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SuperStar Showdown: Isildur1 came out victorious against "Mastermixus" ($1279 profit)

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Posted on 26 April 2011 by "T".

Last Sunday Viktor "Isildur1" Blom took on the second online qualifier in a special 1/10-sized edition of the SuperStar Showdown. This time it was a player with the alias "Mastermixus" who had qualified through satellites and received a $15,000 bankroll to play 2,500 hands of $5/$10 no-limit hold'em against Isildur1. 

After 2500 hands had been played, Isildur1 was the winner with a profit of $1279. His opponent, "Mastermixus", had $13.721 left and got to keep all of it. He must have been very satisfied with the money and to have played so well against one of the world's best NLH heads-up players.


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9 comments on "SuperStar Showdown: Isildur1 came out victorious against "Mastermixus" ($1279 profit)"

 Niklas9126/04/2011 09:06:12 GMT
Wow, what a "win" for Mastermixus. Not only does he get to play against Viktor Blom, but he only lost $1.279 and gets himself one hell of a profit for himself.. Wish that was me! Big Smile
 BeMyATMplz26/04/2011 09:22:25 GMT
The funny thing is that mastermixus was even a losing player on NL2 according to
However,considering the way he played I'm pretty sure isildur faced a strong HU pro who usually plays on other sites..
 LooseKiddie26/04/2011 09:53:54 GMT
There you go Smile Nice one for my fellow countryman Smile Sometimes Isildur was even 2k$ behind, so it was very good match. And Niklas is right - it's a win for Mastermixus, for sure Blink
 SuperNoob26/04/2011 15:00:00 GMT
well done to mastermixus for playing well against isildur and only losing 1279$ out of 15k in 2500 hands. he earned that money well and got to play against isildur too, dream day for him surely
 GIOMi626/04/2011 18:38:45 GMT
Congratulations Mastermixus for going home as the winner with a big bag of cash, nice going and good luck in the future.
 Macubaas27/04/2011 05:04:50 GMT
Big congrats for Mastermixus indeed. He actually played really good because i railed for some minutes the match. At the end of the match Isildur1 was really aggressive but Mastermixus kept his calm and didn't maked any mistakes.
Although many contest him and his style of play i really think isildur1 is the best no limit holdem heads-up player, thing really proofed over all superstar showdown matches.
If we remember other pro players didn't even finished the 2500 hands and lost all money against viktor blom.
 mayea427/04/2011 05:44:12 GMT
Congrates to you Mastermixus for your to make it and for giving that pro a run for his money. Well done i must say.
 shokaku27/04/2011 05:58:57 GMT
The qualifier managed to lose just a bit over one buy-in. Not that bad for 2500 hands HU play. For the pro a bit over $1k isn't that big of a win. But of cause it was a promo.

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