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No instant comeback success for Phil Ivey at the 2012 WSOP

Tags: 2012 wsop, black friday, comeback, full tilt poker, phil ivey
Posted on 29 May 2012 by "T".

Last year Phil Ivey didn't take part in the World Series of Poker because he thought it was unfair that many players couldn't afford to play after Full Tilt Poker and other poker sites were closed down on Black Friday. Even though Full Tilt Poker still hasn't paid back its players and Americans still can't play on most online poker sites, Phil Ivey still decided to make a comeback at the WSOP yesterday as he signed up for Event #2 $1,500 NLH.

But unfortunately the American pro didn't get the instant comeback success he had hoped for as he was knocked out by Maria Ho after just a few hours of play. Well, there are still many events to be played and lots of time for Phil Ivey to turn it into a successful comeback. It will be interesting to see how things turn out! 



High Stakes: Isildur1 returns to the tables

Tags: brian townsend, cole south, comeback, high stakes, isildur1, patrik antonius
Posted on 01 June 2010 by "T".

In the past 1,5 month, Isildur1 almost hasn't played anything. Last week, however, he finally made a small comeback and played about 8000 hands. Lots and lots of spectators were following their favorite mystery swede and watched him win about $50k. Even though Isildur1 won - there is not much to say about the sessions he played. No remarkable plays whatsoever.

Are we ever going to see Isildur1 play the same crazy games as back in 2009? Many Isildur1 followers seem to have their doubts about that. Personally, I'm quite sure that it's not the last time we get to see Isildur1 winning and losing huge amounts of money. Lets hope I'm right!

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Video: Isildur1 wins $800k from Cole South!

Tags: cole south, comeback, full tilt poker, high stakes, isildur1, plo, pot limit omaha
Posted on 10 March 2010 by "T".

Yesterday, the mysterious Swede Isildur1 and Cole South started playing $100/$200 PLO (Pot Limit Omaha) on several tables. Then they moved on to playing $200/$400 and at last $300/$600. This was probably Isildur1's best session so far against Cole South as he ended up winning about $800,000. It wasn't all about who took down the biggest pots in this session, it was more about Isildur1 playing his very best game.

Its great to see that Isildur1 has been doing so well since the comeback. It seems like he have learned something from the mistakes he did back in 2009, when he played too long sessions and easily went on tilt. Maybe he's playing so good and focused this year because he's staked by someone who gives him expertise coaching (Tony G??!!)?

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