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SUPERSTAR SHOWDOWN Returns with Higher Stakes Than Ever!

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Posted on 08 March 2012 by "T".

PokerStars announced the other day that its very popular SuperStar Showdown is about to return! The SuperStar Showdown, incase you never heard of it before, is a heads-up challenge where anyone with enough money can challenge Team PokerStars Pro Viktor "Isildur1" Blom to play an heads-up match for 2,500 hands (or until someone is broke) on 4 tables with the minimum stakes of $50/$100.

The next match is set for Sunday, March 11 at 12:00 ET and Isildur1 will face Isaac "Philivey2694" Haxton. According to PokerStars, the stakes will be higher than ever before, and Haxton and Blom will sit down with $300,000 each on four $100/$200 No Limit Hold'em tables.

Last time they faced each other in the SuperStar Showdown Haxton won $41,701 from Isildur and became the second player ever to win a SuperStar Showdown against the young Swede. Yes, that's right! Blom has played 11 heads-up matches so far and only lost two of them. Below you can see all previous matches:

vs. Isaac Haxton ($50/$100 NLHE) -$41,701 over 2,500 hands

vs. Tony G ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$44,280 over 2,500 hands
vs. Daniel Cates ($50/$100 NLHE) +$51,196 over 2,500 hands
vs. Eugene Katchalov ($50/$100 NLHE) + $111,750 over 2,500 hands

vs. Attila Gulcsik ($5/$10 NLHE) +$5 over 2,500 hands
vs. Daniel Negreanu ($50/$100 NLHE) +$150,000 over 1,439 hands
vs. Daniel Negreanu ($50/$100 NLHE) -$26,500 over 2,500 hands
vs. Scott Palmer ($50/$100 NLHE) +$61,362 over 5,000 hands
vs. Mastermixus ($5/$10 NLHE) +$1,279 over 2,500 hands
vs. Rui Cao ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$150,000 over 2,257 hands

vs. Terje "Terken89" Augdal ($50/$100 NLHE & PLO) +$150,000 over 1,566 hands


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4 comments on "SUPERSTAR SHOWDOWN Returns with Higher Stakes Than Ever!"

 Fakiry08/03/2012 12:01:33 GMT
Isaac "Philivey2694" Haxton must be convinced it is possible to repeat the win against Izildur1, but if I was him I would never again play against him: winning one time is a one time opportunity, a story to tell the grandsons, going for it the second time is crazy. If he wins again, that way he will be taking a big up in the poker ladder, but if he loses, no one will want to hear about him again.
 Billy231108/03/2012 17:03:54 GMT
I think it will be a close encounter, but Haxton can repeat the win against Isildur
 Macubaas09/03/2012 04:34:43 GMT
I really missed lately the superstar showdown series of pokerstars but frankly i would like more to see 2 tables of PLO and 2 tables of NLHE as in the match with Rui Cao Smile

Still, i'm sure this will be a really great game since Isaac is a really good NLHE player.
 Endre8909/03/2012 08:23:43 GMT
Daniel Negreanu plays realy good. I realy like his game stile.

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