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High Stakes: Hansen and Trickett back in Macau

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Posted on 06 February 2012 by "T".

Gus Hansen and Sam Trickett are both back in Macau and apparently there are some massive games up running at the moment. According to Hansen's blog, he lost a massive 12 million Hong Kong dollar pot (about 1.55 USD) in one of these games.

"As expected my second session here in Macau was a bit more ‘swingy' than the first one. Unfortunately ‘The Swinger Party' was somewhat expensive as I rarely had the best hand at the river and tried one too many bluffs! I am currently playing my third session here in Macau and things were looking mighty fine until a 6 handed pre-flop pot turned into a 12 million (Hong Kong$) heads-up battle. As the smart reader has already figured out - I didn't win it "

Sam Trickett is not doing well either. "Keep losing all ins in all forms of poker!! Going for a nap before play another 10/20k session." -  "Lost another big pot as 77% favorite. Not running well in Macau right now!" Trickett wrote on twitter today.

Let's hope for some more exciting news from Macua in the next few days.


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6 comments on "High Stakes: Hansen and Trickett back in Macau"

 kelleners07/02/2012 10:48:04 GMT
Haha hansen, are you bluffing again. I think you are a good player, but sometimes you can play a bit tighter a stop if the bluf doesnt work
 Fakiry07/02/2012 12:02:14 GMT
Wow. Looks like they are playing hands from the same database of the servers that randomize hands for some of the mobsters here, having such bad luck in the river. So, @sadamman, want to know now what is the worst suckout? Ask Gus, maybe he can tell you one that you don’t have on the list – losing $1.5M pot…
 Macubaas07/02/2012 18:55:07 GMT
Gus Hansen is definately one of the best live players out there, it was logic for him to try to take the money from macao Big Smile

I wonder if the rumors that the "patpatman" account on stars is his...
 sadamman07/02/2012 18:59:02 GMT
haha yeah that is definitely a worse suckout than the one i suffered, and with a lot more at stake, i have had worse suckouts than the 1 in the thread i mentioned. I was jus seeing alot of threads about suckouts, and i suffered a real bad one as a i was logged in so i thought i may aswell share.
 pochui08/02/2012 10:11:23 GMT
well well aren't the "pro's" having a great time or what- there's no rigged online software over there with "random number generators", on the contrary there is one "random number generator" which is controlled by the local mafia i guess- so the chances of getting back from macau with profit is slim
 Macubaas08/02/2012 19:15:27 GMT
Many pros actually made some nice profits and are alive and well as we speak...

If i remember correctly the first pros that discovered macao was tom dwan and patrik antonius, that was some years ago.

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