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Isildur1 takes on new games and loses big!

Tags: 2-7 Triple Draw, gus hansen, isildur1, pokerstars, viktor blom.
Posted on 17 August 2012 by "T".

Yesterday we wrote about Viktor "Isildur1" Blom's epic 11-hour heads up match against EireAbu, one of the most successful PLO HU players on PokerStars this year. The match took place on Tuesday - only hours after PokerStars and Blom announced that they had parted ways - and Blom won the battle and about 200,000 USD. The Swede is up another $40k in the past 48 hours from playing Pot-Limit Omaha and No-Limit Hold'em on PokerStars. However, he hasn't been doing so well in other games...

According to several sources, he was playing $1000/$2000 Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Low on Thursday afternoon against "Broksi", rumored to be Gus Hansen from Denmark, and other regulars. Some players who watched the action claimed that Blom didn't seem to fully understand the game as he ran out of "time to act" several times - even though he just had 2 tables open. Besides that, he didn't have any beginner's luck either since he lost about $230k. It's also reported that he played $1000/$2000 2-7 Triple Draw and lost $200-$250k there as well.


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20 comments on "Isildur1 takes on new games and loses big!"

 pody_eu17/08/2012 10:27:39 GMT
my heads blow when i see what stakes has viktor
damn at least 5% to have in my pocket and ...
 Fakiry17/08/2012 12:01:47 GMT
Running out of time? Not understanding the game completely? Did Blom sit anyone on his place while he went for a snack and a couple of hours of rest? There’s no hands to show how things were running, but looks like it was really bad. Maybe that someone on his place thought it was Play Money action. If this really happened, he shouldn’t be very happy to see the results. A pro like Isildur1 wouldn’t do something like this, obviously i’m just kidding with the situation. But don’t try to sum 1+1 saying this was because of leaving PS contract, i am sure one thing as nothing to do with the other. He was just tired, he still didn’t have time to recover from the 11 hours session from the pther day…
 Maliace17/08/2012 13:00:08 GMT
isldur1 is a moron ... bigtime he is now at the moment playing 1-2k fl omaha hi lo and 2-7 td and he is getting his ass kicked
 zeroster17/08/2012 13:38:27 GMT
I've just been watching play 2-7td $1k/$2k painful to watch.

I know he has plenty of spare cash but why on earth play 1k/2k in a game he doesn't fully understand? If he's trying to learn new skills surely he can get a decent game playing 100/200 or even 25/50.
 noonlion17/08/2012 16:39:50 GMT
The only thing that might be of benefit by playing high stakes to begin with if you have the money, is that you're learning against the best from the start and potentially can learn quicker.

still 400k down the shitter is nuts, but thats what these guys do.
 Jibberish17/08/2012 18:56:26 GMT
i watched him play limit 1/2k omaha and duece 7 for a bit, seems like he was doing kinda good when i was watching last night (est) but i only watched for a short period of time, i guess i was his luck charm and when i went he started missing all his draws lol
 Mysik8617/08/2012 20:35:28 GMT
He must be Super-Hiper-Extranova Elite now! After playing on these stakes... he will get his Porsche VERY soon...
 ayaraled18/08/2012 04:09:52 GMT
not watched this games...he is a super aggressive gambler...losing this amount is standard for him... i think...he bets half a million in just one hand....that is his style of play super aggressivene and when he really got a pays off very big..
 remco250418/08/2012 09:40:22 GMT
Some say he is the best but he's not...

He calls huge hands with nothing or a straight draw and hopes for the best.
He is just a gambler who got lucky early on and never gone back to zero.
This does not make him a good poker player just a lucky gambler.

And now he's also making bad decisions by playing these other games.

This guy is no better then the avarage poker player
 Macubaas18/08/2012 18:33:06 GMT
As a general rule when you move up in limits let alone when you want to learn a new poker game you should always expect some nasty downswings...

But i'm sure Viktor as always has the strenght to come back evetually and win Big Big Smile
 Sokolot18/08/2012 20:00:47 GMT
He is doing quite fine vs Kanu7 now :OOO
 kwasac18/08/2012 20:40:12 GMT
The best example how you can lose your money if you experimenting...
P.S. Stick with game where you are the best!
 Indo36M21/08/2012 21:16:24 GMT
ihope always that people wins a lot ff money,poor or rich,but this boy,he play's wht money like its monoply money!!! okay its nice 4 him to win the high roller pca 2012,but that 1,2 mil,is already observer can we say that he need profesional help,i dont like the word addict,but aybe he cant live like a wel known person,and those persons who CANT handle the pressure off the media,always started to use something else,hope not 4 his sake,but loosing 500k i a day,is 4me
pretty sick.even iff you have money enough !!! 500k=something that i dont make in my lifetime,thats 4 sure
 occultum21/08/2012 22:31:45 GMT
Standard situation for him.. just yesterday he won something like 800k and by the time ppl were posting the new he was already losing 300k. After a few hours he ends with 600k loss.. crazy degen is gonna degen. Tbh he's very talented and a very good player but if he continues like this he's gonna be in the wall of shame like some of the degen pros we see crying in videos about their addiction.

And he's still so young can't even imagine how will he be with +10 years.
 jessthehuman21/08/2012 23:48:17 GMT
Posted by Maliace:
isldur1 is a moron ...

He's obviously not a moron and also clearly he is extremely talented at poker. It's just that he is a complete degen - but so are lots of poker players - including the big man himself; Phil Ivey.
 Mucking27/08/2012 00:11:44 GMT
What does make Isildur a moron?

Please claerify it for me. because i cant see it.. enlighten me please oh big hero.

What name should i search for to find you on noosebleeds?
 provoman29/08/2012 08:30:52 GMT
This night I an whatcing Isildur vs Ilary, 2 table hup 200/400.
Isildur crash Ilary first sesion and go ahead with 200-300k!
Ilary put his last 46k bugs, and ask for 100k form Isildur.
He reject loan.
Ilary have make form 46k -->300k for 15-20 min.
New 2 table open!
Ilary lost on them 2 x 40k and gone.
The match was super agresive and luckyer win.

I can imagin how fast can win and lost 300k.....
Good gamble!
 kinogomes29/08/2012 10:33:16 GMT
As much as i like Isildur is think he is getting overrated! cmon lets put the fact, he has everything to be the best of all time, and cant contro is gambling addictions! I remember when he started in Fulltilt, i was amzed he was a mind blowing, epic matches against Phil, Antonius and Dwan at same time. It was impossible to doesnt love this guy, but now it is over and over the same mistakes, the surprise efect is already gone. I would like to see another Isildur to mind blowying my mind again!
 AtQmicBQmb05/09/2012 00:41:46 GMT
Isildur = PRO Poker Player ?! or just a lunatic GAMBLER ?!

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