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Tony G comments on the Brian Townsend scandal

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Posted on 22 December 2009 by "T".

Brian Townsend has been in the center of the storm since last week when he got his red pro status removed (for a month) by Full Tilt after that they found out he had been using a non-allowed program to save hand history against Isildur1, and also discussed and shared this information with Brian Hastings and Cole South.

After this, Brian Townsend wrote in his blog that he was the sole one to break Full Tilt's terms & conditions and that Hastings and South had nothing to do with it. Brian Townsend probably thought that he would get some peace and quite after writing this. Unfortunately, for him, this "scandal" has now been taken to another level as many other pros now have started giving their opinions and thoughts on the Brian Townsend scandal. One of these pros are Tony G.

"The world of poker is a very complex structure built around players, the online poker sites and casinos that provide the games, the limits and games played, rake, backers, and a lot more, and in the end, trying to provide the best game possible that helps everyone.  The entire situation with Townsend, Hastings, and Cole involving their combined knowledge and play against Ilsuldur1 leaves a bad smell in the air for everyone, especially for Full Tilt since Townsend is one of their Red Pros. As a player, I would like to see Townsend be more committed to giving his attention to doing what being a Red Pro demands at Full Tilt."

Tony G continues....

"The bad part of it all is that there appears to be no answer to help Isildur1.  A Red Pro getting a penalty doesn't change the matter of his poker losses and the fact that he was at a disadvantage with all of it.  I believe he can come back because he is a young kid and lots of talent.  It has to be a huge learning tool for him. Let's all hope that with each step we take in the poker world, we leave a clean footprint and the game improves for all of us."


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32 comments on "Tony G comments on the Brian Townsend scandal"

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» Tony G comments on the Brian Townsend scandal

 teteban22/12/2009 15:24:09 GMT
How is it determined how much the victim gets paid? I mean, it can be that having the HH database may give a player a certain edge over another, but what about those hands that would have been won anyways, database or not?
 Davoodoo22/12/2009 15:32:15 GMT
Tony G just wants Isildur to get back to the high stakes so tony can take all the fish money himself Blink
 ADACTA22/12/2009 15:43:14 GMT
Funny that this fat Aussi Tony G is talking about fair play.
I mean, i laughed when i saw him flaming but flamed over the top
insulting the russian player and behaving like a pr1ck all the time.

Im sure in another mood he would say "everything in poker is legal"
 Fakiry22/12/2009 16:49:13 GMT
Tony G. wanted to show everyone that its not a John Doe who is passing by Isildur1, they know his identity, they know the ghuy, they just dont want do reveal him because things are turning funny and Full Tilt is winning with all this stories. Now, once a guy won Isildur1, a normal regular player with no higly pro skill, things were becoming bad and so they decided to put him away with this story. But Tony G. has nothing to do with that. He did right in saying this things, he is smart!
 AA-Daelt-AA22/12/2009 16:59:47 GMT
very well said from tony G, wise speakings.
i also think there is a bad smell in the air since the "joke" punishment FTP gave to Townsend and i really hope isildur1 gets back into his winnings very quick.
 Bandhi22/12/2009 20:11:41 GMT
 Jolagir22/12/2009 20:28:26 GMT
They should refund the money to Isildur. It's a must !

Furthermore Brian Townsend must be punished like everyone else, would have been punished !

Everything else is a scandal and disgusting !

If they don't FT get's on my red list with the other cheating Pokerrooms aka UB, Absolute and Strykke.

Can't believe FT thinks they can act like dictators.

Just my 2 cents ...
 psycokiller22/12/2009 23:44:48 GMT
It is an insult that Townsend got a slap on the wrist so far (even though this is his 2nd infraction). FTP really needs to plug this PR mess quickly or risk integerity as a legimate poker site. In most other competitive leagues, cheating to win will usually result in severe punishment. 1 month loss of a status doesn't cut it. How about a 1year total ban with frozen accounts (this is still mild compared to what happens to non pro cheaters). Still, the opening for a lawsuit is there, and it will be big news as to who the biggest loser(s) will be when it does happen.

Tony G's comments on the matter are appropiate here, although I'm sure that he's not innocent of shady conduct in the past.

 Wargtass23/12/2009 02:13:52 GMT
Geeze, get rid of that bloody Townsend already. I mean, one warning might be acceptable as a pro. But he got two, plays the game like a little child cheating imo.
 FreeCash4u23/12/2009 04:37:58 GMT
just ban this cheater, FTP
 tarock200923/12/2009 07:24:13 GMT
give Isildur his money back so we can see more action, or a rematch with Brian Townsend he is a chicken if he not do
 MANUEDO23/12/2009 13:11:15 GMT
I don't like too muche Tony G style but this time I completely agree with him; how can we trust in Full Tilt if their ( or some fo their ) pros are involved in '' not totally clear '' situations ??
 Heave23/12/2009 14:29:50 GMT
;o the dude lost 4m he deserves to get something back
 thepenguin9m24/12/2009 16:08:05 GMT
load of crap seriously why cant they talk about hh after a game with whoever they want when u watch poker on tv your telling me that all the guys dont watch it back and see what each is playing and analyze the hands and i am sure when they get together things will be said about previous hands from previous games and to be honest if he is stupid enough to keep losing to them and sitting with them when he is losing he has no bankroll management skills and discipline either he deserves nothing and the poker is rigged for the pro's anyway and full tilt dont care because they win from the rake anyway f*&k him teach him a lesson for being out smarted and dont give him anything back.
 Aggro66624/12/2009 17:30:04 GMT
I would make multiaccount using ilegal programs? My account would have been closed and they would take my money..
this guys playing together, make what they want and... ??? 1 month not redpro ouch ouch
Top Level players play together in the tournaments, collusion is normal... or why u think are so often the same players are on FT even with thousands of players in a mtt? skill, luck? haha
 SuperNoob26/12/2009 09:44:57 GMT
i think tony g is right townsend should show more responsible since he is a pro at full tilt poker. he has previously also cheated and should know better.
 Chartoule28/12/2009 16:34:41 GMT
Great Tony G! Fulltilt pro broking rules... I think all three can beat Isildur1 without do this.
 xxxbchxxx28/12/2009 16:42:47 GMT
Well he hasnt said any thing new has he?
Yeah every one knows its wrong its just up to Fulltilt to dish out the punishment for Brian. Taking his pro status off him for a month.... sorry that dont cut it mate he has just pocketed over $3mil and now he is given a months holiday....Naaaa FTP that sucks.
 leroi2130/12/2009 02:31:11 GMT
a month is not enough if he take like a couple of thousand to isildur1 when he was cheating
 jporp12/01/2010 19:17:41 GMT
Very bad situation to Brian and FullTilt. I think FTP should ban Brian
 ih8usukouts12/01/2010 20:09:29 GMT
If you think you feel bad for Isildur1, how about his financial backers if he had any? Brian should be ban since he has been caught cheating more than once. But money talks so nothing will probably come of it because FT will want to keep a reg at the tables to generate rake.
 Darkwin12316/01/2010 14:34:23 GMT
Generate the rake? What kinda bullshit is that.. he's a RED pro, he get's 100% rakeback anyway. Ok not now for one month, but seriously, if they wanted to make money off him, they'd take the red pro status off for a year.

In my opinion though, he should get a ban for life. And not just on FT, but every pokerroom.
 Doomsday_vic16/01/2010 16:07:59 GMT
Prehaps FTP should just freeze any $ from brian townsend's acc and ban him from FTP to set a good example for other PROs of FTP that no one should get away with it. Prehaps any money on towsends acc should be sent back to isildur1
 DAGOR17/01/2010 02:54:41 GMT
Hello everybody! Tony G Oh this is really a big mouth lol.
But he is right, he speaks wisely.
Me what I think is that it is nice to databases.
But do not push it too far because it kills the game
Nobody will soon play its limits on line is too risky Smile
 ChoonT17/01/2010 09:11:05 GMT
hm dont understand this ... if you use pokertableratings.. are you a cheater too???
you can see all hands if they went to showdown.. and you can learn how he plays..

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