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Casino Workers in Las Vegas Test Positive for Coronavirus

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Posted on 26 June 2020 by "T".

Two casino workers of a hotel and casino in the Las Vegas Strip have tested positive for the coronavirus.

According to a statement on Monday morning sent to the local NBC news by The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, they were notified last week that members of their concierge staff tested positive for COVID-19.

"Last week, we were notified that two employees of the Concierge team received a confirmed positive coronavirus test. Upon being made aware, the resort took immediate action, reporting directly to the Southern Nevada Health District to begin the process of contact tracing to inform those employees and guests who may have potentially been exposed. Additionally, the concierge office has since undergone a thorough disinfecting and sanitization process led by certified experts, American Technologies, Inc.

The safety and security of our guests and employees remains our top priority, and we will continue to enforce the resort's health and safety standards that meet or exceed those set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Southern Nevada Health District, the State of Nevada and the Nevada Gaming Control Board."

The Cosmopolitan was the venue of a video tweeted by Los Angeles Times sports columnist Arash Markazi which became viral, showing a huge crowd on the gambling floor with no evident social distancing and most of them are not wearing face masks.

In response to this, Nevada Gaming regulators have now made it mandatory for all guests to wear a mask at gaming tables that do not have physical dividers between the player and dealer.

Three Arizona Casinos Close after Employee Dies from Virus
Gila River Gaming closed three casinos: Wild Horse Pass, Lone Butte and Vee Quiva at 2 a.m. Thursday, June 18 and will remain closed for the next two weeks.

The closures were due to a 68-year-old security guard at Lone Butte who contracted the fatal virus and died on June 11.

The casinos shall re-assess safety measures and employees will still be paid even during the closure.

Two Oklahoma Casinos Close after Employee gets Coronavirus
In just five days after three tribal casinos in Arizona closed for stringent cleanings after a worker tested positive for coronavirus, two Oklahoma tribal casinos closed next.

A tribal nation in Oklahoma named The Sac & Fox Nation, announced on Tuesday June 23 that it would temporarily close a couple of its casinos after an employee showed positive for coronavirus. The tribe will close The Black Hawk Casino in Shawnee, and the Sac and Fox Casino in Stroud for an undisclosed period of time.

While business is ceased, both venues will be subjected to deep-cleaning procedures, and the whole gaming area will be thoroughly disinfected.

There have been a few other similar cases in Las Vegas where workers have contracted the virus, but instead of closing down the entire casino, Vegas operators have opted to temporarily shut down only the area where the infected employee worked.

Meanwhile in other Las Vegas casinos like the Bellagio, as a new norm precautionary measure for everyone, their poker room tables have been installed with plexiglass dividers for their six-handed games, which also made the wearing of masks optional for players.




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42 comments on "Casino Workers in Las Vegas Test Positive for Coronavirus"

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» Casino Workers in Las Vegas Test Positive for Coronavirus

 antonis32101/07/2020 23:18:53 GMT
Well if things are not significally better now in the north , hemesphere , I guess I know what is going to happen in the Automn or Winter , don't need great imagination or logic to figure this out , lol . If things are better then , well , I guess I will have to go again to the kindergarden and then to elementary school , etc . Maybe knowledge has changed significally on the basic things , lol .
 CALICUL02/07/2020 16:59:35 GMT
World governments have money in certain situations and can make things much easier. When people have to work, good protection is needed, but in the case of COVID 19 they did not act very well. Mankind has not yet reached at a higher level with such politicians.
 roeish302/07/2020 18:28:28 GMT
It's hard to know how to act with this virus simply because we never had something similar before.
It's trial and error everywhere, and it's mostly error.
Here is starting to be a catastrophe and we are not getting over it anytime soon.
I hope the cure will be here sooner rather than later.
 dule-vu02/07/2020 18:53:13 GMT
its something new for all of us,even we have now this problems for months!you cant know how it will affect on anybody,but ofcourse younger people are in much better position!now it lot of countries you need to have masks in public transportation,even few days ago they didnt forced people on it!so it should be same then in every casino in las vega,to avoid any problem!
 maragatero02/07/2020 21:47:18 GMT
I had not seen the video of this news, is really insane! All that people in that rooms walking together without any measure (headscarf, mask, globes, distance, etc) is really a suicide! The casino has a corporative´s responsibility and they could be prosecuted, but all that men and women are really crazy!
 CALICUL03/07/2020 17:10:53 GMT
Those people think logically, my friend. You could waste a little time in every day to searching on google and seeing the truth. Coronavirus scared u very badly ant this thing is not good. Courage is needed in this situation and realism can help.
 maragatero03/07/2020 22:34:47 GMT
Courage? I say no sense acting! You could face death to go to play a tournament, or spin a slot? In which head might be a real need? You have to be insane previously. I wish the better to you, but you are out of reality. Sometimes it may be fun, but after 500.000 people die, it´s terrorific
 antonis32104/07/2020 15:45:44 GMT
This kind of videos , showing some places where overcrowdness can be witnessed , where restrictions and isolation measures are not followed so much , or some incidents that make people stand many very close ,there are some on youtube or the internet . It's unavoidable to happen . Also pictures . Especially when the crisis began and measures where changing every day/week . People not allowed to stay in banks in great numbers , but they were waiting outside too many one next to the other , lol , or in airrports , while they were waiting to be searched with thermo detectors to identify the corona virus infected , great masses of people waiting one behind or next to the other , that's the best way to spread the virus . Craziness Smile

Measures need to bee taken in such occasions , but not exaggerations , which are very bad always , panic measures and totalitarian measures are never good Smile
 CALICUL05/07/2020 05:15:01 GMT
The solution is simple. Stop watching TV and the internet where there are lying sites. People have to cross paths because in my country many doctors have resigned because they realized that this coronavirus is a strategy of stealing money.
 dule-vu05/07/2020 09:55:50 GMT
something will change soon!if every country have bigger number of people with corona,for sure it will come to las vegas also,its just question of day!this will affect of their business again!
 antonis32105/07/2020 15:29:57 GMT
I do not know for sure , but maybe it would have been better , when they found a case of corona virus infection in one casinos' emploee , to impose tests for corona virus to all personnel , if sb was infected stay at home , the rest go back to work . For peopla coming to play , you cannot do anything else than impose the use of masks/gloves , or check them with thermo temperature detectors at the doors . Closing a business after every incident won't help much I think Smile
 maragatero05/07/2020 23:29:24 GMT
Our friend here are making an advice that make me remember an animal´s conduct. Is the greatest bird in America and his name is aveztruz (I don´t found a traduction for it) The animal, that has the height of a human being and is much more robust, when it feels some danger near, it he sticks his head into the first hole he finds, leaving his long neck and huge body to the overdraft, but since he does not see it, he is sure that the danger disappeared
 CALICUL06/07/2020 05:18:54 GMT
you mean about ostrich... my friend. Let's see in the coming months what will happen to this coronavirus called covid 19, that was made famous because of cardboard journalists. Why is this happening? because people let themselves be led by someone who does not want their good.
 roeish306/07/2020 05:39:52 GMT
Again with the BS. The Virus is real and so is the damage. We opened back too soon here and the second wave is going to be worse than the first wave. Because of all this conspiracy BS. poeple are not doing what they should and are not protecting themselves and others. Another closure of business here will be doom for so many businesses and poeple are going to get into poverty. It's so sad.
 CALICUL06/07/2020 06:19:58 GMT
Don't be manipulated. This covid 19 is real but it doesn't kill people. I've talked to a lot of people and no one has had or seen a case of coronavirus. There in Bucharest are over 50 hospitals in my city where i live. I have seen situations in other countries. Is a huge lie (at the planet level).
 roeish306/07/2020 08:12:02 GMT
Will be more than a million deaths soon. That's crazy.
Why do you think everyone is lying. How is this even possible.
It will need to be a contract of ten of thousand of people in this conspiracy.
Why think you are smarter than all of us. You have the truth that we are all blind to see. What makes you so special?
 dule-vu06/07/2020 09:50:56 GMT
more and more people are death,so its question how to stop this!ofcourse lot of this people are older and they have some other disease already,but still now lot of younger people got corona,students,children and now they dont know why is this happening!casino workers will have even bigger problems in next months!
 antonis32106/07/2020 19:57:03 GMT
Children getting infected ??? Question Shock Where did you read about it ??? And how many ?? 5?? 10??? 20 ?? Ofcourse even one kid's life matters , but if we have 500.000 cases of adults and let's say 100 cases of children , we shouldn;t exaggerate , should we ???

Anyway , I hear some casinos are closing due to spotting some infections , some are reopening cause things are going far better with very few corona incidents in some places , we will see in the future in all over the world , for the casinos and not only Smile
 maragatero06/07/2020 23:31:53 GMT
Here, in my country, died two girls of 6 and 8 years and one little baby. Ever be some disease that was previously making some problem. But,if you see the statistic, the average age is down and down. First was a problem with the oldies, and the young people were only vectors of transmission. But if they have some kind of previous health situation, are a bad victim too
 CALICUL07/07/2020 06:43:20 GMT
Roeish, this world is ruled by abnormal people, who are puppets to shadow masters. During the period when the guvernment forced us to stay in our homes, they were fighting in space, throwing salt gas or other chemicals, installing starlink satellites etc... Do you really not know how to interpret certain things? Do you know how politicians and their acolytes steal money from the trust fund? I saw many strange things like plastic mannequins and now there is their desire to reduce the world's population. You don't see these ugly lies & monstrosities?
 dule-vu07/07/2020 11:14:58 GMT
antonis if everything IS good and not such a big problem with corona,why your country again close border for people from serbia?now they dont allow again that people go on sea and people that are already on vacation in greece,will be in problems!they dont want to have more people with corona in their country and on one side thats ok,but on other side they will lose lot of money as country!
 roeish307/07/2020 17:19:17 GMT
I see the truth. I am well educated and I know personally politicians. They are human and have flaws but wouldn't be able to go through such conspiracies even is they wanted too, and they don't.
People with money have a lot of people but they use it each for his own good. Most of them are too busy running their own life to be able to rule the world.
Maybe when you grow up and meet some real people you will understand.
 antonis32107/07/2020 20:00:52 GMT
Will this story go on for a long time to come ?? Hope not . . Casinos close , casinos open , casinos close , casinos open , people free to do sth , people now not allowed to do it now , and again and again the same story , Close , open , close , open , close , open , really boring Sad Anyway , I hope something changes and things go better and this saga comes to an end , enough is enough .
 CALICUL08/07/2020 08:14:26 GMT
I understand your opinions and in near future God, Virgin Mary, Holy Spirit & Jesus Christ will be the next to get sick of covid 19 or maybe on second wave of this coronavirus.This scenario is grotesque.People with character told real truth.
 dule-vu08/07/2020 11:42:59 GMT
anotnis yeah,its so boring,especially when you cant plan anything!now is summer and I cant plan any trip,to travel in some other country,to go on sea,to go on football games,just because I dont know will they close border again,no matter that I am in EU!its so sick situation!they can close on autumn,but dont close everything on summer!

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