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Swedish pros Isildur1 & Lena900 win Big in PokerStars SCOOP Tournaments

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Posted on 21 May 2018 by "T".

Two Swedish poker pros, Viktor ‘Isildur1' Blom and Niklas ‘Lena900' Astedt, have each earned a SCOOP title just this weekend. This makes the 4th win overall for Blom, and the 2nd one in less than a week for Astedt.

Isildur1's victory

The Swedish 27-year-old high-stakes poker pro has topped a field of 122 players in the tournament SCOOP-41-H: $2,100 HORSE, $200K GTD, winning a whopping $59,780. The runner-up was MUSTAFABET from England, who took home $41,480.

Lena900's victory

Since the start of his poker career, Niklas ‘Lena900' Astedt has been mostly grinding online. Currently, he's #1 four times in the online MTT standings.

Lena900 won last week's SCOOP-39-H: $1,050 NLO8 (6-Max), $175K GTD event, outlasting a 264-player field to claim the cash prize worth $50,391.55.

He has now passed the $10,000,000 mark in online MTT cashes, joining the likes of top poker players such as Chris ‘moorman1' Moorman.



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16 comments on "Swedish pros Isildur1 & Lena900 win Big in PokerStars SCOOP Tournaments"

 Mober21/05/2018 13:41:05 GMT
Some people are struggling to even get a first place once in their life Smile
I dont know how old he is, but from the photo, he looks young.
So winning 4 games is an accomplishment, not to mention of course,
that he has surpassed the 10 millions in winnings.
 dule-vu21/05/2018 14:38:38 GMT
in text you can see that he have 27 years!
it is just question when we will have some news from him,because he have winning every few weeks,so this isnt anything strange now,its normal that he must win big amount and just cant congratulate on this winnings!
 CALICUL21/05/2018 17:03:17 GMT
6 June is National Day of Sweden and these professional players have managed to make beautiful gifts 2-3 weeks before their party. Maybe were helped a little by pokerstars but they are very good players. Anyway you can not deny them the value of this players. They have remarkable results.
 mocoteo22/05/2018 07:53:13 GMT
The style of playing poker of Isildur is not on my taste but now he is in a winning road. So GG Isildur1.
 pajalnick22/05/2018 09:55:25 GMT
Victor 'Isildur1' Blom continues his victorious march through the steep rating tournaments .... after a long break he last year finally won such a tournament and apparently is not going to stop and it's very cool .... I like his game and I'm his fan. ... I hope to see more news about his victories
 doubletop77722/05/2018 10:05:53 GMT
It always brings a smile to my face whenever i read about Viktor
 dule-vu22/05/2018 15:42:34 GMT
cant tell that I know who is this niklad astedt,but as I see in this text he have big winning at online poker and we can see at this last SCOOP tournament that she won!to have over 10 millions dollars at online poker,this is huge thing!
 Tony_MON7ANA23/05/2018 09:25:27 GMT
Viktor Blom has done it again. Congratulations to Viktor on winning the $200k guaranteed HORSE event! He is simply unstoppable! Congratulations to 'Lena900' also. I always thought 'Lena900' was a female poker player...
I really enjoyed observing game replay online. Kalipoker TV is one of my favorite YouTube channels.
 Gerimantas23/05/2018 10:49:38 GMT
I think that it is very good for player like isildur to win tournament, it again show how strong player he is and also it is nice to other players to ppay versus such famous player. And not super big buyin tournament. This second guy slhas screen name liie lady and to me i think first moment that ye is a lady
 Mober23/05/2018 14:55:29 GMT
I wasnt talking about isildur, if you read the whole article and my post, you can see that.
27 years old, from the article, is isildur's age.
There is no mention though, on lena's age, for which i was talking about.
Unless im blind Smile
 dule-vu23/05/2018 19:21:52 GMT
I thought that this is women players,so thats why I was sure that you are talking about him,when you wrte two times HE!but now I see that this is also man,even he have nick name lena900,strange picture that look like women,so now I see its my mistake Sad
 ligador3724/05/2018 10:02:23 GMT
They are professionals for something. what kind of poker beasts, to be able to win those kinds of tournaments with huge prizes and do it so often.
I do not remember the last time I won a decent prize. but it does not come close to 0.5% of what they earn.
These names always appear in big events. they are made for that
And he has only 27. Im 30
 pochui26/05/2018 11:37:12 GMT
well what can I add on the given topic- huge massive congratulations to blom and lena for their respective wins and hopefully they can manage similar sort of results in the upcoming future. they are young poker pros and there are tons of years left in them at the tables
 godoy26/05/2018 18:18:18 GMT
what about these two beasts of others because there are more words to describe the size of their skills and their luck because they are very winners and even an envy kkkkk
 CALICUL27/05/2018 17:32:21 GMT
godoy envy comes more from the side of the professional poker players because i have seen this on internet videos many times. This is not normal, but there it's not like other sports because here if you lose you do not win anything. In other sports you win but in poker if you do not finish in the money you lose money.
 godoy28/05/2018 22:27:30 GMT
these guys are just too talented and they are always involved with great troneios and great prizes always winning and losing fortunes that for the great majority of players would already be the out of life more do what good for them

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