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FullTilt: Phil Ivey - The king of HighStakes

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Posted on 28 November 2008 by "T".

A poker site started tracking No Limit Holdem and Pot Limit Omaha results in January 2007, and after that the site also started tracking the high stakes Horse and Hi/Lo games. The player that was most successful when they started checking the results for 2007 was no one less than Phil Ivey himself.

According to the results Phil Ivey is a player that is dominating in all types of games on the high stakes tables at Full Tilt. The most poker players have maybe one or two games that they are doing well in and usually they avoid other games. But not Phil as he seems to be a winning player in any game he chooses to play.

Phil Ivey's results for 2007 at Full Tilt:

NL Holdem: $2.3 million dollars profit after 41,176 hands.

PL Omaha games: $1.4 million dollars profit after 47,953 hands.

Omaha Hi/Lo: $3.1 million dollars profit after playing 20,115

HORSE: $1.99 million dollar profit after over 25,980 played hands

In total Phil Ivey has won about $9 million dollars during the year of 2007 and other successful high stakes players at Full Tilt like "UrInDanger" and "durrrr" are far behind Ivey's results according to the poker site.


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21 comments on "FullTilt: Phil Ivey - The king of HighStakes"

 MANUEDO28/11/2008 17:57:01 GMT
What can I say ?
He is once more the best for the way of playing, for the way of staying at the table, for all....
9 million bucks in one year.......
 sendeman28/11/2008 18:26:19 GMT
Damn, that guy is rich! I gonna ask him to adopt me!
 Tsaarnou28/11/2008 18:51:49 GMT
He is lucky Smile
 lomax28/11/2008 23:43:09 GMT
he is lucky...but is also a great player...Great Phil Blink Blink ,,9 milion in one year,,wow what a resul...simply great Smile
 Calmplay29/11/2008 04:20:40 GMT
No not the king but the king of kings Thumbs Up respect Worship he was born for high stakes poker Agree
 Fr3nChi29/11/2008 05:23:50 GMT
Don't forget this only his online winnings not counting his live poker winnings.
 taavi1929/11/2008 07:00:52 GMT
Impressive :O
Dominating ALL the games wow
 shokaku29/11/2008 09:53:54 GMT
It looks like it is paying off to play at ones own poker room. In football they would say it is home advantage. Big Smile

And compared to some other pros Ivey did not put in so many hands.
 polevaulter29/11/2008 13:41:20 GMT
Wow! It must be very good to win so much money with a game what you like.
He playes with prices of a house, car etc., must be exciting...
I also want to win millions! Big Smile
 Mosqiddo29/11/2008 13:47:39 GMT
Ivey is the King! Simply the best all round poker star for me I can think of!
 ylight29/11/2008 15:18:42 GMT
Great poker player and has the best pokerface...
"NL Holdem: $2.3 million dollars profit after 41,176 hands."
No comment Big Smile
"Omaha Hi/Lo: $3.1 million dollars profit after playing 20,115"

Polevaulter you are right Big Smile... we will meet at a high stakes table Blink
 Mynyx30/11/2008 14:28:48 GMT
So sick. Gimme just one Big Blind from stakes he plays.
 Dbra02/12/2008 01:18:53 GMT
Phil Ivey is the greatest no doubt
 shokaku04/12/2008 06:12:07 GMT
Ivey is running bad this year. Blink

"Only" won ~ $7,5 million this year so far (data from highstakesdb)
 Flyfreeforever04/12/2008 06:27:41 GMT
Haha only....
 Gamblertheo04/12/2008 10:48:38 GMT
He 's someone to watch , becouse you can learn so much from him.respect for the skills
 nicogsxr4904/12/2008 13:44:58 GMT
yes Ivey is the best, the king of poker Smile
 cyclonisz204/12/2008 14:43:46 GMT
that fool got mad skills for real peace to him and the real dealers of poker good luck for the future
 KidRitalin05/12/2008 20:41:52 GMT
Ivey is sick. My guess is by the end of the year he might surpass durrr earnings at NLHE.
 Vinyull20/04/2009 13:08:13 GMT
yes Ivey is the best of HighStakes. i - microStakes
 fcumred20/04/2009 14:55:10 GMT
Ivey is simply ice cold..

Nothing phases him. Nothing gets to him. He is as calm as you can possibly get. Literally impossible to get a read on..

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