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Negreanu's message to Bitar, Ferguson & Lederer: "I hope you guys go to prison!"

Tags: black friday, Chris Ferguson, daniel negreanu, full tilt, Howard Lederer, video blog.
Posted on 16 February 2012 by "T".

Daniel Negreanu posted a video blog yesterday in which he talks about Full Tilt Poker and Black Friday, and some other stuff. It's not very often you see Negreanu pissed off, but when it comes to how Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson and Ray Bitar have handled things after Black Friday, Negreanu doesn't hold back his anger.

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37 comments for "Negreanu''s message to Bitar, Ferguson & Lederer: "I hope you guys go to prison!""

 Fakiry16/02/2012 12:59:10 GMT
He got really mad with them. We are all waiting for developments in the FT case, but we are more interested in knowing when will FT be back online than to know who can be considered guilty for anything around this case. The truth is, to know who should be punished is the most important part for the courts. Negreanu is giving some help or is he just making “noise” to the court?
 liberesto16/02/2012 13:00:16 GMT
good read Daniel and truth all of it.

lol you really want a site that shafted millions out of people back on line? Don't drop the soap Howard, Jesus can't save you now
 doaga16/02/2012 13:09:39 GMT
Ha ha ha.. funny guy
 MilenkoK16/02/2012 14:07:31 GMT
 TheMachineQC16/02/2012 14:12:57 GMT
Pretty harsh things to say though, he probably does not have the whole story. And If I were them, I would probably have done the same thing after black friday.

But still, even if they didn't know, what they did was atleast criminal negligence...
 teddybears7316/02/2012 19:38:52 GMT
i've always liked daniel he says it as he sees it,and well done for saying it.
 Indo36M16/02/2012 20:15:09 GMT
well i'm not so formillior whit FT,and if i have it good,they ow players money or something...but
if thats the case,that the players dont get there money paid,then i 'm agree whit Daniel. i play 1x
there and that software whit the avatars,is 4 me not the site where i put money in, poker stars
client is simple to look and find the good tourney,but by some site's is it so diffilcult,but every person play's where he like's it to play.And Once i saw the big game,there was a player ,will davis
he was the loosecannon,he told to daniel that will's wife didn't like daniel,coz he talk to much,now she realy hate him coz Daniel Knockt him out and won the side pot,i think it was 100k,yeah he's
a great player,and directly,i like that Thumbs Up
 Greenmohave16/02/2012 21:47:32 GMT
That is the way it is! Go Daniel Go, So right! They do owe us (players who have $$ at FT) not just the money, but how about some explanation, some on-going feedback ast o what's the current status of FT. Come on guys (Howard, Chris, Ray) tell us what's up. Are you going to sale out, re-open, credit us. It would have been nice to have received some type of letter or something to show your concern to your players. Hell, our persoanl data is in FT's electronic data base. Spend some time going through it and touch base with each and every one of the players that lost at FT.
 macedonian3516/02/2012 23:22:08 GMT
hahah this is a hard word what you say daniel watch you salf im serious becouse how i now here or any where on the world for that maybe its gona be bad for you if you now what i mean a lot of player hate you becouse you are the best player,and yes i agree weet you 100%
 mkrkinnen17/02/2012 01:00:40 GMT
ma na goli otok tucat kamenje do kraja zivota , mene su nasli krast Smile
 Chartoule17/02/2012 10:39:55 GMT
Hi guys!!

I want my money more than i want prision for that motherf****. Of course will be nice see them in jail (what a photo this guys with prision clothes).
My question for Mr Negreanu is... only this 3 guys? Mr Negreanu forget Mr. Ivey for any reason.
 kwasac17/02/2012 15:27:19 GMT
Have a good time in Brazil! Smile
 pochui17/02/2012 16:54:44 GMT
yeah put them all in prison- daniel do this yourself, catch them- do some kicking stuff (like van damme) arrest them and escort personally to prison- give the court all the evidence (you probably have plenty of it) and laugh seeing them being sentenced to 5 years of offline prison poker
 starbay17/02/2012 18:40:04 GMT
send them all to jail daniel ,thats another 3 good players out of the way,now to get rid of hellmuth and ivey and then you may finally be the best player in the world ....lol Blink Blink
 GIOMi617/02/2012 19:11:24 GMT
I would not make any comments what happened on Full Tilt, let the investigation officers do their work first and just wait for those results, that is my opinion.
 ivanica17/02/2012 21:42:28 GMT
He he, gj daniel -.-
 ProPaine18/02/2012 01:01:47 GMT
 elcimik18/02/2012 05:05:40 GMT
Well...now i know why i like daniel.....so str8 up! hm something to be said about being poor! lol.. im sure glad im not cash rich nd depositing money to site that clain to be reputable. geez ill make sure to explore all resources before committing...its good for freerols nd my massive learning curve. oh btw Daniel im on my knee...Marry me.

hey again...further i hope that online poker is not going to get a really tarnishes reputation because of FT nd the likes..i will be destroyed.
 mascona18/02/2012 06:22:02 GMT
He just said what we all should say long time ago..... Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
 retribution18/02/2012 07:07:26 GMT
Posted by MilenkoK:

He lives here in canada now, but I'd totally vote for him as our Premiere.

I think it's about time someone with some actual street cred called them out for their bullshit. I totally hope those scumbags get a long jail sentence and end up in a cell with a nice 300 pound cellmate with a craving for "freshmeat". Heads up for tossed salad anyone?
 zullum98718/02/2012 10:06:03 GMT
Negreanu is my favorite player and he is totally right about this. I like how mch passion he entered in his message and how much it means to him. I would like to see them all at the same table in near future. That would be fun to watch Smile
 Macubaas18/02/2012 19:44:48 GMT
Daniel Negreanu is basically the most important image of pokerstars but frankly i think this message has nothing to do with the site that sponsors him...

I think all his messages are correct so thumbs up for a great guy Smile
 FenoMeno19/02/2012 21:18:21 GMT
Hahaha Smile He is really right, cheaters, stelars have to go to the prison ven if they are Lederers, Bitars or any other famous people or not...
 arthur7220/02/2012 17:32:04 GMT
Never played on FT much and when I did I never liked the software...........
 IslandJack21/02/2012 01:09:02 GMT
Posted by MilenkoK:

Yeah! Worship

Loved watching that rant.
Daniel is my favourite player, always fun to watch, and also the first to have the guts and respect for others to come out and say what everyone has been feeling for a long time.

Have the thing downloaded on my PC with a "shortcut". Blink
Going to be watching that Rant a few more times in the coming days.

He kicks A** !

Way to go Daniel! Thumbs Up
 sensao8721/02/2012 10:32:54 GMT
excellent, thats why daniel negreanu is the best player!! Worship
 bleemo22/02/2012 23:20:24 GMT
yup.. that is all tru... i had $900 on that site
 DanyGR24/02/2012 10:20:06 GMT
yes, indeed Daniel Negreanu it is a great player and a good man
Here is something about Negreanu:
He was born in 26 July 1974 in Toronto, Canada, but his parents were romanians (Go Romania! - best country).
Just short of graduating high school, he dropped out and began his life as a rounder, playing in illegal games around Toronto and at local casinos.
At the age of 21, he left Canada and he moved to Las Vegas. At the age of 23 won two events at the World Poker Finals at Foxwoods.
In 1998, in his first-ever WSOP appearance, Negreanu became the youngest bracelet winner in the event’s prestigious history. That record was broken in 2004. After that you know the history.
Aside from cards, Negreanu's other passions is hockey, comedy, writing and golf.
Negreanu appeared in many charity events such as "Ante Up for Africa", but it is also the founder of annual charity golf event, "Big Swing".
Life motto: "Don't trust people who tell you what you want to hear, trust people who tell it like it is".
Thank you Daniel Negreanu because you are as you are
 Endre8905/03/2012 08:44:31 GMT
I`m glad that I didint make any deposit on Full Tilt poker... But I liket the soft...
 mast3rush05/03/2012 08:48:02 GMT
i like negreanu too....
Endre, what happened with full tilt?
Will it come back?
 Billy231107/03/2012 11:02:36 GMT
The best player ever... great reading skills, very aggresive style and very funny Big Smile
 godoy29/05/2018 23:56:16 GMT
what to say when the best poker player in the world says that the guy is a liar and a liar to have DANIL this fersom and shit to the world poker should have been banished forever from oline poker and pokerlive to muunca more harm someone
 ligador3730/05/2018 00:58:04 GMT
It is quite difficult to get angry with Negreanu, but in this case he is absolutely right. He is one of the most beloved poker players in the world, and what he said is perfect. More when Chris Ferguson comes out to apologize 7 years late.
It seems that Ferguson is plotting something in the future, and Negreanu wants people not to forget what happened.
"Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it" George Santaya
 dule-vu30/05/2018 16:00:08 GMT
ligador37 please dont answer on godoy's posts,this kind of posts where he answer on some thread which is 6 years old!its not normal that he do thigns like this and just when he stop to do something like this for few days,he again find some old thread and answer without any reason,to collect points!
 CALICUL31/05/2018 11:23:27 GMT
godoy gets something for these old reviews? or he posts absurdly?
 ligador3731/05/2018 16:02:47 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
ligador37 please dont answer on godoy's posts,this kind of posts where he answer on some thread which is 6 years old!its not normal that he do thigns like this and just when he stop to do something like this for few days,he again find some old thread and answer without any reason,to collect points!

Damn, I did not realize it was Godoy who wrote the last post. And I see that he has done it many times more, and I fell into his "trap". How do you find such old tiopics?
There is no possibility of closing these issues?
In this way, they are not reviving every so many years.
My mistake anyway, for not having read that it was Godoy
 dule-vu31/05/2018 16:22:00 GMT
I know that you probably didnt look at date,but thats problem,because people just see post from some member and then answer on that,thinking that this is probably something new,but he do this things whole time and answer on something that is old for 6 or more years!so stupid from him!hope that he will stop doing this!

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