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Yes, that is it. This way is the rules if you play tournaments. If you play cash, you have to win 50 hands in NL5 at least. Certainly, I won my ticket by playing my loved SnGs of $ 0,40. So I could play 50 tournaments in six days, and today in my afternoon I will be playing there, might we meet at a table...who knows...

I looked for you at the tables last night and i find you, but goddess of fortune he was not with us.
I finished on the 5521 position and that was all for this tournament, with us.
As i said in the past: I do not make illusions.
I let the fate to decide for me.
I'm sorry because i can not play BRM tournaments to speak with you and to beat you. Smile

What a deception! All the week working for that ticket, and I lost in the first stages with a cooler Sad That´s the rules of poker, I don´t return the money when I win with the worst hand, so I can´t claim for that result! I don´t want to do the same this week. I need to study a while to improve my playing, I will play when I am confidence Smile

You have to study for 8 or 10 minutes blinds but in this kind of games you must to play as in a children's game.
This game with blinds at 3-4 minutes you do not have much time to study with him.
This game is only lottery and goddess fortuna.
You win something is ok.
You do not win anything then you have to move on. Blink

But to learn poker, have not in relation with the blinds. You don´t study during the game, you have to study after and before the game to know what do you have to do there. The speed of change of blinds is a specific mode of the game and you can learn about it. Not all is chaos and luck, you can have a strategy to it Blink

The best odds are when the blinds are over 8-10 minutess or more.
Let's be serious.
How much money did you earn with good freerolls and how much money you won with freerolls in 3-4 minutes blinds?
This is also happening on real money.
Chances are much lower to won money with these kind of games. Blink

The odds have relation with your outs (the cards that you need to make the nuts), and this not have any relation with the speed at which they are dealt. You don´t like the Turbo or Hyper speed games, but is only an adapting question. If you achieve a good adaptation you may win money in any speed Cool

If you have a good range of hands ( as this term is called i thing ) you can win many hands in these fast games.
Unfortunately we do not have this range, my mobster friend.
That's why we're fast losing in these games.
I have to run more money to accumulate a better range. Smile
Unfortunately i'm bored of 888 poker in this moment.
I started this year very bad. Angry

Well as I know, you can build your range of hands as you like, considering the type of game that you play. And you should have a range of Open Raise, a range of 3bet, a range of Push... The range of hand is all the possible hands with which you would play in a given situation. If you make an open raise in Early, in the first stage of a tournament, only with AA, KK, AK, your open raise in early is KK+, AK. I´m studying this matter Blink

I studied some things for a while and i learned that sometimes, i have to risk with small pairs.
I fail to earn, like other players with these pairs.
I rarely succeed and yesterday i played a game of $16.50.
3 players with AA, AA and 88 they risked all in, but me with 77 i foldeed.
Of course in flop was 7.
I did not pay and i missed the chance to win a very nice pot. Sad
This pot was excellent for the fight.
1st place won approximate 4000 dollars.

So, alongside winning a variety of low level Freeroll tickets on the spinner, I won a ticket to the twenty thousand dollar Sunday Freeroll tournament and look forward to registering later today and playông this evening, hoping to see some regular Mobsters in the room and wish you all good luck if you are playing this tournament.

Good for you damosk! I´m in bad terms with the wheel of fortune, so time in time she gives me some $ 3000 warm freeroll tickets, but never could give me that super gift, good luck this Sunday!
CALICUL you don´t have to be a worry for the result of a move or the variance in general. You have to pay attention to play your better poker. A fold with 77 facing two all in is good playing!

I could risk without problems a smaller pair, but percentages to win with them are very small for me. Because of this i gave up to risk all my stack with a little pair.
When i have a big stack and the pot is good then i will pay.
I tried in the past to risk very often but i lose very quickly and of course is a bad decision. Blink

With a small pocket pair, you could call a raise that is around the 1/15 of the effective stack to see the flop. If you catch a set you could have the nuts in that table, so you have to try to make grow up the pot. But if you don´t catch it, you know the saying "not set no bet". And in your case, you can´t call a reraise (3bet) never! Blink

Until TT+ you really risk too much if you reraise or made a big call with pocket pairs. The best field to limp with little pair is when the table has three or four limpers and you can over limp. 22, 33, etc can make a monster surprise in the turn. In the same board (with limpers and in position) you can play suited connectors. Blink

I know my friend but these players are forcing me to play all in.
They push all in.
At that moment i have only two options: call or fold.
Sometimes i pay but most of the time not.
Is not easy to pay all in, all my stack with 77 in a fight with three other players.
There are many situations and depend on more choices made by each player.
There were situations when i folded bigger pairs but these are other stories. Smile

But you can´t call three shoves with 77 is a suicide! You might call a shove of only one player if he is in late position and has no more than 5BB. Like that and everything, you have to calculate the equity needed to win the pot, the premium risk, and the equity of your hand versus the range of the villain...a lot of work to be sure to make a call!

That's exactly what i did in that tournament.
I folded 77 and lost a great opportunity.
I said in these comments that: i can not pay with 77.
Players are wild and i do not like to lose with small pairs.
I will have to risk more often and to be more aggressive in the next tournaments.
I will see if a more aggressive game will be good or it will eliminate me fast.

When it is a freeroll, you have to be more loose. Cause that is the way most of the players
see the game. And they go in with mediocre hands if not bad at some point of the game.
And the bluffs come and go Smile
Point is to make a good stack soon and be able to control your game.

I think that the matter is to try to make your better playing always. The results may be right or wrong because the variance could be with you or against you. But if you play beyond your edge of good play, you have too many possibilities of lost. When you play a bad poker you need a positive variance, if you play well you only have to be afraid of her Blink

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