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SuperStar Showdown: $1,000,000 challenge between Blom and Haxton!

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Posted on 30 March 2012 by "T".

A special edition of PokerStars SuperStar Showdown will start this weekend and it's time to get really excited as $1,000,000 is at stake! According to PokerStars, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Isaac Haxton, who recently played a SuperStar Showdown, have agreed to sit down with $500,000 each on $200/$400 No Limit Hold'em tables and play 4 hours a day until one of them has it all!

Sounds pretty amazing, hah? It will amazing and very, very, very exciting as so much money is up for grabs and neither of them are afraid of pushing all their chips towards the centre of the table when needed. Haxton is the only one to beat Viktor Blom in the SuperStar Challenge twice and get away with a profit, so it will be very interesting to see what Blom's strategy will be this time! 

The match kicks off on Saturday at 1pm ET. Don't miss out!


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8 comments on "SuperStar Showdown: $1,000,000 challenge between Blom and Haxton!"

 kinogomes30/03/2012 10:01:05 GMT
This yes will be the most interesting match untill now, and in my opinion is very probable that they wont need more than 4 hours to have the match ended.
 mascona30/03/2012 11:08:39 GMT
Playmoney event sponsored by PokerStars to make a headline news - you still believe it's real ?
 Fakiry30/03/2012 13:09:35 GMT
At the third time, Blom will finally get over Haxton. Last time everyone talked about tie but Blom lost for $5k. And the first time was more. Now he will control the advantage he will make in the first half of the game till the end.
 TheMachineQC30/03/2012 15:01:37 GMT
I'm not sure about that, Haxton is very good at adapting to any situation. Blom's play is all about agression, and we all know it's a double edge sword... But yeah this will be very interesting to watch, finally Isildur1 plays some Hold'em ^^

I think Blom will win a lot more small pots but Haxton will probably win more big pots.
 MarcWinz30/03/2012 15:21:36 GMT
Hi all. What's the odds on it ending in 30 mins? I reckon that both will be all-in blom with Kings and Haxton with Aces.

Then hopefully Blom will river a third king and that will be that. At least he will know how it feels.

GL to both of them.

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 B1gfoot30/03/2012 19:53:02 GMT
Posted by mascona:
Playmoney event sponsored by PokerStars to make a headline news - you still believe it's real ?

Id go for 50k at stake PS up it to 500k for punters, nothing new.
 oualidel30/03/2012 21:35:48 GMT
$1,000,000 its real money :o ? w00T
 Macubaas31/03/2012 19:30:53 GMT
The action is really good, but if you ask me Viktor plays a bit too loose after the break they had...

Lets hope he will be able to comeback, he was actually 100k up before the break Smile

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