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Ebony Kenney wins Celebrity Online Charity Poker Tournament for Coronavirus Relief

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Posted on 14 April 2020 by "T".

The charity event featured famous poker-playing celebs like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon
Some of the star-studded names in entertainment, sports and poker gathered online Saturday, April 11, for a $10,000 buy-in charity poker tournament geared towards donating to Feeding America, the biggest hunger-relief organization in America with a network of 200+ food banks providing food to over 40 million people every year.

Online poker site Americas Cardroom hosted the charity drive called All In For Feeding America, which attracted a player field of 65, including many prominent poker-playing celebs such as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Adam Sandler, Adam Levine, Aaron Paul, Cheryl Hines, Jason Bateman, Jason Mewes, John Krasinski, John Hamm, Sarah Silverman, Scoot McNairy and Tom Brady.

Notable poker pros who also joined in on the fray include Alex Foxen, Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, Jason Koon, Jeff Gross, Jaime Staples, Jeff Boski, Jon Pardy, Luke Schwartz and Mike McDonald.

The winner of the charity poker showdown was poker pro and Thirst Lounge streamer Ebony Kenney, who garnered new fans via streaming the event and trash talking, sending poker players and celebrities to the rail as she made her way to the top. Kenney eliminated Matt Damon, Kevin Smith and even Phil Hellmuth on her way to the final table, which included other notable names such as Bryan Cranston, Tobey Maguire and poker pro Tom Cannuli.

Kevin Pollak finished runner-up while comedian and avid poker player Andy Milonakis settled for third place. Pollak is a regular in the World Series of Poker and has cashed in the main event twice.

Kenney may have managed to win this event, but she wasn't able to take any of the cash home since everything of course was intended to be donated to the Feeding America charity. At the end of the event, they managed to raise over $1.2 million. After ACR donated an extra amount, it is estimated that the charity tournament raised about $2 million in total to help hunger-relief efforts in the United States amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The tournament was live-streamed by ACR and there are also other versions of it from those who played.

Watch a replay of the Twitch stream here:



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20 comments on "Ebony Kenney wins Celebrity Online Charity Poker Tournament for Coronavirus Relief"

 dule-vu14/04/2020 11:06:52 GMT
lot of big and famous names and great charity tournament,which will bring so much money to people that really need it!nice move from americas cardroom to bring even more money beside this money from buy in!so 2 million dollars for one event will help for sure people that need food and everything else in this hard days!big respect for this!
 CALICUL14/04/2020 12:40:36 GMT
A wise decision by mature people of those who organized this tournament with a big buy-in. Charity works are good because they help many people. The players who participated in this game were very generous and we must appreciate them for that.
 maragatero14/04/2020 22:55:06 GMT
I don´t understand a bit... The amount of donate of the pool of buy-in was $ 650.000 ($ 10.000 x 65 players), and the poker´s room (American Card Room) complete the amount to the 2M with $ 800.000. Who put there the difference between $ 650K and $ 1,2M? There was running a collected within the tourney?
 CALICUL15/04/2020 14:25:04 GMT
Americas Cardroom can do many good things because has a good and profitable poker room but also other variants of games where he earns money and can offer for charitable situations. It doesn't matter how much he donated but the gesture is huge.
 maragatero16/04/2020 00:49:07 GMT
Yes they are growing day by day. At the first time that I knew, their poker´s client seems like a clone of Duck Poker (the evil), really minimalism. But they effort to update without miss their character. They have some nice freeroll of PLO and PLO8, these are not may favorites but I get some funny there when is not running any NLFR. This poker´s room start to win after the Black Friday...
 CALICUL16/04/2020 14:53:39 GMT
Americas Cardroom is a (probably American) poker site founded in 2001. Duck Poker was probably set up in 2015 and it didn't last long. The comparison between this two rooms is enormous. ACR is strong and rich and soon it will become bigger.
 antonis32116/04/2020 16:36:58 GMT
maragatero Smile The reason why I wanted to play on Duck Poker , was because I wanted so much to play on ACR games , some of them that I liked so much , but I couldn;t install their software then , so I played on the most evil Duck Poker , the story of this closed now poker room is known , no reason to mention it . There is no comparison at all , between ACR and bad clone Duck Poker , ACR is the leader of WPN , the only roomof WPN to play at and trust your deposit , I don't trust any other poker room of WPN , only ACR Smile .ACR is one of the best 5 online poker sites in the world nowadays Smile

Never heard of complaints about withdrawals from ACR , that's extremelly important , there is nothing more important !!! Instead , Duck Poker I don't think there is even one player who had made a successfull withdrawal from their stinky scammy site .
 CALICUL19/04/2020 17:33:51 GMT
Americas Cardroom is a big room and I liked to play there. "The younger brother" was a shameful episode for them and sad for many players. I once retired from Duck Poker. I made a $ 10 deposit and took out $155. When they closed i had 421 euros in the account...
 antonis32119/04/2020 23:27:14 GMT
''The younger brother ''??? What is this lol Big Smile I have never heard of it . google it , didn't find anything .

Anyway , this was a very nice charity poker tournament , 65 olayed it , don't know if rebuys were possible , if not then the rest of the 350.000$ , alongside witht the extra 200.000$ or 1.000.000$ (I don;t know exactly ) were covered and paid by Americas Cardroom . That's very nice of them , this money will go for a very good cause Smile

. Ofcourse , i would prefer Helmuth to have won this tourney. Also this Milonakis guy went very far , although he played with so many pros . Caught him on his stream when he lost , almost crying , apologising for his decisions and saying he has to improve or whatever LOL Aww crap! Big Smile Cool
 dule-vu20/04/2020 19:27:36 GMT
you will find here some terms,that you cant find on any other site antonis Big Smile !who know what is behind this words!its seems that american cardroom will put more money then this players and they will make big donation for people that really need this money!now its up to some other site,except party poker,to make something like this!
 Mober21/04/2020 18:31:57 GMT
The only reward in this tournament was the first place of course.
But knocking out big names and winning the game is something.

I think that if you find somewhere matt damon, afleck will be there too.
Or vice versa. They are always together Smile
 CALICUL21/04/2020 18:36:02 GMT
The celebrities who offered that money, they preferred to play and waste their time, just to have only one winner, who will not receive anything anyway. The charity is very good and all players donated beautiful sums for a nice cause.
 dule-vu21/04/2020 20:02:15 GMT
yeah,we can say that every person from this tournament is winner and that he will have respect in whole world,because of this donation,but also is nice to have this reward,no matter they didnt got money prizes!just to see where this money will go,to some organisation who will then give money or direct to organisation who spend money on people!
 antonis32122/04/2020 05:47:05 GMT
Nice that these celebrities came together , nice advertisement for a charity kind of tournament and particularly for this cause , to feed poor Americans , especially in these crisis days . Pros gave some money of their own , and $10k is a lot of money , this is the buy in for WSOP Main Event !!!

Good example for the other poker sites to follow up . Partypoker had such a tournament in the recent past , other poker rooms muct follow .

Strange , I cannot remember PokerStars to had such a tournament , strange for a big poker room like this , also strange cause they like saying that they give some money for some good causes , also they give you the chance to donate your starcoins to charity purposes , I hope they give all this money they take from these starcoins lol . They give so few starcoins , and yet this is the only charity by pokerplayers allowed nowadays . They should schedule a very big charity event , not one , but many !!! why they haven''t done already???? When they had so many players and money in rake , they were scheduling some charity events , but they didn't offer much money , lol . Big Smile , then they stopped when the less profits came , lol . Now that things go incredibluy well ,why they don't donate ??? irresponsibility , they focus only on the money to earn this online poker boom era , ruthless.............
 roeish308/05/2020 14:50:17 GMT
That is such a great initiative. To take Poker and help the world. It is so good, both as a way to make the world a better place and as a great public relations. It's so nice to see poker on the news for such good things a not for crime/gambling etc.
 antonis32108/05/2020 15:31:37 GMT
Also PokerStars will host such a charity tournament , tommorow Saturday , 1M guaranteed , with some of the money going to CARE , some will be donated by players to the charity events of their choice , some side evebts , etc . I would like them to donate far more than $1M , they have so much money , they have won so much rake during this corona virus crisis , hope they contribute to th prizepool with a lot more money .
Anyway , every help is welcomed , every help will go for a right cause , to help people who need it most , I hope more pokerrooms to follow , also more charity events to be scheduled by the pokerrooms who have already done sth like this in the recent past Smile
 dule-vu08/05/2020 22:18:46 GMT
didnt see any news from poker stars about their charity tournament,but if they will make something like this tomorrow,they its nice thing,but just wonder why they didnt make something like this before!we all know how long is this situation!we will see how much they will donate and how much all will collect!
 roeish309/05/2020 20:27:31 GMT
I think it should come not just from the poker sites but also from the players. In such times finding a way to help those who suffer is a gift everyone that can take should do it as much as they can.
Find a right cause and organize a way to contribute for the cause. I always believed that giving to others comes back to you eventually
 antonis32109/05/2020 22:44:44 GMT
This stars tournament took place today , I think it was $1M guaranteed for charity , directly or not , plaus donations from anyplayer who wanted to do so . Ofcourse , I would prefer them to guarantee a lot more . I mean , if ACR gave , in the end , $2M , they should give , what .. $10M ???? .. LLLOLLLL Smile

Anyway , every charity event is good , every charity tournament is nice , it shows that poker players and poker rooms have sensitivities , and contribute in the times when peoole really need help , that's good . Hope for more to follow .
 dule-vu09/05/2020 23:31:35 GMT
well you cant expect that poker site give lot of money or most of money from some prize pool,nobody would do it!but they make few tournaments with low and big buy in-s,where people will play it and with that money to collect amounts for donation!for big players,its nothing to spend 10 K on buy in and for sure they would collect lot of money!but that only poker site give lot of money,dont think that any site would do it,especially to give millions!

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