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HighStakes: Cole South keeps on winning

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Posted on 25 February 2010 by "T".

Cole South had some very nice results last year - and especially in the end of the year - he could thank the Swede Isiludur1 for that! 2010 seem to be no different than the previous year for Cole South as it has started in the best possible way for him. Last week, for example, he became the biggest winner - $903,000 plus. Other players that did well that week were PostFlopAction (+$688,000), Zigmund (+$676,000), Isildur1 (+$637,000) and Brian Townsend (+$635,000).

2 players that didn't do so well last week were Patrik Antonius (-$924,000) and Brian Hasings (-$1.2 million). However, we can expect these two to be back in business very soon. It will be interesting to see who the biggest winners will be after that this week has come to an end.


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15 comments on "HighStakes: Cole South keeps on winning"

 Fakiry25/02/2010 14:10:13 GMT
This can be a bad prediction for Patrick Antonius to the Heads Up championship he will be entering now. Many fans will become disappointed.
 SuperNoob25/02/2010 14:35:01 GMT
he's having a wonderful year winning a lot at high stakes
i saw him playing around a week ago on fulltilt against patrick and he was crushing him like anything.
 mazas26/02/2010 10:09:47 GMT
Antonius is pushing hard but only looses comes Smile hope he will be able to play at the last stadion off this game Smile

good luck all
 Kristan26/02/2010 13:02:13 GMT
Not one of my fav players - Cole looks like Greenstein, a little boring.
Good for Ziggy and Isildur tho Smile
 Miloutre26/02/2010 13:59:20 GMT
I'm well happy Hastings is down ... cheating f**k
 juri26/02/2010 15:42:54 GMT
that isildur is very strange person, ups and downs
 LaBaiz26/02/2010 18:48:21 GMT
it is fun that Isildur1 is finally winning again and making up some ground to get his loses back. Too bad Patrik Antonious is amongst the losing ones.
 shaded26/02/2010 20:55:17 GMT
Isildur is a donk...won what? 7mill? and the lost it all..DONK :]] but well it can happen Tongue
 MANUEDO26/02/2010 21:21:34 GMT
Is Isildur a real person? I begin to doubt, seems to me easier to think it's all well organized to develope business
 dorinba26/02/2010 22:40:07 GMT
May be Isildur1 haved just a downstreak and soon we will hear that his bankroll grow again
 GabeKaplan27/02/2010 18:10:46 GMT
you win you lose, the key is not to lose as much as you win to start with
 xxxbchxxx27/02/2010 21:24:50 GMT
OK lovely wins there but as you would expect some big loosers as well.
Ouch! i think these figures are a little squed as its up and down a lot more for those at the high stakes tables (from what i can se) up a mill one week down a mill the next.
They should post results at the end of the financial year as companys do?.,./.,
That would make it easyer to see who was the big winners during the year.
 DAGOR28/02/2010 17:43:22 GMT
Hello everybody!
Really impressive is the amount. There is talk of transfer with loss or gain of a million dollars. It's madness.
See you soon for new posts lol!
 GeneYuss01/03/2010 02:10:34 GMT
I seen him on poker after dark, he gave Doyle way too much credit hehe. And isn't he one of the co-creators of cardplayer?
 GIOMi601/03/2010 18:57:17 GMT
Congrats to Cole South for his big win and hopefully he will not lose his concentration on the poker tables in the upcoming tourneys.

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