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Viktor Blom wins the $1,000,000 SuperStar Showdown

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Posted on 03 April 2012 by "T".

It only took 3 days (3 sessions of $200/$400 NLH) for the $1,000,000 SuperStar Showdown to be concluded as Viktor "Isildur1" Blom won the remaining $218k from Isaac Haxton last night. This means that Viktor "Isildur1" Blom has won half a million dollars from Haxton since Saturday and that he's up about $450k against Haxton in the 3 SuperStar Showdown matches they have played.

After that the SuperStar Showdown had come to an end, Blom decided to play some $100/$200 PLO against some regulars on PokerStars' nosebleed tables. Things, however, didn't go as planned for the young Swede and he decided to stop playing when he had lost $142k, which still left him with a $76,000 profit for the day and a 3rd place on the daily winners list. 



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5 comments on "Viktor Blom wins the $1,000,000 SuperStar Showdown"

 gymmy99903/04/2012 08:21:08 GMT
::O:O:O lol lol lol that is a great success and great money.. Blink)I'm not surprised he won the tournament he's always among the best poker players.... this guy will probably become the best player sooner or later...I'd like to see him and Negreanu playing Blink Does someone knows how many players they were at the beginning? thank you
 AlexSimion03/04/2012 09:25:17 GMT
=))) , That's why it's called a showdown , because there are only two players playing heads-up , in diferent sessions , and boy , that's a lot of money to lose in three days , $450 k , and I'm upset that i lost 130 $ in two days Smile).
 kinogomes03/04/2012 09:56:14 GMT
For the ones who doubted here is the proof that Bloom is no doubt the best NLHU player in the world. I heard in the other showdown vs haxton there was a cheat between haxton and kanu but this time he just got completely crushed.
 Fakiry03/04/2012 13:37:49 GMT
I never doubted he was gonna make it this time. Haxton was risking too much on his luck to try to win Blom three times in a row. What does he think Blom is? A loser? Now it’s Haxton who gets the bad fame.
 Macubaas03/04/2012 19:42:56 GMT
As i said in a post yesterday not sure why Isaac took this challange...

Is well known that is really minus EV to play heads up NLHE with Viktor Blom...

Now he must starting the grind again to recover the 500k loss.

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