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WPT Alpha8: Tobias Reinkeimer Leads Star-Filled £100k Event in London

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Posted on 29 October 2013 by "T".

It's not only in Paris that poker stars are battling it out for some serious cash. On Monday, the 2013 World Poker Tour Alpha8 kicked off in London at the luxurious Palm Beach on Mayfair venue. The £100,000 buy-in tournament attracted 10 players spread across two tables at the beginning of Day 1 and ended with 19 entries.

11 players made it through Day 1 inluding Viktor Blom, Tony G, Talal Shakerchi and German high stakes specialist Tobias Reinkeimer who bagged up the largest stack at the end of play. Reinkeimer accumulated 428,000 chips mostly thanks to the following hand against Sorel Mizzi and Antonio Esfandiari.

Mizzi bet 25,000 on the flop 9Club3Club8Spade and Reinkeimer raised to 50,000. Esfandiari moved all in, Mizzi called with his remaining chips and so did Reinkeimer. There was about 400,000 chips in the pot and all players revealed their cards...

Mizzi turned over JClubTSpade, Reainkeimer held QClub8Club and Esfandiari had TClubTSpade. The dealer burned a card and dealt the AClub turn card which locked up the hand for Reinkeimer. Mizzi was sent packing and Esfandiari was left with 10,600 chips, which he lost shortly after. Esfandiari re-entered the tournament after that but busted again. It will be interesting to see if he fires a third bullet today.

Day 2 will kick off at 12 pm local time and continue until a winner has been crowned. Registration will be open during the first level of the day, so later on today we will know the total prize pool and also the winner.

1 Tobias Reinkemeier 428,000
2 Fabian Quoss 271,200
3 Tony G 252,000
4 Igor Kurganov 203,900
5 Viktor Blom 174,800
6 Richard Yong 141,800
7 Scott Seiver 131,700
8 Philipp Gruissem 110,300
9 Max Altergott 83,200
10 Talal Shakerchi 66,900
11 Steven Silverman 38,700

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3 comments on "WPT Alpha8: Tobias Reinkeimer Leads Star-Filled £100k Event in London"

 noonlion29/10/2013 12:32:52 GMT
Such a weird format with such few entries. More like a home game almost cos most of these guys will know each other too.

If you look at that hand that was played I guarantee you if that happened on a $0.10/0.25 table you'd be like 'DONKK!' at everyone except Esfandiari who actually had the best hand at that point, however given his spot I don't get why he dumped his chips in, nor why Reinkeimer got it in with a flush draw - maybe at the these stakes you need to win these hands with a bit of a flip to beat the skill of the adversaries like Esfandiari.
 sergejcho29/10/2013 18:39:43 GMT
Tobias Reinkeimer is a nervous player i think , i watched him twice and i think he's was pest -off Smile He have around 20k chips left he have A 9 suited and he got 2 suited cards on flop and another player raise to 5k and he just go all in and nothing on turn and river. When he stand up the face telling everything to us Smile At the end he takes 140k$ Smile
 doubletop77711/11/2013 10:09:27 GMT
only 19 players but what an array of talent. players such as Esfandiari,Reinkeimer,Tony G, Victor Blom, Scott Seiver, Phillip Gruissem and Steven Silverman are all poker hal lof famers of the future. Thanks but no thanks to playing these superstars!

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