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Patrik Antonius attack on the World Series of Poker

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Posted on 06 May 2010 by "T".

Patrik Antonius, the Finnish Full Tilt Pro, doesn't think think much of World Series of Poker. He thinks that the WSOP bracelets are bullshit because there are 100 WSOP events every year and because everyone has one. The bracelets are shit quality, false and probably not worth more than $50, according to Patrik.

"The WSOP crew wants to rob the players. They don't really care about them and it's ridiculous. They have moved the tournament to the summer time in Las Vegas when no one wants to be there. They are just doing it so hotels and restaurants will be filled up. I personally think I will stop playing the WSOP in the future."

He continues...

"No one wants to be in Vegas during the summer, anywhere else than there. Its a period when people want to have vacation and be with their families, but instead one has to be in Vegas for a shitty bracelet", says Patrik Antonius in a video interview.


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22 comments on "Patrik Antonius attack on the World Series of Poker"

 dianakyra06/05/2010 11:49:28 GMT
He is so right. Good job for being honest PA
 schmoyster06/05/2010 11:56:41 GMT
Patrik, I can feel your pain. A Finnish boy in Nevada desert in midsummer.... Brrrrr....
 duck_199106/05/2010 11:58:13 GMT
how do you send a news ? the article about the poker being a mind sport it's interesting Smile
 B1gfoot06/05/2010 15:48:47 GMT
Ohh yer cause the great prize at the end is the bracelet...not the millions of $ to be won..yer can wait to win a bracelet.
57 events PA on your high horse, the events are split as in 2,3.4 etc NL games as more PPL are you not see that...or should they run 1 big game that lasts a year.
Put ya dummy in..
 DAGOR06/05/2010 21:22:08 GMT
Hello everybody!
He's having a bad day that day lol.
You soon for new posts lol!
 jessthehuman06/05/2010 23:54:26 GMT
duck - i think only site staff can make the news.
 Flippedchips07/05/2010 00:28:26 GMT
Posted by jessthehuman:
duck - i think only site staff can make the news.

i thnk we can do it im not sure but do u not get extra points for it?
 jevo07/05/2010 10:21:34 GMT
Yes, email your news to BRM and if it gets put up you get some points.

Oh and if this is true?! Patrik is probably just still pissed they wouldn't let him play last year for being a tardy MF!
 Tchungpo07/05/2010 13:59:08 GMT
lol is he on tilt? xD
 jporp07/05/2010 15:11:18 GMT
PA very agressive even at words. Big Smile

Keep playing cash games. You are really good at that Big Smile
 leroi2107/05/2010 16:03:57 GMT
i think that hes pissed of because he dont have is own bracelet and hes unable to do it
and come on 50 bracelet a years is not that bad if you compare to gold medal........
 Aggro66607/05/2010 16:14:31 GMT
He is only pissed because last year he came too late to the registration of the Main Event of the WSOP
 ShikamaruA07/05/2010 17:06:16 GMT
Antonius is very good player, but I dont like him, but I sure with him in this point Smile
 IslandJack07/05/2010 17:09:31 GMT
Isn't it like 100 degrees Celcius in the summer in Vegas?
 dozn0107/05/2010 20:44:26 GMT
ok il have his bracelets if he wins 1
 Cliffem08/05/2010 14:48:33 GMT
This coming from the normally mellow mouth of PA, Maybe because he's down about 3 mill so far this year? Smile
 schmoyster08/05/2010 20:20:39 GMT
Posted by IslandJack:
Isn't it like 100 degrees Celcius in the summer in Vegas?

Lol.... You kidding? Fahrenheit of course...
 Flippedchips08/05/2010 23:32:28 GMT
Posted by schmoyster:
Posted by IslandJack:
Isn't it like 100 degrees Celcius in the summer in Vegas?

Lol.... You kidding? Fahrenheit of course...

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 SuperNoob19/05/2010 18:57:36 GMT
think he has a point that its not the right time to play poker and bracelet quality doesnt match upto the reputation of wsop , but still its wsop and its fame and money for the winner
 wesleyj16/09/2010 20:00:45 GMT
LOL...gotta love Patrik Antonius Big Smile
 uppps16/09/2010 21:56:08 GMT
yeah me to hes a sick human Smile
 kinogomes17/09/2010 08:41:58 GMT
I think he is right, look at him, he is millionaire, he doesnt need the money from WSOP, he only wants reputation cause the money he already have it. He lives in Monaco so close to some of the best beachs in the world. In Summer he could change different places everyweeks, cause he have loads of money for that.

Imagine, 1 week in Phucket, after another in Bangkok, 1 in Singapur, 1 in Bali, 1 in Sidney, 1 in saint tropez, 1 in ALLGARVE and the list goes on. He could do that, but instead of having nice summer trips he have to go to Vegas a very sick place where he cant rest only fuck the money.

Yes Patrick your so right, 1 week in Bali is worthing more 1 year in Vegas.

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