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High Stakes: Isildur1 wins his first SuperStar Showdown this year

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Posted on 19 March 2012 by "T".

After losing the postponed match against Isaac Haxton last wednesday, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom played the second SuperStar Showdown of the year against the British poker pro Alexander "Kanu7" Millar yesterday. Viktor Blom, who lost about $200k to Millar during last week, took an early lead against Millar and was up about $80k after 200 hands had been played.

But Millar fought back really well and suddenly had a $20k+ lead after 500 of 2500 hands were in the books...

The match, like many other SuperStar Showdowns, ended up being very swingy. In total, Millar had the lead four times during the match. The biggest lead, however, he had when 1400 hands had been played. Then he had $60k from Isildur1's $300,000 bankroll.

Blom, however, had the biggest lead of the match when he was up about $150k with 500 hands left. But just like in the match against Haxton, he couldn't keep his big lead for long. Well, Millar was actually playing extremely well the last 500 hands as he managed to reduce his losses to "only" $37,687.

It was a well-deserved win by Viktor Blom. He made some amazing calls when Millar tried to bluff him, and it felt like he was in control most of the match. On the other hand, Millar must have been quite happy with only losing $37k to Blom since he's still up $160k against him (referring to the previous week).



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2 comments on "High Stakes: Isildur1 wins his first SuperStar Showdown this year"

 Fakiry19/03/2012 11:38:48 GMT
Blom won but it wasn’t enough to eliminate the disadvantage of last week results against Kanu7. Is it just my impression or this matches look much more tight now than they were in the first times of Blom, after he got his identity revealed? First, with Haxton, that won the first event and the second with a minimum $5k difference. Now with Kanu7 things look difficult again, still losing in general.
 Macubaas19/03/2012 18:39:14 GMT
Nice win for Viktor Blom but it's only a matter of time until he will lose them or even more at the PLO cash tables...

Too bad that after all these years he still doesn't use a valid bankroll management.

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