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Phil Ivey won over a million dollars playing 7-game

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Posted on 09 October 2009 by "T".

A new variant of poker called 7-game has become a very popular high stakes game at Full Tilt poker recently. A few days ago, Phil Ivey, won over $1,000,000 playing 7-game against different high stakes players. It seems like Phil Ivey can handle all poker games there are. This is very, very impressive if you ask me!

Other players that really enjoy the new game are for example Gus Hansen and Cole South. South dominated the game at first when he and Gus played heads-up, but then Gus managed to win back most of the money he had lost. Many of the pots when these two played landed on around $100k-$200k. With other words it seems like both of them are very comfortable playing 7-game.

What is 7-game?
7-game is a mix between the 7 different games below. Usually 10 rounds of each game is played before it switches to another game. For the ones that master all the 7 games in 7-game (like Phil Ivey), there is a lot of money to be made as many poker players who tries 7-game out are newbie's when it comes to many of the games.

Game 1: Fixed limit Holdem
Game 2: Fixed Limit High/Low Seven Card Stud
Game 3: Fixed Limit Razz
Game 4: Fixed Limit High/Low Omaha
Game 5: Fixed Limit Seven Card Stud
Game 6: No Limit Texas Holdem
Game 7: Pot Limit Omaha


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16 comments on "Phil Ivey won over a million dollars playing 7-game"

 SuperNoob09/10/2009 12:27:57 GMT
looks like an interesting game, would have been better if they had pot limit holdem instead of no limit.
does anyone know if its available at low stakes also?
 JTran09/10/2009 12:59:58 GMT
Phil Ivey is also letting people win some of his winnings through his poker site.
Which is FullTilt poker.
Good luck to anyone who joins in on that!
 PsychoEnemy09/10/2009 14:38:46 GMT
Great news. Blink

I was reading about this guy he is great player with good history.
 Fordie09/10/2009 15:02:10 GMT
Hm, they should play 8-game instead, like on stars.. Just like 7 game but with 2-7 triple draw. Funny as hell! Tongue
 Plexo09/10/2009 15:17:34 GMT
Ivey is a sick guy. I really think he is the best in the world and He will show this on November 9, with an amazing come back to win de Main Event of the WSOP.
 shokaku09/10/2009 15:23:03 GMT
Posted by Fordie:
Hm, they should play 8-game instead, like on stars.. Just like 7 game but with 2-7 triple draw. Funny as hell! Tongue

Number of players for triple draw does not fit to the other games.
 Btownd8709/10/2009 17:23:57 GMT
I like the mixed ring games. Something to break the ordinary if you catch my drift.
 phaxaq10/10/2009 13:03:42 GMT
I don't how is it possible that so proffesional player can still bet 100k$ in the internet. But anyway I like very much the way Phil Ivey playes.
 mrplo10/10/2009 14:40:03 GMT
phil ivey is god
 Yuki55510/10/2009 18:05:56 GMT
I love you phil ivey Smile
 Gabri10/10/2009 18:14:40 GMT
I love the way this guy plays. Almost never says a word. Always concentrated in his game. I heard in a wpt tourney that when he is eliminated, he goes home and watches the tourney again to see what he did wrong. Very clever and thorough. Go Phil!
 xxxbchxxx10/10/2009 19:58:03 GMT
just another format simaler to HORSE ie switching betwen games... I like the horse on bbp but in the sngs you rarly get to the S of horse let alone the E.
Phil I is very talented player so new variations suit his style good luck to him
 MANUEDO11/10/2009 20:18:53 GMT
bbut isn't he yet tired??
Everything ha plays he wins billion and billion $$
e ke kazzo.....
 Fakiry15/10/2009 14:54:24 GMT
Never tryed this new version of horse, but looks like someone is already playing it a lot. Now, funny it will be when other rooms start to create their own versions of the game so they can make opposition to Full Tilt. At lest Pokerstars will have to try to do something like this. A new way to make millions always get players attention...
 Avalonn15/10/2009 16:05:25 GMT
I think I'll never be any good in those styles of poker. I always keep safe at old fashion' No-Limit Hold'em Smile But $1,000,000.. damn. He rocks Big Smile

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