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SuperStar Showdown: "urnotindangr" wins the first round!

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Posted on 04 April 2011 by "T".

Yesterday the first game of two was played between the American high stakes regular Scott "urnotindangr" Palmer and PokerStars own Viktor "Isildur1" Blom. It was a swingy 2,500-hand game that saw multiple two-outers, aces cracked, and a $59,000 pot. Blom picked up most of the big pots, however, Palmer picked up many mid-sized pots and gave Blom a very tough match. When 2,500 hands had been played, and after the official chip count was announced, it was Scott "urnotindangr" Palmer who had won with a $5,425 profit.

Next Sunday it's time for the second game between Blom and Palmer. It will for sure be an even more thrilling game to watch. We will most probably see a much more aggressive game from Isildur1 since he now has lost 2 games in a row. Scott Palmer is probably aware of this and he might avoid putting too much chips at risk in a single hand.


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12 comments on "SuperStar Showdown: "urnotindangr" wins the first round!"

 SuperNoob04/04/2011 14:04:06 GMT
it was a pretty close contest as expected and palmer just won it with 5,425 profit which cud have changed in just 1 hand. second game gonna be more interesting as isildur will be hungry for a win
 crazyhorse9904/04/2011 16:48:23 GMT
Isilidur was up over $35,000 with over 400 hands to go so he must of got sloppy I saw what they said when they showed stats. So Palmer made a hell of comeback. Blink
 mazas04/04/2011 18:13:21 GMT
both playing very well and in the same way the winner will be the man who will have more luck
good luck and have fun Tongue
 Niklas9104/04/2011 18:28:31 GMT
Of course luck is a big part of poker.. But not as big as many players might think.. A good poker pro is able to win several hands by intimidating their opponents even though his hand is the second best Smile
 GIOMi605/04/2011 00:43:40 GMT
That is not a big difference in money size concerning the $5k profit, so next week the rematch will be super competetive
 ischeckgood06/04/2011 02:54:13 GMT
go plamer
 ZmxPowah06/04/2011 10:14:24 GMT
It was funny to watch cause I was really bored atm....
To bad the time of the supershowdown are really bad in my country... :/
 Macubaas06/04/2011 10:56:14 GMT
Both are great HU players, i think round two will end with a similar result.
 dealmeout106/04/2011 11:51:13 GMT
both playing very well and in the same way the winner will be the man who will have more luck
good luck and have fun Tongue
 Fackinas06/04/2011 13:55:52 GMT
It must happened .. Urnotindanger is better then isildur1 and now isildur1 have big lost last month so he can be a bit angry and play worse then he plays .. I think he will lost this showdown .. And urnotindager will triumph... We will see........... GL
 jannikske06/04/2011 21:53:05 GMT
good luck to urnotindanger!! i wil triump at the end, i really think so.
 Macubaas07/04/2011 07:10:01 GMT
Both Isildur1 and Urnotindanger are on minus on 2011 according to all track sites. In February Viktor Blom earned 1.2 Million dollars from Scott Palmer in just couple of days at 25/50 Pot Limit Omaha tables on Pokerstars. Unfortunately Isildur1 lost most of them in the next two weeks on both PLO and NLHE.
On the other hand Scott Palmer started to recover the money he lost at the beggining of the year. A few fays ago he won 488.000 dollars on Full Tilt Poker at the high stakes PLO tables.
That being said, one thing is clear: Isildur got to start winning some $$$.
I personally thing this sunday match will also end pretty close. Both players are great heads-up NLHE and PLO players.

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