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Check Out this Free Poker Tool MyGame Whiz by partypoker

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Posted on 08 February 2021 by "T".

If you ask any successful poker player how they reached the top of their game, they will all give similar answers. They practice a lot and many take their time analyzing their play away from the tables.

There is an awesome free poker tool by partypoker called MyGame Whiz, and it is designed to help you improve your poker skills and take your game to the next level!

Working tirelessly in the background, MyGame Whiz analyzes your play with the use of Game Theory Optimal (GTO) strategy. GTO is something that elite poker players use, which MyGame Whiz uses as well to help you become the poker player you dream of.

Activating MyGame Whiz through the partypoker software only takes a few seconds. It launches in your Internet browser, but it's an extremely powerful tool.

Report Cards

MyGame Whiz creates report cards so you can take a quick look at what level your game is currently. Your play is ranked and shown as a percentage. There are seven ranks in total, from Rookie all the way to Elite Pro.

  • Rookie - 0-40%
  • Social - 40.01-50%
  • Intermediate - 50.01-60%
  • Solid - 60.01-70%
  • Advanced - 70.01-80%
  • Pro - 80.01-90%
  • Elite Pro - 90.01%+

Your score increases as you cut out mistakes from your cash game, multi-table tournament, and SPINS play.
partypoker diamonds appear under your current skill level. These relate to how many hands you've played; the more hands you play, the more accurate MyGame Whiz becomes. The diamonds appear after the following number of hands are played:

  • One diamond = 100-249 hands
  • Two diamonds = 250-999 hands
  • Three diamonds = 1,000-4,999 hands
  • Four diamonds = 5,000-9,999 hands
  • Five diamonds = 10,000-24,999 hands
  • Six diamonds = 25,000 hands

Analyze your Play with Stats

You will also see a plethora of statistics right at your fingertips where you can instantly see areas of your game that need more work, and also, the areas where you're excelling in. For instance, MyGame Whiz displays key stats such as PFR% (how many hands you raise preflop), VPIP (how many hands you play), and aggression (how often you bet or raise instead of checking and calling).

As you get to dive deeper into your statistics, you get to reveal minor and major leaks in how you play. Improve and eliminate these, and your win rate will surely increase in the long run.

Also, it is possible to filter the hands you have played so you can focus on a specific hand or range of hands. Worried you're misplaying suited connectors? Highlight those hands, replay them in the replayer and you can even take notes.


MyGame Whiz Courses

Click on the "Courses" tab to launch the free learning courses available. In here, you will learn more about the fundamentals of poker including odds, position, table image and bankroll management.

Once you have mastered the fundamentals, head over to "The Clinic" where you will start taking your game to the next level with even more easy-to-digest courses.

Review Hands even During Your Session

A super cool new feature is a pop-up window that records your hands in real-time. Click on MyWhiz button to open the MyGame Whiz window. Every hand you play appears in your live feed once the hand completes. You can quickly replay your hands from here and even share them on social media if you like.

Once you have played 100 hands, MyGame Whiz generates a report on your session so you can see in real-time how you're performing at the tables.

Download Hands to your Machine

Some players like to use other software to analyze their poker sessions. With MyGame Whiz, that is possible. Select "Export Hands", choose your dates within the last 40 days, and download the file to your machine. You can then upload this to your software of choice.

Put MyGame Whiz to the Test

Why not put MyGame Whiz to the test by firing up some cash games, tournaments, or SPINS and see what level your skills are at right now? Set yourself a challenge to improve to the next level and share your progress with friends and your fellow partypoker players on social media!



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29 comments on "Check Out this Free Poker Tool MyGame Whiz by partypoker"

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» Check Out this Free Poker Tool MyGame Whiz by partypoker

 geseco1210/02/2021 22:32:42 GMT
This software will help many to understand poker through statistics, that will help you to play professionally, understand what is happening in the game, and because many players make that type of movement, it is a series of things, which They will serve you a lot in your life as a poker player.
 DinGo!11/02/2021 12:56:30 GMT
For sure this can be interesting for some people and can help a bit to improve the game and earn more money. Maybe i am wrong, but looks like Party is exactly the room, which not allowed to use any advantage in the game and they promote this and saying this lots of times. For sure, this is real to use it and everything will be ok, but i think there are lots of people, who choose to play poker there just because they don,t allow any tools in the game and this is why they are playing there and not on the others sites.
 geseco1211/02/2021 23:13:12 GMT
This software is used by the great poker professionals to perfect the game, I think years and years will pass and no one will have the ability to memorize all this, for this there are programs like these that will help you to play each hand in the best way, according to many factors.
 dule-vu12/02/2021 11:15:14 GMT
maybe even some pro's will use it to see how they play and whats best for them,but for this we will wait for few months to see reaction for players on it!if they will have big number of players that use it,then this will have purpose and they will earn maybe something with it!
 geseco1213/02/2021 01:48:24 GMT
The software helps to understand the game perfectly, it is based many times on statistics, we must play in a disciplined way and always thinking about why we make each move in each hand, sometimes if we do not use these support software or realize why we do this movement, we do not know if we are doing good or bad, and this in the long run is losing money.
 CALICUL13/02/2021 15:03:06 GMT
Probably success in online poker did not come because of the precarious economy. They fell in all countries since this Covid 19 appeared and people did not want to risk playing. Now we can play together and satellites are the most indicated.
 dule-vu13/02/2021 15:17:06 GMT
Spammer will always be a spammer and will write posts just to collect 10 points,even words have nothing with this thread,news or any post from members!
This is thread about tool that will help to players and he write about economy,covid 19 and satellites!nobody normal would do that,but yeah,he is 'special'!
 geseco1214/02/2021 02:08:25 GMT
ajajjjaj sometimes we make mistakes DULE-VU, but for that we are to correct errors and make it arrive, well this tool is essential, because there are players who play but do not see statistically how they are doing, if they win or lose, we must assess that from partypoker who care about their players that way.
 dule-vu14/02/2021 13:57:19 GMT
if somebody already have post or posts in this thread,he know what we talking about in thread,not just that you come and to spam and to write because of points!but ofcourse we will get answer only when 24 hours pass,that he can get again points!
I had message yesterday in party poker software to add this tool,but I didnt want,because as I said lot of time,I am not in poker so much,so I dont need to follow my play and how much I earn or lose,so cant tell how good is this tool!I am more on casino games and thats why I didnt add it!
 CALICUL14/02/2021 16:26:14 GMT
geseco12, you don't have to give importance to minor things where it shouldn't and focus on the topic because any tiny help can help you in a difficult situation when playing poker. Party poker helps us to learn something for make money easier. It is appreciated what this poker room does for us. Good Luck with tool my game whiz.
 geseco1215/02/2021 02:17:43 GMT
Of course, the intention of partypoker is for its players to improve and not be discouraged when they become losing players, I think that the more people reach high levels, the more benefit for the room and the community, but for that we must understand poker through software like these.
 CALICUL15/02/2021 17:31:02 GMT
The more you get into the pleasure of playing poker, will want to eliminate as many opponents is possible and learn more about it. Hard things are done patiently, that's why it's a lot of strategy, but if money is needed quickly, we can play with amateurs. Many players can learn now with this program.
 dule-vu16/02/2021 01:05:39 GMT
for party poker is same what will you do with your play,because in case they will be in profit with rake,especially in cash games!so this tool will help to some players and they maybe will improve skills,but other players will lose hands and again party will make profit!in poker house take their share no matter what they offer to you!
but its good that they try to help players with this kind of stuffs!
 geseco1216/02/2021 02:55:46 GMT
At the beginning you only play for fun and you do not take importance to these statistics software that help to improve your poker game, but as you grow and you face very good players, the same need will make you resort to these programs that will help you a lot , and of course you will value it as a treasure.
 CALICUL16/02/2021 19:22:10 GMT
When i play for real money, i have more concentration, but of course almost all freeroll games are attacked by me with pleasure and fun. However, it is good that you or other players learn a lot from the party poker program. Here are good money, what awaits to be won.
 geseco1217/02/2021 03:14:26 GMT
These programs should be studied in detail, it takes time and constant study to master it, some think that poker is luck and no study is needed, but you already know that this is false, great players use these types of programs to constantly improve their game and recommend it.
 CALICUL17/02/2021 19:37:35 GMT
you have the opportunity to investigate it in more details, because is your right, but me i can't do that. The official party poker site is not allowed in my country. and this is the reason for which at that moment, i can't see how much this thing helps. Is ok, but god luck with him.
 geseco1218/02/2021 03:29:49 GMT
a pity friend CALICUL that you cannot play in this poker room, I think it is very good in all aspects, it only remains to choose the best rooms to play better, in which country do you live CALICUL, IF you could know ???, but In general, this software would be of great use to you.
 CALICUL18/02/2021 19:59:08 GMT
I know that any program who can teach you poker, is very good. You can see the country where i live under my name, is Romania. I read on the internet a little strategy and any good advice is useful. Party it's good for me and I'd like to know how the software offers cards. Each room has its own style... and here it may be easier to make money.
 geseco1219/02/2021 04:03:43 GMT
That's how CALICUL is friend, each one has their own strategies to play poker, and it is always good to receive advice about poker, on the internet there are quite a few free poker courses where they help to get started in the best way, it is the best way to have Valuable information for free, and if you want to enter the next level, it will cost you a few dollars, but that is good for your training.
 CALICUL19/02/2021 21:12:51 GMT
My strategy of playing poker was destroyed when full tilt merged with pokerstars and that's why i wish to play in party poker. My style could combine well with their software. I noticed that this thing can bring luck faster. I want this because here it does not depend only on strategy. Softwares are ''criminals'' and without luck you don't make money.
 geseco1220/02/2021 04:28:27 GMT
Friend, strategy is the key, look, you should not always be legalistic in things, for example the software they offer are good from a theoretical perspective, but in practice it is different, there is the point, you must have the ability to adapt to the I play following a solid strategy based on pre-established statistics.
 CALICUL20/02/2021 21:22:13 GMT
Always i tried, but when it came to climbing for more money the software destroyed me many times... even if i used nice moves. Luck was always stopped by software for me. Without that luck you can't achieve great performances, even if you are a professional player. I know that strategy and moves bring profit, but in tournaments you need more than these things.
 geseco1222/02/2021 06:13:03 GMT
luck always exists, but luck is not all in poker, I think that to reach the top you have to study and prepare very hard every day, I think the tools they offer you will help you to be better in the future, if you want be different from others.
 CALICUL23/02/2021 01:06:47 GMT
To make money from poker you need strategy and skills. I know that, but when you have these two things one thing is missing. That luck which i was talking about. He rarely comes to players like us. I couldn't have it until now, to won in a tournament more than 1.000 dollars.

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