/2020 00:20:31 GMT
This is almost on the level of Isildur back when he made splashes online with his ultra-aggro heads-up sessions where he lost and won hundreds of thousands during multiple weeks playing PLO against high rollers. Oh, fun times...
 shokaku07/02/2020 09:23:47 GMT
In the mad days of heads up on the old Full Tilt, the stakes were even higher. I remember players winning and losing millions in a single day. And those games were often NL Hold'em, while these two here play PL Omaha. 700 hands of this game in a row, and my head would explode.
 CALICUL07/02/2020 19:47:00 GMT
Before there were good times but now the situation has changed. 10-12 years ago there were only a few poker rooms and many players. People were playing and lots of money was running. Now it's harder because the USA, Italy, Spain or France not play with rest of the world and other gamblers play in other rooms. This makes money to be few than in the past.
 antonis32107/02/2020 23:30:10 GMT
I wonder whether he'll be luckier and more successfull for the rest of the hands vs Venividi or for the hands with the other players , who have accepted his challenge to play with him the agreed number of hands in these high stakes PLO games .

I really don't like these challenges , they remind me of Tom Dwan's failed and not completed challenge . Not that I believe Galfond will actually step back , but these challenges by players that think they are masters on their field , the best of the best , in reality they are meaningless . Many must be on your own skill level or probably better , what exactly you are trying to prove ?? Is this the best available way to get some action vs high stakes players , for your games ?? It doesn't seem to be , imo .....

 shokaku08/02/2020 08:17:47 GMT
I guess for Galfond these challenges are a way to promote his own site. So the chances are slim, that he will be chicken out of them, like Dwan did with his, when things don't go his way. When one looks at the results tho, it seems his opponent has him figured out.
 shokaku13/02/2020 08:36:48 GMT
After a few more sessions Galfond is now down $900k. And yes, he opted to chicken out of this thing. Evil
Play is suspended untill March the first, when he will decide if it will continue, or be called off completely.
 CALICUL13/02/2020 09:01:24 GMT
Cash games are the most dangerous because they can bankrupt you. When we think about past situations see some professional players who had $ 3-4 million today and tomorrow or in two days they were ruined. Isildur 1 is one of them. Their risk brings great losses or profit as well.
 shokaku13/02/2020 10:35:46 GMT
That is when bankrollmanagement comes into play. If one or two bad days can bankrupt a player, he is playing far to high stakes for his bankroll.Those two are playing "only" $100/$200. There have been much higher limits used in the past.
 CALICUL14/02/2020 09:09:58 GMT
In the past it was like that, but then there were many more players than now. Let's not forget about the USA, Italy, France or Spain who played with the rest of the world. That means a lot of money because americans were everywhere with big money.
 shokaku02/03/2020 20:24:38 GMT
It is March, and Galfond has made up his mind and surprisingly play will continue. Next session is shedued for 4.3.2020. They haven`t even reached half the hands they agreed to play, so this thing can get expensive, if the results will be like the were before the break.
 CALICUL03/03/2020 09:38:09 GMT
It is his risk, talent, pockets and he knows best what to do. It is based on something and can lose or recover from loss. He has money if preferred to continue the game and tomorrow will be an emotional day for him. We will see what will be.
 dule-vu04/03/2020 09:45:28 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
It is March, and Galfond has made up his mind and surprisingly play will continue. Next session is shedued for 4.3.2020. They haven`t even reached half the hands they agreed to play, so this thing can get expensive, if the results will be like the were before the break.

probably he want to back some money and no matter what he lose money if he dont play,every day 3000 e,but ofcourse he can lose much more if he will play like it was on first days of this challenge!so we will see what will happen from today,will he earn something!
 shokaku05/03/2020 21:28:06 GMT
Galfond actually won ~ $180k in that first new session. He had winning sessions even before the break, but did not win so much money in those. We will see if this was a one off, or if the run of play will be reversed completely.
 CALICUL06/03/2020 16:37:25 GMT
I think he trained a lot after first session with his opponent, because he watched his mistakes and understood many of them. Galfond recovered 20% of the loss, but this job is not completed. Learned from Veni Vidi mistakes and hope it will be better for him.
 dule-vu07/03/2020 15:22:37 GMT
Posted by shokaku:
Galfond actually won ~ $180k in that first new session. He had winning sessions even before the break, but did not win so much money in those. We will see if this was a one off, or if the run of play will be reversed completely.

one good session will not be enough for him to back so much money,so he will need few of them to make something,but on some they be even or he will lose,so its question how this will finish!but for sure we will have news in next days here on forum about this challenge!
 antonis32108/03/2020 21:17:35 GMT
It would be one of the kind this duel and challenge if he manages to get back from all tgese losses , that would be a miracle in my eyes . I don't think it's possible , but then again to succeed in minimizing the losses , that would be also great if he manages to do it . So many have challenged him , so many hands to play , the penalties , the extra money he has to pay if he losses , his and his site's reputation , so many things to balance and see what is the best strategy and choice . Good luck to him Smile
 shokaku10/03/2020 08:52:34 GMT
After a few days of mixed results, Galfond won close to $100k in the last session. He is now down less than $600k. Still a huge sum, but he could win bacj a third of his losses. They have reached around half time of the hands that will be played
 dule-vu10/03/2020 09:56:00 GMT
Yeah,still big loss,but he got back some amount and he have still time to earn some amount and maybe even to be even on this challenge!seems thats this break was good for him and now he start to earn!we will see in next days what will happen!
 shokaku08/04/2020 06:13:50 GMT
Run of play in this challenge has turned completely. After 22k hands it is now Galfond who is up roughly $80k. Still 3k hands to play till the end tho. And in a swingy game like PLO it is far from over.
 antonis32109/04/2020 18:31:06 GMT
Less than 2k hands of the initial 25k hands to be played . After this -$900.000 downswing , he came back and now Galfond has a slight head start . Of course in the rest 2k hands surprises might happen , PLO is a game with many ups and downs , upswings and downswings . That's why I don't like it much , lol . Venividi has to try his best A game now if he wants to end this challenge successfully , in few hands this challenge is over !!!
 antonis32115/04/2020 15:14:03 GMT
Now it's Bill Perkins time , lol

If Galfond won't eliminate him , won't finish this challenge against him , in the first 5k hands , why not less Big Smile , I will start thinking some not very good thing about this challenge Blink Perkins is not a pro , more like a fun player , isn't he ?? I don;'t know exacly why he playes poker , for fun ?? to promote the game ?? extra money to his wealth I don't believe is the case ... Good luck Galfond with him , not that you will need it much LOL . I can't wait for the duel with Jungleman to start , that will be interesting to me Smile I believe it's one more after Perkins , then it's jungleman Smile

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