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High Stakes: Big success for Isildur1 and Antonius last week

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Posted on 08 June 2010 by "T".

Last week came to be a week that poker players from the nordic countries should be proud of. Not less than 3 players from Sweden and Finland made it to the top 5 last week, and I got a feeling that there are more great results to come from 2 of them, Isildur1 and Patrik Antonius. Both Isildur1 and Patrik Antonius had a fantastic flow in their game last week, and both of them also ended up being the top 2 winners of the week. Isildur1 played around 18,000 hands and won $175k and Patrik won almost double that amount, $345k.

Is this week going to be as thrilling as the previous week? Is the WSOP and the nice weather going to affect the action online? We will have to wait and see I guess. Smile

Last week's winners and losers:

1. Patrik Antonius, $345 080
2. Isildur1, $175 128

3. Observer84, $134 683
4. Vaga_Lion, $123 615

5. Odonkor1, $43 360

1. URnotINdanger2, -$225 873

2. harrington2 5, -$160 103
3. l Scubba l, -$156 527

4. jungleman12, -$122 802

5. David Benefield, -$101 186


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11 comments on "High Stakes: Big success for Isildur1 and Antonius last week"

 kazman08/06/2010 10:19:12 GMT
According to PTR Isildur1 has lost most of his winnings on 100/200PLO tables, just a day after he won it.
 Tchungpo08/06/2010 10:47:01 GMT
If Kazman said is true, well Isildur will never change lol -_-
its just a swing dancer and nothing more... its not poker, its gambling....
He should show he can manage a bankroll
 paulparadiis08/06/2010 12:02:12 GMT
Posted by Tchungpo:
If Kazman said is true, well Isildur will never change lol -_-
its just a swing dancer and nothing more... its not poker, its gambling....
He should show he can manage a bankroll

Totally agreed, i don't even care about that guy anymore. it's just not poker.. Club
 mazas08/06/2010 16:02:44 GMT
lucky poker stars again was in this players pockets good luck all
 DAGOR08/06/2010 20:45:30 GMT
Hello everybody!
Is not gonna play no more at this time on the net? Since Durrr is occupied by the wsop?
See you soon for new posts lol!
 ZmxPowah08/06/2010 21:10:58 GMT
Tchungpo and paulparadiis... Why you care so much about his cash etc?
He doesn't care much he play for fun and he is back all the time (he can make his cash easy back to play that stakes).
I can't say he is bad player cause bad player would alrd end and we would never see him again... But he don't he make new cash and plat for fun high stakes even if he loose there.
 NaziPal09/06/2010 09:26:39 GMT
wELL its not very surprising to here such news, after all they are GREAT players. It may be good to suggest that we suggest their psychology and playing style, after all, we were witness to an interesting phase in their poker game, especially ISILDUR who sopped playing for a month or so. Is a pause really necessary to maintain one's edge on the game?
 xxxbchxxx09/06/2010 23:59:17 GMT
Yep thats it fll your pockets my friends...hahaha let them get fat for the killing...hehehe
Oh i wish i could get myself sorted and get to this kind of poker
Dream time yeah!
Talent will shine through and as Antonius and Isildur1 are very talented players i'm sure we'll see them on top again soon.
As for the WSOP i doubt it'll affect the online game so much...its only a hand full of the total online family that ever go to Vegas
 youngbaboon10/06/2010 05:11:55 GMT
Next week he'll be on the other list. Did, he really win? If he quit poker right now then he'd win.
 Merfis17/06/2010 03:40:05 GMT
Im happy for Patrick, hes such a good player.
I placed bet for him in WSOP Main Event.
 SuperNoob13/07/2010 10:11:52 GMT
this is just one part of patrick's crazy swings, lets see wht he has to offer after wsop is over. and good for isildur that he won some money , though a small amount compared to what he has lost.

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