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HighStakes Report - Tuesday: durrrr wins $720k

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Posted on 05 August 2010 by "T".

After a very action filled and interesting weekend at the high stakes tables many players took a well needed break on Monday. But we only had to wait until Tuesday before the games were on again. Most interesting player to follow that day was Tom "durrrr" Dwan who played lots of hands and was involved in many big pots. After about 6,200 played hands, he had won nothing less that $720,000 from Patrik Antonius, UrnotINdanger2 and other notables. Durrrr has been playing extremely well in the past few days, but he also been very lucky in many big pots.

For example, he won a coinflip hand versus Patrik Antonius when lots of money was up for grabs. Durrr was 51/49 favorite when they went all in and agreed to run it twice. The card gods favored durrrr and even improved his hand to a full house and a flush. The $151,000 pot was shipped over to a lucky Mr. Tom Dwan.

TOP 5 winners and losers August 3, 2010.
durrrr $720.580,25
FakeSky $321.405,00
NEKOTYAN $97.905,00
Doesburg $95.297,00
Vaga_Lion $67.929,50

Gus Hansen $-529.443,75
Patrik Antonius $-433.594,50
Ziigmund $-157.933,50
Esvedra $-126.381,50
ronnyr37617 $-117.400,00


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6 comments on "HighStakes Report - Tuesday: durrrr wins $720k"

 JunkyMonkey05/08/2010 21:29:41 GMT
durrrr is back ! poor gus, lol....
 Kristan05/08/2010 21:35:26 GMT
OWNED! LOL - I KNEW IT. Well ldone! Blink
 jessthehuman06/08/2010 00:09:27 GMT
nice one. I've always liked this guy. Pfft Tongue to all the haters.
 mazas06/08/2010 07:25:38 GMT
durrns day was here and now he ll take some great money home but still i think its not for long becopuse he never stops in right time and he can next week loose all and more Sad
 Funope06/08/2010 18:56:41 GMT
In Holland we got a saying: ''Geluk dwing je af". Which means that u can make your own luck. It seems appropiate for him.
 B1gfoot06/08/2010 19:52:27 GMT
Im starting to thin SirThomas has a little crush :}
Di Dang is the man to be watching, very impresive.

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