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Michael Phelps met up with Poker Legend

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Posted on 12 September 2008 by "M".

Michael Phelps recently went on a trip to Las Vegas with some of his friends to stay at a huge suite at the Palms Hotel & Casino. During his stay he contacted Doyle Brunson and asked to meet up with the poker legend. They met up at the Palms and according to Doyle the swimmer was very enthusiastic and eager to learn more about poker, he asked a lot of questions and showed a huge interest in poker. Rumour has it that Phelps said that the only things that interest him are to eat, swim and to play poker.


Phelps made a very good impression on Doyle and he said that he seems to be a very humble person. They spent a full day together and at the end of the day he got a couple of signed copies of Super System 1 and 2 that were signed by Doyle.
Earlier this year Phelps announced that he would love to play in the WSOP and after the meeting with Doyle a lot of people think that he might become a sponsored player at DoylesRoom.

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8 comments on "Michael Phelps met up with Poker Legend"

 keram15/09/2008 13:28:48 GMT
Awsome, 2 greatest people that are the best in what they do, and the most important in what they love to do!!!!!!!
 scl197515/09/2008 14:25:38 GMT
yeah thats sick,learning tips of doyle brunson,what a legaend,ddont think it possivl to win 9 gold medals,but e may be able to win a bracelet,that would be something else. Smile
 Mathus15/09/2008 14:37:16 GMT
A winner to play for a winner, would love to see it happen.
 keram15/09/2008 14:48:06 GMT
Posted by Mathus:
A winner to play for a winner, would love to see it happen.

They should make a "dualtone". One competition in swimming, the other one in poker. Winner gets the other ones Gold Olympic Medal or Bracelet! They have lots of them, so shouldnt be so sad to give one to another champ Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship
 shokaku15/09/2008 20:58:49 GMT
If Phelps starts collecting bracelets in the way he had collected his gold medals, Phil Hellmuth must be afraid that he will lose his record of holding most bracelets very soon.
 chesnoeky16/09/2008 11:18:31 GMT
We will just need to wait and see what happens but would be very interesting if you inform us on how this evolves. Smile
 CrOnYk17/09/2008 00:48:05 GMT
if he plays like he swims.. he will do great for sure Big Smile
 Mosqiddo17/09/2008 12:59:32 GMT
I would love to meet Doyle Brunson sometime.. some ppl may think they know everything about poker but they dont know shit.. he has 50 years experience.. and the game has changed over the years ;D who could teach better than him?

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