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Jaime vs Matt Staples on partypoker Hot Tables Challenge

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Posted on 24 March 2021 by "T".

Brotherly love goes out of the window for the meantime on March 24 when Jaime and Matt Staples duke it out in the Hot Tables Challenge at partypoker.

The Staples brothers are mainly known for grinding in the Daily Legends tourneys, but the chance to get one over on each other and grab some of the Hot Tables value has proven too good an opportunity to turn down.

Head to the partypoker Twitch channel from 21:00 GMT on March 24 as the Staples brothers lock horns at the fastforward tables. The brothers are starting with a $500 bankroll and playing one NL50 ($0.25/$0.50) fastforward table for three hours. Whoever wins the most money is the victor.

The fact that Hot Tables are in play makes this challenge all the more interesting, because they can win up to $250 - that is five buy-ins - if the top Hot Tables prize triggers at their table. Landing a juicy Hot Tables prize could be the difference between winning this challenge and having to admit that they lost to their brother!

Hot Tables - What are they?

Hot Tables is the latest cash game innovation from partypoker. Cash game tables and fastforward tables with blinds of $0.05/$0.10 to $0.50/$1 are eligible to become Hot Tables.

How it works:

1. Sign up for a partypoker account here.

2. Play selected No Limit Hold'em (NLHE) or Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) cash game or fastforward tables from $0.05/$0.10 to $0.50/$1 for the chance to receive a random boost!

Tables are selected randomly to become a Hot Table. A pop-up appears on-screen informing you of the prize added to the pot. Win the hand and you not only scoop the pot, but you win the free Hot Tables prize, too!

The winner of the hand gets the whole prize, so one quick win at a Hot Table could bag you a cash prize PLUS the pot itself!

The Hot Tables prizes range from one big blind up to 500 big blinds, meaning you can win up to $500 extra each time your table becomes hot.


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44 comments on "Jaime vs Matt Staples on partypoker Hot Tables Challenge"

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» Jaime vs Matt Staples on partypoker Hot Tables Challenge

 DinGo!02/04/2021 02:22:06 GMT
To be honest right now so many offers with different coaching, lesson and so on. Just pay money.
I,m not sure that you can learn everything on this streams. Streams are more for fun. If you want to play better you need learn about the game, read some books.
 Rogerio1002/04/2021 14:14:50 GMT
Like those two always. I remember years ago when they had chalange when in some time they had to have the same weight i think bet was vs. Bill Perkins for about 100k and they win it. I watch their streams from time to time and they are good tournament players. About hot tables, yeah i like it more then leadearboards.
 CALICUL02/04/2021 19:09:43 GMT
I don't know the outcome of this battle, but something else is important. They add to the image of the hold'em poker game and attract new fans or clients. That brings benefits to them as well, or for the rest of rooms / casinos.
 Cesar1402/04/2021 22:31:04 GMT
This is all marketing, poker has to be expanded to more players in each country, and thanks to these direct via Twitch of these players is becoming a reality, besides that you have fun watching them play, you also learn to play, they also benefit the players with free tournaments and gifts to play poker.
 geseco1204/04/2021 00:38:09 GMT
The objective is to attract new players to this room, these confrontations of great online poker players, it is as if it were a World Cup, where many are awaiting these battles, there are many players who face each other, that is exciting for the spectators who they like poker.
 DinGo!04/04/2021 22:51:08 GMT
Of course, any promotion is about marketing and this one is also about this. They want to show people, what hot tables are right now on PP and they want more players to play their cash games, because right now as it seems not so many are playing it. Just hard to undertand, why they make the minumim limits only 0.05/0.10 , i think if this promotion will be available on lower limits, they will have more players playing cash games in their room.
 geseco1205/04/2021 02:54:21 GMT
Of course they should do for the lower limits, so they would obtain greater results, but hopefully they can implement it in the future, now it only remains to enjoy these great players and learn from them to try to improve every day and make poker a profession.
 Rogerio1005/04/2021 08:56:22 GMT
Maybe they will add it later, or they have some other promo prepared for the lowest two liimits. I am almost sure they will not just forget for the playest who play the lowest limitis. I see they do allot of advertise this new promo, so those two brothets are one of the best to do something like that.
 CALICUL05/04/2021 13:48:35 GMT
these brothers are trying to become better known to the public or to make hold'em poker more attractive to amateurs. Not bad at all, but their game needs to become more professional than it is now. They have enough fans, but if they don't show something more they will get bored.
 Cesar1405/04/2021 14:22:56 GMT
I hope they take more importance to the lower levels, because that's where we all started, these great players have started at these levels and that is why they should not put it aside, just to see these great players how they play live.
 CALICUL05/04/2021 14:44:48 GMT
I would love to see some online sessions in which they explain how can you steal the pots of fish players. This kind of players is very dangerous with they and spoils a lot of hands. They are a very important barrier for me because many times forces my hand. These brothers can show this on internet.
 Cesar1406/04/2021 15:00:30 GMT
There are professional poker players who explain in detail how you can develop your game against any type of player, it is incredible to see that they explain it for free, of course that with more depth it will be a cost, but you draw your conclusions, these means help much to learn, you have to take advantage of this.
 Rogerio1006/04/2021 18:36:01 GMT
So anyone watch this? If i understand correct this was just one time challange 3 hours play and who win more is winner of this match? How was this working out if anyone knows? Don't know about those two cash games, but watch them on twtich here and there and they doing good job on tourneys, playing well, explaining spots and so on.
 geseco1207/04/2021 04:02:51 GMT
It is a challenge between the top brothers of the game, the challenge will be for 3 hours and they will start with an entry of 500 dollars and the one who wins the most money is the winner of the challenge, I think it will be a deathmatch of these poker greats. I do not know how they will have been, I did not see your transmission.
 DinGo!07/04/2021 08:23:33 GMT
Posted by Rogerio10:
Maybe they will add it later, or they have some other promo prepared for the lowest two liimits. I am almost sure they will not just forget for the playest who play the lowest limitis. I see they do allot of advertise this new promo, so those two brothets are one of the best to do something like that.

They have lots of promotions, but to be honest i just can,t understand, why everytime the new promotion is worse then it was before. Just looks like they everytime give less money for the promos. This is the only reason that comes to my mind.
 geseco1208/04/2021 04:21:08 GMT
They should be the opposite, every year that passes the rooms should launch great promotions so that the poker community grows, and not fall into conformism, this is a discipline that should grow and have millions of players in the rooms.
 Rogerio1008/04/2021 18:42:02 GMT
But what in realty is happened, you get less and less from poker rooms every year. Damn where are those days when games were so soft that even i you didn't win you can just "rakeback whore" with abc game and have a solid income, becouse rewards, bonuses, promotions were so bettere then nowadays.
 CALICUL09/04/2021 18:29:56 GMT
The main goal of these brothers is money and everyone tries to get as much as they can. Poker or other bets, internet channels or any other business does not matter because for them it is important to earn money to live.
 Rogerio1010/04/2021 05:21:05 GMT
Yes for sure their main goal is to make as much money as tey can. I am talking for those two and probably any other streamers and youtubers. Rarely are those who do this just for passion and love for some stuff. Specialy in casino buisiness and poker it's all about the money, everyone wants to make their. Dollar And i say why not if they offer good content and people likes them, they deserved it.
 CALICUL13/08/2021 17:55:38 GMT
it's interesting how Jaime Staples manages to win many hands at the spinning games in this aggressive way, because this maneuver does not work for me, as long players pay at any time. Obviously, this is not the case with high stakes, but he also plays with lower buy-ins
 CALICUL13/09/2021 10:07:25 GMT
I watched certain things on Twithc and i can say that they can become achievable, if i were richer to play at slightly higher stakes. For now, what they offer doesn't work in lower stakes, where there is a lot of chaos, because the players contradict you at any moment... Poker is an ambitious and difficult game.
 CALICUL19/10/2021 14:12:31 GMT
These offers are encouraging with prizes coming to the tables, but the cash games for some are too boring and they prefer tournaments. Others who are accustomed can play a game for 3 hours or more. I lose patience with something like that, but i must to play more cash for wager and eventually try to win money in tournaments.
 CALICUL09/11/2021 19:57:43 GMT
These brothers should learn more for themselves, than for their fans, because in live tournaments they do not have such remarkable performances, even if they are two and could learn poker from each other as much needed. In two, they can develop much better and their strategies will advance more
 CALICUL02/12/2021 00:55:14 GMT
To be honest, these brothers are young and need to take their poker careers more seriously. I say this thing because maybe they dream of becoming more famous names with higher earnings or results than at the moment. They are professionals, but they do not have a more accurate stability.
 CALICUL21/12/2021 12:59:55 GMT
I think these two brothers are more successful with online platforms where they have channels and are followed by their fans. Poker money is comparatively less than it earns from the services it offers on the internet. However, they are young and have time for more serious gains

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