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WPT Montreal Starts Today

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Posted on 23 November 2012 by "T".

The World Poker Tour has landed in Montreal, Quebec for the 2012 WPT Montreal. Day 1A kicks off at 11:00 EST today. The buy-in for the Main Event is $3,000 + $300 (CAD) and a large field of players are expected to turn up. It's a re-entry tournament featuring two Day 1, so there will for sure be a nice prize pool.


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9 comments on "WPT Montreal Starts Today"

 pochui23/11/2012 16:31:00 GMT
a re-entry tournament is something like a rebuy tourney if i understand right? i think this structure is right- it inflates the prizepool, and helps players to skip the scenario where they fly from one continent to other just to be kicked out on the 1st hand Smile sure you must be prepared to invest a bit more $$$ in such situation
 Greenmohave23/11/2012 17:12:22 GMT
Yeah! This will be nice for sure. You know most who can pay the initial buy-in will buy back in the next day to get their fair shot. Be nice to play in something like this just once to get a feel of what it's like.
I'd probably be to worried about pictures and autographs from some of the pros, but it would be an exciting little adventure to see.
 Doarulle23/11/2012 18:16:37 GMT
i can't understand this structure... if you lose all the chips in 1st day you can make a rebuy in the 2nd day? or how? if 95 players of 100 get out in the 1st day all of them can re-entry in the 2nd day?
 Fakiry23/11/2012 19:54:07 GMT
It’s a short flight from USA to Quebec, will there be many north-American players at this event? It would be nice to see Americans there, but even if they aren’t in big number, I am sure this will be a very well disputed tourney.
 mazas24/11/2012 13:55:01 GMT
good tournament with huge number off poker pros
good luck all and have fun at the tables
 mirogsuarez24/11/2012 22:23:13 GMT
wpt is the best tournament poker in europe too sure!
 Sorin88825/11/2012 07:50:33 GMT
Many predicted the WPT's first stop in Montreal would be big, but very few could have guessed just how popular it would be.

After 478 players sat down on Day 1A, the waiting list for the event's second starting day was already sold out with over 500 hopefuls.
 godlike66625/11/2012 15:37:03 GMT
One day i will play in these tournaments Cool , good luck players.
 Sorin88826/11/2012 08:14:51 GMT
Record-breaking WPT After a staggering 695 players sat down for their shot at the inaugural WPT Montreal title yesterday, taking the total number of entrants to 1,173. Not only did that mean the eventual winner will take home $754,162, but that each of six finalists in the $3,300 event will score a six-figure payday.

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