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Antonius vs Brandon Adams - on the Tennis Court!

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Posted on 15 June 2011 by "T".

Patrik Antonius and Brandon Adams got to play their long-awaited tennis match at the Las Vegas International Tennis Center 3 days ago. Antonius was the big favorite to win the match (best of three set) and laid $295,000 to $30,000 on the encounter. In other words, if Adams would win he would take home more than the semi finalists at the next month's All England Championship.

Antonius was generous with the odds for a reason. 10 years ago, he was one of Finland's most promising tennis players and he's still playing regularly today. On the other hand, Adams is not new to tennis:

"I played tennis from I was 11 - 14. Then I stopped for a few years before starting again in college. Ever since then I have played once a week. Lately I have practiced a lot more though," said Brandon Adams in an interview before the game.

Antonius crushed Adams
Everyone hoped for a thrilling and even match of tennis between the 2 well-known poker players, but unfortunately it didn't end up that way. Antonius crushed his opponent in 2 straight sets (6-0 and 6-1) and laid hands on $30,000. Below you can find a few video clips from the match:


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5 comments on "Antonius vs Brandon Adams - on the Tennis Court!"

 Fakiry15/06/2011 14:47:22 GMT
Didnt knew Patrick Antonius had some kind of tennis skills, and looks like he is really good... If he was portuguese i would know, but finnish...? Can someone from Finland tell us some of Antonius's tennis history? I guess he must have decided to choose poker rather than tennis because of the "aces"! Big Smile
 SuperNoob15/06/2011 18:24:28 GMT
watching patrick serve it looks like adam made a lame bet challenging him but odds were great for him and 30k is like pocket change for them.
and that second video is pointless imo
 Relative21/06/2011 13:09:10 GMT
Well Patrick Antonius was a Tenis player , so of course he know to play tenis
 TUNGUSKANO19/07/2011 13:20:15 GMT
I never play tennis but in fact is stimulated watch this guys playing.
The pros are quite focus in the small ball tahat I feel vertigo seeing it.
Well is worthy give to them my congratulations. Nice and easy. Worship
 TheMachineQC20/07/2011 01:39:04 GMT
Tennis is such a nice sport when you become good at it! I try to play 2 times a week atleast to improve my skills... I love how strategic this game is!

Antonius used to be pro I think so he has really good technique and a nice serve.

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