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Good start to the New Year for Gus Hansen

Tags: 2010, gus hansen, high stakes, poker, the great dane.
Posted on 06 January 2010 by "T".

Gus Hansen had a very hard time at the poker tables last year as he lost more than $5,5 million dollars, and probably another few millions in sportsbetting. Even though Gus probably can afford to lose this much and still play high stakes, he deiced to take a break and look over his own game. It seems like this break really has paid off, because 2010 has started in the best possible way for "The Great Dane."

Between 1 and 3 January, Gus Hansen has won over $200,000 in less than 600 hands. It seems like he has changed something in his game and is really hungry for revenge. However, it will for sure take a couple of months before we get to know whether or not Gus Hansen is going to be a big winner this year.


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17 comments on "Good start to the New Year for Gus Hansen"

 ZmxPowah06/01/2010 16:06:03 GMT
U can't really say it's a gr8 start...
200k it's nothing for them i think Tongue... he lost 5,5 mln + more in sports betting... so let's think like 10 milions... so what is 200k? Nothing ^^.
 dozn0106/01/2010 17:37:33 GMT
Gus changed his game,

doesnt he play 72 off suit no more Smile
 BBU06/01/2010 17:41:00 GMT
Posted by ZmxPowah:
U can't really say it's a gr8 start...
200k it's nothing for them i think Tongue... he lost 5,5 mln + more in sports betting... so let's think like 10 milions... so what is 200k? Nothing ^^.

 DaneMitic06/01/2010 17:42:01 GMT
Let me quote him "I think I cant fold this." He said that when he was drawing dead, what a donk.
 game1206/01/2010 17:55:05 GMT
Gus has indeed changed his game but you cannot say that he lost over 4million sports betting thats just an outrageous number. Gus tv has clearly stated that he has indeed indured big losses but nohting to that extreme.
 DaMessiah66606/01/2010 18:10:23 GMT
Gus Hansen has lots of money. I'm not shocked if he has lost 4 million. He played very aggressive, and sometimes in a crazy way so ... I think he should raise that issue again.
 LaBaiz06/01/2010 20:53:00 GMT
last year gus played a very strange and sometimes crazy game, i didn't like his gamestyle, maybe this year it will change.
 leroi2106/01/2010 22:14:01 GMT
good news for him i remember last year he had a really hard time
 teteban06/01/2010 22:34:35 GMT
The way they play at the nosebleed games...i think all the edges are off. They play really crazy, extremely agressive, all durr-like. I think it is always swing-land
 Raggamann06/01/2010 22:42:15 GMT
well, nice for hanson, but not really impressive. 200k is just a normal swing on that stakes (2 stacks at the highst nl-tables). i don't think he will be up at the end of this year.
 chiptaker07/01/2010 03:22:07 GMT
its allways the same one min there down next min they up you can clearly see the skill inthis kibd of poker or have nuts of steal he wont be staying down for sure
 SuperNoob07/01/2010 07:00:44 GMT
200k is a small amount compared to 5.5 mil he lost last year but he's come back after a long break and this winning start will be a big boost to his confidence
 xxxbchxxx07/01/2010 12:00:08 GMT
Corse you can say its a great start... $200k is a lot and even when you think he has lost $5.5 mil $200k is a step in the right direction yeah.
Gus is a top player for sure and he will bounce back defo.
Gus will be around for many years to come
 Fakiry07/01/2010 15:58:47 GMT
Hope he gets again on his winning way. I like the way he plays, and he doesnt feel the same necessity of being as arrogant as others while at the table. He just behaves like a normal guy, smiling and kidding a bit sometimes, others keeping closed, and thats why his face is on the encyclopedias near the definition of "poker".
 Tchungpo07/01/2010 16:38:50 GMT
Nice start mate ! keep it up.
Long time ago we haven't seen Hansen in actions ! we want more !
 mazas12/01/2010 16:22:39 GMT
good job good new years start mean more win in this year good luck gus u can do more and win more just keeping going
good luck all Smile
 smthopr8er19/02/2010 23:27:31 GMT
He's been playing mostly online from his apartment in Monte Carlo. Don't worry about Gus, aside from poker he rakes in quite a bit with backgammon and Golf. He's got bigger stones than Devilfish and instincts sharper than a razor blade. He redefined the game in my opinion.

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