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Isildur1 won't attend PartyPoker Big Game

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Posted on 12 April 2010 by "T".

Tony G announced a while ago that the mystery swede Isildur1 was going to come and play in the televised poker show Party Poker Big Game. The deal was that Tony G was going to stake him for 48 hours and also pay for everything else (hotel, flight, food etc). Isildur1 was really happy with Tony G's offer as he even told him he could play without a mask and reveal himself.

So, we were finally going to see who the man behind the ninja avatar at Full Tilt Poker was. The man who lost and won millions of dollars in no-time and also has been in the headlines almost every single week since he crushed durrrr back in 2009. Well, unfortunately Isildur1 decided to drop out in the last minute through an SMS to Tony G. It's not hard to understand that Tony G feels "bluffed" and disappointed after reading his latest blog post.


"I really thought he was coming to play the PartyPoker Big Game and we had worked everything out with Eddie Hearn, managing director and organizer of Matchroom Sport, and he would be allowed to play in a mask if he wanted and we were going to raise the stakes when he came in because he had said he didn't think the stakes were big enough for him.  We had a 50/50 staking deal.
Then I got a SMS from him "sry for not coming, take care bud." It was a personal message to me and then management got involved as is expected in an event as big as this, and it's true, he is not coming.
I have been bluffed before but I was counting on Isi to be there and this bluff is really disappointing to me.  I am taking it personally.  I'm not happy about it since he reached out to me and asked and then we spent some time working out details and he agreed to play. I had planned to fly Isi and three of his friends to London and we were ready to go. So the PartyPoker Big Game IV at Les Ambassadeurs in London will be minus one mystery guest and some of the anticipation and excitement will be missing, but not for long."

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22 comments on "Isildur1 won''t attend PartyPoker Big Game"

 HandsomeDave12/04/2010 13:03:28 GMT
i was pretty sure that'd happen. Revealing himself is -EV at this point.
 dozn0112/04/2010 13:06:23 GMT
old news this it was a aprils fools joke Smile
 Calmplay12/04/2010 13:07:36 GMT
"Isildur1 was really happy with Tony G's offer as he even told him he could play without a mask and reveal himself."

Yes, nice bluff from Isildur1 Thumbs Up but just too bad as this show would have been VERY interesting to watch... now let's forget it Thumbs Down
 shokaku12/04/2010 13:21:33 GMT
"Leatherass" is playing. The "sandwich guy" FullFlush is playing. Tilly is showing her top pair, and all folks are talking about a guy that isn't even there. Confused
 alonso000012/04/2010 13:39:24 GMT
That's a pity that we won't see Isildur1 face
 paulparadiis12/04/2010 14:01:24 GMT
Stupid wanker - got me all exited Sad

 Kristan12/04/2010 15:05:39 GMT
Old news indeed and one more time as Ive said it like in 5 threads lol - He was never going to appear on TV, that was just a stupid made up joke by Tony whos well knows trashtalker. Blink. Didnt believed it firstplace and surprise surprise lol
 Cliffem12/04/2010 15:08:20 GMT
I saw this coming,Probably all been made up by Tony as a publicity stunt Smile
 watoba12/04/2010 15:40:22 GMT
probs for isildur that he not played by party poker( the worst site ever).Sry but i hate this site and the worst support forever.That gives many good site´s so don´t play on party poker
 corners12/04/2010 16:56:41 GMT
watob why supports there are bad ? I am playing there no problems I get there or you just unlucky there ?
 DAGOR12/04/2010 17:11:42 GMT
Hello everybody!
He was scared at the last moment. Or so he likes to annoy Tony G. I do not think that someone would be angry against him for this last assumption lol.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 EimsbushKing12/04/2010 17:30:10 GMT
a mask lol,and the flight is booked for "the scandinavian with a mask"?

no identity,no flight
 mlesevic12/04/2010 17:40:49 GMT
i really wanted to know who he was, i admire him for his agressive gamestyle
 watoba12/04/2010 22:21:15 GMT
@corners no not unlucky but it´s a long time were i had the problems,maybe the support changes but i never will play on this site again.
 ricki18612/04/2010 22:29:55 GMT
look he is 100 percent viktor blom aka blom90 on ipoker ive watched him for ages and he does the same writing on there such as repetative letters x x ee f d pff dsd d like that when he gets a bad beat he sumtimes does that like what young teens would do he did this on fulltilt to. hes 20 years old its defo him i chat to him on msn but not aloud to reveal his add..
 SuperNoob13/04/2010 02:24:41 GMT
he must be feeling really stupid after all this and will surely never offer to stake him again.
isildur should have never made promise to come if he wasnt gonna come
 oliver08229813/04/2010 03:17:07 GMT
of course he wont come; even if he wore a mask, his identity would definitely be revealed...

[QUOTE]Posted by dozn01:
old news this it was a aprils fools joke Smile [/QUOT
he would never attend live... and thats or sure...
 mazas13/04/2010 07:28:23 GMT
so stil want to be unknown so we still wait for him but maybe he is just lucky on line games and he just scary play real life Smile

good luck all
 leroi2113/04/2010 22:01:38 GMT
the story about isildur1 is starting to turn in a big f*** joke and before the end of 2010 isildur1 gonna be broken and he gonna desapear
 Funope25/04/2010 19:12:26 GMT
there is a saying, to put ur money and something with ur mouth, lol.
 Davoodoo25/04/2010 21:08:48 GMT

This really shows something i have known for long ... you cant trust a swede ! Big Smile
 CiCoro26/04/2010 19:51:34 GMT
Viktor Blom is playing the EPT Monte Carlo atm..doing really good!

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