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HighStakes: Gus Hansen's attack on Phil Ivey

Tags: angry, attack, cole south, fight, gus hansen, phil ivey.
Posted on 27 August 2010 by "T".

When Cole South and Gus Hansen were playing a tough H.O.R.S.E. heads-up match the other day, Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius decided to join them at the table. However, neither Cole South or Hansen wanted them at the table as they wanted to move on with their heads-up.

Patrik Antonius left straight away when he understood it was a heads-up game and that they didn't want any other players at the table. But Phil Ivey had no plans whatsoever to leave. Both Cole South and Hansen tried to convince Phil Ivey to leave the table several times, but it was like talking to a wall. Phil Ivey refused to leave the table or answer them. After a while Ivey's ignorance became too much for Gus Hansen....

Taken from chat conversation:
Cole South: hey gus can we keep this heads up
Cole South: or do u want ring
Gus Hansen: HU is fine
Cole South: k thnx -- was stuck there and would like to continue
Cole South: pat heads up plz
Cole South: we were playin but had to switch tables
Patrik Antonius: you want hu?
Gus Hansen: yes on this one please
Cole South: yes plz
Patrik Antonius: ok
Cole South: ty
Cole South: phil can we keep this one heads up plz
Cole South: we had to switch tables but were in mid of match
Cole South: and there are no more hu 2k4k ones
Cole South: phil we are tryin to keep this heads up
Cole South: if u dont mind
Cole South: thanks guys

Cole South: yo phil cmon man we had to switch tables so gus could move money around and there are no more hu 2k4k ones

Gus Hansen: what is phil's problem
Cole South: no clue
Patrik Antonius: 4 handed is a perfect form of poker
Cole South: we have 4 handed on O8 we are just trying to continue our heads up match here....
Cole South: whats the big deal
Gus Hansen: phil think it is his divine right to play so he doesnt understand the word please


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38 comments on "HighStakes: Gus Hansen''s attack on Phil Ivey"

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» HighStakes: Gus Hansen''s attack on Phil Ivey

 IslandJack28/08/2010 22:02:54 GMT
I thought I was going to read something about a fight or something.
Is that an "attack"?

Who the hell knows what happened?...kinda weird that they should publish this kind of stuff...
 AnbuBlackOPs29/08/2010 12:41:01 GMT
prob he just wanted to annoy them Smile)
best of luck phil
 D9e7J0aV8u29/08/2010 16:21:45 GMT
hahah phil ivey
 triffu30/08/2010 11:23:38 GMT
No guys,Phil saw the Gus was at the table i knew the there was free money at that table Blink
 AbuDhabi30/08/2010 12:27:52 GMT
Triffu: good one Smile
 parrix30/08/2010 14:04:33 GMT

Good does not begin playing poker both Guss hansen assuming that lost a lot of give,

and that more money lost in the history of poker, but if you want to play alone up one

on one then I think that never will rebuild their bankrupt and must consider very

seriously quit playing poker because it is very difficult so if you only make money

even if they are playing against a high level.

 edr_00730/08/2010 17:48:51 GMT
gus find out were isi he living an punch him on the face, his is a fkng azz hole, he deserves it. i hate phil now, he is a prick
 watoba30/08/2010 19:46:51 GMT
i think phil dont read the chat.I do it so i never read the chat i disable the chat option.I´m sure when phil had read the chat he had leave the table,he is a great and fair player and he know he other players a long time so why he had stay on the table
 JrMontana0831/08/2010 13:47:09 GMT
I think Phil Ivey's chat was off - he doesn't talk much during his online sessions...
 RianBarcelos31/08/2010 14:31:03 GMT
in some tv shows I've seen with ivey playing, I realized that he's a little arrogant when compared to other players ...
Players like him and phill Hellmut, some others do not like to play ...
shall be guilty of first name?
 Yuki55531/08/2010 16:46:55 GMT
RianBarcelos, wtf? I never saw Phil Ivey as arrogant player on tv shows... Change your perceptions
 AbuDhabi31/08/2010 17:07:07 GMT
Compare Phil Ivey and Phil Hellmuth is really absurd... Big Smile

and Gus is losing money again. Yesterday 1.1 million to rude Phil and Cole...
 virtuajulian01/09/2010 22:48:33 GMT
it's not much of a attack he should have just told phil to f ck off now that would havew been funny
 KoldShadow20/09/2010 09:49:17 GMT
The only statement Gus made that could be even remotely considered an attack is the last line. That was offensive, but Gus was being pretentious . . . big deal!
 xxxbchxxx21/09/2010 02:41:25 GMT
I see the issue but if its a ring table...not HU then its an open table...yeah!
I think they are up them selfs if they think they can just demand others to leave the table.
Gus for all his talent must see that Phil I had the upper as soon as he sat down and knew it... LOL i bet ivey was pissing him self.
 parrix21/09/2010 06:47:39 GMT
Posted by Pjot:
Posted by Badcall84:
maybe phil wasnt even reading chat or had it closed
i doubt he would behave like that, i think he is very mannered person (?)

I think we have a winner here.

Maybe he was opening up other tables, taking a piss, making a phonecall, or whatever.

Besides, I don't really feel it was much of an attack. When I was in the Ardennes back in 1944, now THAT was an attack! Sad

that 4 sure! Big Smile
 Unpr3dictabl25/09/2010 20:34:11 GMT
hahah phil thought to him self dammmmmmmm so much DEAD MONEY .

 SuperNoob10/11/2010 19:34:54 GMT
they dnt have any right to ask any player to leave a table just because they want a headsup match for themselves. they cud only request and its upto the other peson to do what he wants. dnt knw why he is making a fuss about it.
 mahdrof14/11/2010 18:56:11 GMT
Hmmmmm. Maybe the word “attack” is a bit harsh! Maybe Phil just felt that since they were playing in HIS sandbox that he had the right to stay there too. As far as the comment that Ivey seems arrogant, I know someone who once quit his job and moved to Vegas to play full time. After a year he had covered his expenses, but not a lot more, had enough of playing poker, but had rubbed shoulders with a lot of the top poker pros. His comment on them: Egotistical, smarmy, and often just not nice people. It’s easy to smile for the camera for two minutes and talk about how your organization is saving kittens and bunnies in Somalia (unless your name is Phil Hellmuth), but real life is often different.
 blade198426/02/2011 05:07:44 GMT
saying that Phil and cry baby act alike .....dude i want some of your drugs ..cus you are out of your mind
 flexibleeric26/02/2011 05:34:39 GMT
Posted by blade1984:
saying that Phil and cry baby act alike .....dude i want some of your drugs ..cus you are out of your mind

dude this thread is old...what have you been smoking? lay down the pipe and just chill Big Smile
 oldboy726/02/2011 15:50:27 GMT
where was the attack never even read an argument hmmm Thumbs Down Thumbs Down
 Greenmohave26/02/2011 18:15:22 GMT
So, during the scenario Phil didn't even comment? Weird stuff, maybe could have had a little more information to it. I new who cares what I think! lol
 ZmxPowah26/02/2011 18:29:52 GMT
Archeology mode on....
Let's dig for some old posts for spam... yea! Good idea.
To the topic I think Phil was looking at chat didn't read... just crap donks spaming "closing off chat".
 BadeaCR26/02/2011 19:16:00 GMT
Meh, that's not really an attack. I thought he said Ivey sucks or something about his relatives Tongue

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