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Gus Hansen Didn't Show Up For Heads-Up Showdown Against Viktor Blom

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Posted on 17 September 2014 by "T".

As a part of the promotion HEADS UP SHOWDOWN, Full Tilt Poker pros Viktor "Isildur1" Blom and Gus Hansen were supposed to play against each other on Sunday, September 14. Many had looked forward to the battle ever since Full Tilt Poker announced the challenge last month, but, unfortunately, many were left disappointed as Gus Hansen never showed up.

"We regret that Hansen was unable to play, and we apologise to his fans. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, Gus Hansen did not play the heads-up match against Isildur," a company representative wrote in a statement issued to pokerfuse.

Besides missing the best-of-three heads-up match again Isildur1, Hansen didn't play the $5,000 heads-up against the winner of the "Selfie competition".

However, the HEADS UP SHOWDOWN was never cancelled as Full Tilt Poker quickly found a replacement for Hansen: Triple Crown winner and Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody.

Cody and Blom played three heads-up Sit and Go's (Stud Hi/Lo, NL Triple Draw and NL Hold'em). At the end of it all, Blom stood tall as the champion after winning all three matches! Blom received $50,000 in prize money. 

Orignally the loser of the challenge was supposed to play 1,000 hands of micro stakes ($0.05/$0.10) Razz or record and release a video of themselves singing the winner's national anthem, but Cody probably won't have to to neither of that since he stepped in last minute to help. 

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11 comments on "Gus Hansen Didn''t Show Up For Heads-Up Showdown Against Viktor Blom"

 pochui17/09/2014 08:20:13 GMT
how could Hansen betray his fans, afterall those millions and millions of fans dumped their play money tournaments and/or $0.02 sng's on stars. i mean people were risking their money, some of them their entire bankrolls just to see their idol losing another hu match to add to his ~$20 mill already lost. just no respect, come on Gus after reading this (i'm sure he will) be a man and show up next time
 ouThhiTus17/09/2014 08:39:39 GMT
at $20 millions lost this is called compulsive gambling behavior and soon he will touch his business in order to bring more money with recovery in his mind until will lose everything. suicide is coming...mark my words.
 doubletop77717/09/2014 08:47:45 GMT
It's a shame that Gus Hansen didnt turn up because i would have really liked to see who would have come out on top in this battle. I think Viktor Blom would win and i hope they rearrange this match
 LIKEIT2717/09/2014 09:28:22 GMT
Yea but we not sure why he didnt come and play the heads up game,...
Maybe family circumstance's?
Ore maybe he never wanna loose again,....
Sooo he quit poker Big Smile

But its bad commercial for the pokerscene iff its a silly reason,
why he didnt plaeyd
 Robbo199017/09/2014 11:58:07 GMT
Surely he would of had to play just on contractual basis alone, I wonder how this will effect his relationship with Full Tilt
 marlin17/09/2014 21:51:04 GMT
Why do people especially Mr Suicide (ouThhiTus) above. (You need help) jump on anyone without knowing the facts ? I just don't get it
 mgabesz17/09/2014 22:11:38 GMT
Drunk or something? Everybody knew the exact date well in advance so almost no excuses acceptable. Quite unfair behaviour. I hope they will play this as soon as possible. A lot of fan are now disappointed because of this and they are absolutely right.
 xxxpokerxxx117/09/2014 23:20:58 GMT
Fear is a very powerful and influencel factor many times,but fear only gets stronger as you get GUS man up!
 av196619/09/2014 14:55:13 GMT
Man the guy is on a never ending slump but not showing at the HEADS UP SHOWDOWN,against Viktor "Isildur1" Blom at FULL TILT was disrespectful, inconsiderate and unprofessional to everybody the fans the oponente and to the site(company)
Not a good action and at least for me a blow on is credibility as the face of a poker room
 ouThhiTus19/09/2014 19:51:55 GMT
Posted by marlin:
Why do people especially Mr Suicide (ouThhiTus) above. (You need help) jump on anyone without knowing the facts ? I just don't get it

redirect (You need help) to Gus. what he did after $5 million is compulsive gambling and not much time and resources left until he will go broke. expression 'dead man walking' is accurate on him.
 ammytyagi19/09/2014 21:51:29 GMT
That is unprofessional behaviour by Gus. Full tilt promoted the event very much so this was not expected. He will be losing his sponsorship.

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