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Sahamies & Galfond Win $400k Each and Blom Continues to Lose!

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Posted on 23 August 2012 by "T".

The action has been great almost every single day at PokerStars nosebleed tables these past 2 weeks or so. Yesterday was no different as Phil "MrSweets28" Galfond, Ben "Sauce123" Sulsky, Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Ilari Sahamies battled it out at the $200/$400 PLO tables for about 6 hours. Galfond and Sahamies dominated the play and ended up as the biggest winners of the session. In total, Sahamies netted $416k and Galfond $442k.

Sulsky took home 2 of the 3 biggest pots of the session (over $200k each), but still ended the day as a loser. Blom was of course involed in all 3 pots but didn't win a single one of them. Besides that, nothing worked out for the young Swede and he finished the day with a big minus. However, he's still about even since last Friday - when his 2-day winning streak started.

Here is how the biggest pot of the day was played out:

Sauce123 betted $1,400 from the button, MrSweets28 folded the small blind and Isildur1 raised to $4,640. Saurce123 called. The flop came out 7Heart2Heart5Diamond and after some betting back and forth, both players were all in.

Isildur1 JHeartJSpade3ClubAHeart
Sauce123 KHeart2Club2SpadeASpade

The last 2 cards were the 5Spade and the 10Club and Sauce123 took home the pot of $231,736 with a full house 2's over 5's.


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9 comments on "Sahamies & Galfond Win $400k Each and Blom Continues to Lose!"

 nipitiri323/08/2012 15:27:29 GMT
that guy is crazy lose milions win milions lose milions win milions hahaha
 xxxYUMIxxx23/08/2012 18:25:12 GMT
really sick swings they have..
 Macubaas23/08/2012 19:51:50 GMT
I saw on a high stakes poker tracking site that Viktor Blom is down in the last 48 hours over $500k...

On the other hand i really think that Illari had a lot of luck, i mean be basically hit ant draw that he has on flop.
 occultum23/08/2012 20:13:25 GMT
I never seem to catch him @ pokerstars lately but life seems to be bad for him atm.. Sad

Sahamies final 24 at EPT barcelona at day 4 final .. really awesome run.. playing all day live and highstakes after lol.. what a crazy dude :O
Hope he wins EPT tho .. it's good for table action!
 noonlion23/08/2012 20:20:09 GMT

Notice they play monster pots with often they don't have a made hand and still gamble 200k.

It amazes me that players still go up against Glafond etc when they are proven to be big big winning players.
 suzie201124/08/2012 15:25:57 GMT
@occultum he not at pokerstars now !
 erru910724/08/2012 15:33:57 GMT
Posted by suzie2011:
@occultum he not at pokerstars now !

He still plays ON pokerstars, he just doesn't play FOR pokerstars.
 GIOMi626/08/2012 17:24:28 GMT
these poker players are high rollers, for them money lost is no money at all for them, they are already immune to the high variance. They know it all to well.
 kwasac26/08/2012 21:29:43 GMT
Galfond is the best of those three, other two easily gave their money... Smile

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