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Gus Hansen lost all his money - asked Cole South for a loan

Tags: Cirque du Soleil, cole south, full tilt, gus hansen, Guy Laliberté, loan.
Posted on 25 August 2010 by "T".

The danish poker pro Gus Hansen has been running extremely bad in the past couple of years. In the beginning of this year, however, he started off in the best possible way by winning a few hundred thousands and it almost seemed like he was going on a winning streak and would take back some of the money he lost.

But it didn't take long before he started losing huge amounts again. And now it almost seem like 2010 will be his worst year ever as he has been on the top 5 list of the weekly losers many, many times this year. Not a very good sign even when it comes to some of the world's richest and best high stakes players.

According to a Swedish poker magazine, Gus Hansen has lost 8.4 million dollars during his online career and he's the biggest loser ever in the history of online poker. But they also write that the founder of Cirque du Soleil, Guy Laliberté, has lost 20 million dollars on different poker accounts. However, these figures can't be confirmed.

Gus lost his entire bankroll at Full Tilt and asked for a loan

When Gus Hansen played at Full Tilt's nosebleed tables last Sunday, he once again ended up losing big. This time Gus Hansen lost $3701,913 (most of it from playing Pot Limit Omaha) and suddenly his account was totally empty. But even though he had lost so much and had no money left, he still wanted to play more and asked high stakes pro Cole South (picture) for a loan.

"Cole, can you send me some money? You'll get them back on Tuesday" said Gus Hansen in the poker chat at Full Tilt Poker.

Cole South rejected Gus' request straight away.

"Sorry, I wish I could. I know that you're good for it, but I have lend out a lot of money this summer and I still haven't got it back."

Gus Hansen, however, didn't seem to be angry at all at Cole South for not lending him money, he almost seemed to be thankful.

"No problem. Probably it's just good for me"


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48 comments for "Gus Hansen lost all his money - asked Cole South for a loan"

 shokaku25/08/2010 09:10:01 GMT
Wow. Allways noticed that he is on the losers list a lot of the time, but didn't thought it would be such a disaster. Nearly 8.5 million is a lot of money.
 atownshend25/08/2010 09:32:45 GMT
You need to have huge bankroll to be able to lose that much money in one day.
 AbuDhabi25/08/2010 09:35:46 GMT
Where is the Bankroll management? Big Smile
 Im2good4u25/08/2010 10:17:15 GMT
LOL, does bankroll management apply when you already have Millions?... in this case I guess so. but seriously, losing $3.7M... that's gotta hurt.
 AbuDhabi25/08/2010 10:19:50 GMT
I dont know how many millions Gus Hansen has but i think that 8,5 million loss can hurt almost everyone if you are not Bill Gates Smile
 mazas25/08/2010 11:06:15 GMT
there was his head ? think his head and brains sleeping and he playing alone with his dumb idea Sad
so he loose becouse cant stop and say no more poker in this week Sad
if ihave the pot like him i never loose it becouse i can stop me every time then just loose some small money pot Smile
 magatt96625/08/2010 11:57:14 GMT
It is better he stop playing poker as soon as possible or I guess he will be in nig troubles soon
 Mast3rKush25/08/2010 12:01:15 GMT
I think he needs to stop playing online poker, or TOTALLY change his game... or even better stick to playing live where he is one of the greatest players of the era; he's just making himself look bad by continuing like this...
 AbuDhabi25/08/2010 12:02:27 GMT
I dont know his another sources of income, but i doubt that he can earn 8,5 million per year to cover his losses from high stakes poker...
 Fackinas25/08/2010 12:36:43 GMT
OUUUCH one more high stakes poker pros got to down I think Gus will move up after a break maybe in next year we will see his bankroll up for peak.
 B1gfoot25/08/2010 13:04:59 GMT
Guy Laliberté is diffrent to Gus as he does not claim to be a PRO player like Gus, Gus should just swollow his pride admitt he is just not on top of his game anymore and drop stakes.
As for his income, I belive he makes a fair old bit from rakeback, then there is FT, books, lives tax free and with over 7.5 mill in Live tourn games then you have the sites he ownd sold for 15 mill plus im sure he has money comin in for outher ventures I dont think he is going bust any time soon but do think he should go back to backgammon
 doomdy25/08/2010 14:31:05 GMT
Completely embarresing this Gus Hansen, he has a gamble problem and is now the Donuld Duck of PokerLand.
 swissprosaic25/08/2010 14:55:36 GMT
this is just woow Dollar Confused
one session 3.7mil Aww crap!
 stibbefritz25/08/2010 15:17:42 GMT
Everyone who tries to copy his aggro-style should read this article.
 Gottfriedx25/08/2010 15:48:11 GMT
I once won $40 with $1 buyin and was like the happiest kid on earth for one day. This guy needs therapy when you don't know the value of money anymore. Some people are forced to work all day long for a monthly ammount that he uses as ante.
 Pjot25/08/2010 15:54:45 GMT
For some reason my 70 $ loss last weekend does not fell that bad anymore...

I don't even understand why anybody would play highstakes poker if he/she has got that much money? You probably don't need that much more, and if you wan't to play just for playings sake, you can risk a lot less on somewhat smaller stakes.

Got to be an addict.
 Funope25/08/2010 17:56:09 GMT
I see them playing now at FT at a mixed HEROS 2000/4000 table. And Gus is losing again from Cole.
 Supererou25/08/2010 19:12:19 GMT
Well, he could just ask mrnugger for a deal. Smile))))
 duck_199125/08/2010 19:17:37 GMT
he can take a NDB in notime Smile) brm is wainting for him =))
 thekyd25/08/2010 21:51:31 GMT
i dont belive it
 BRADYboy25/08/2010 22:37:18 GMT
he cant be that skint as i was watching him play live on f/tilt at 2000/4000 pot limit omaha,2tables but then again now thinking about it he sat out for ages while ivey and brandon adams etc where still at it,i feel better for losing $60 now,lol!i have watchedthese players play and its like whoever is1st to fold loses or they just bet and hope for the best most of the time,its not realy skill!
 Badcall8425/08/2010 23:24:03 GMT
Guy Laliberté is billionere so you cant compare those 2 guys;p
 DansTaFace26/08/2010 00:18:20 GMT
this guy Gus Hansen has interest in MANY companies and hes even actioneer of FT i think , losing that money is not a problem for him, i think the worst is how hes looking like in medias and for fans who love him. Hes simply addicted, and being adicted means he has no more control on himself (so on his play), not necessary a financial problem but... a personal en public problem.
 jessthehuman26/08/2010 02:53:45 GMT
Posted by DansTaFace:
this guy Gus Hansen has interest in MANY companies and hes even actioneer of FT i think , losing that money is not a problem for him, i think the worst is how hes looking like in medias and for fans who love him. Hes simply addicted, and being adicted means he has no more control on himself (so on his play), not necessary a financial problem but... a personal en public problem.

Maybe, but doesn't matter how many companies he has interest in. His finances are still finite. He can certainly create a problem (Serious/financial) for himself beyond a PR problem if he continues to drop large amounts of money.
 edr_00726/08/2010 03:34:34 GMT
dammmn, how cant he be angry with someone after losing a total of 8,5 millions, thats impressive really.
 Nick177C26/08/2010 04:10:56 GMT
a month later mabey profit so much again hehehe
 wiebepoker26/08/2010 05:28:56 GMT
 lomax26/08/2010 07:32:30 GMT
yes it's a lot of money but this man is Gus Hansen...one of the best player of poker (i think he have a lot of money) Smile
 NoLuckHereAA26/08/2010 07:59:57 GMT
gus hanson you 8.5milli HOW???
 mikzu8726/08/2010 08:40:13 GMT
i'd live my life with that money Big Smile
 cornel728826/08/2010 09:52:04 GMT
bad bankroll and a huge loose but maybe this was only an experiment Smile))))
 stoney02426/08/2010 11:03:53 GMT
Bad experiment... Aww crap!
 AbuDhabi26/08/2010 15:02:22 GMT
This is new Fulltilt challenge - like Ferguson Challenge, durrr challenge Smile

Hansen Challenge - lose 10 million dollars in only one year!
 parrix26/08/2010 15:21:18 GMT

Well, I just heard this news and is truly alarming, but not by the news

that does not leave money, but by the news of a professional poker player

who goes bankrupt and loses it all, surprising.

I did not know that the big players will also be ruined but now it has become

clear that if, hopefully have better luck that.

 BotaiL26/08/2010 16:43:35 GMT
ouch!!! :|
 Davoodoo26/08/2010 17:40:44 GMT
when the luck runs out in a luck game even the "pros" will lose ...

its only a gambling addiction if you are losing
 Aggro66627/08/2010 04:16:59 GMT
oh, lets make some collection for the poor danish boy hehe... seems very, very bad Bankroll managment, but do not worry , Gus, come over to Bankrollmob, you will get here some BR and the best, u dont need to pay it back...
Waiting to play with Gus on Realdeal poker actual hehe
 shokaku27/08/2010 05:57:03 GMT
Gus is still in business. And he was able to cut his losses to just under 8 million. If he can continue this run, he will be back in black in half a years time. Cool
 dozn0127/08/2010 06:50:20 GMT
this is not good news for full tilt either, like the poker school at full tilt all the players hearing that 1 of the pros has gone busto, so what chance have they got learning at full tilt...........
 corneliu728827/08/2010 07:18:15 GMT
bad bankroll management i think
 triffu30/08/2010 11:02:29 GMT
bad bankroll management?how about NO bankroll management!!this guy must have forgotten how it is to play the limits that most of us ''mortals'' play.don't get me wrong,i think Gus is one of the greatest players out there but...lowering the stakes that he is playing wouldn't hurt...even pro's have loosing streaks
 dule-vu30/08/2010 21:09:09 GMT
if he know how to win this money,he should know how to keep this and play with brain,not just run and think:ah I have lots of money and can lose something,now he is this position...
 watoba02/09/2010 22:20:09 GMT
lol i think he is a pro player don´t he know he must stop playing a while when he had a bad run.Why he not make a few days holliday.I can understand this.Better he give me the money Blink
 DaMessiah66603/09/2010 06:51:08 GMT
Pity for him but always are good news when pros fall down because it's the way to say "All are human"
 richwarren1203/09/2010 10:48:47 GMT
i think gus hansen has been very unlucky later and i predict he will soon start turning them figures around. the stakes he playes you are bound to have winning streaks and losing streaks in the millions. gl gus
 s15484503/09/2010 12:13:28 GMT
now he's going to start back with some free bankroll site =))
 glotis23/09/2010 12:35:32 GMT
is it true?
 dozn0123/09/2010 13:00:32 GMT
Posted by glotis:
is it true?

of course it is........ its from bankrollmob we never lie here,
you found that out the longer you are here Blink

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