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Las Vegas Continues to Struggle amid COVID-19

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Posted on 07 July 2020 by "T".

Bellagio, Las Vegas

The casino industry all around the world including the world's biggest gambling hub Macau is still reeling from the devastating effects of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and Las Vegas is also not spared from this nightmare that is expected to continue for a couple more years or so.

A Very Long Road to Recovery
The poker room of the Bellagio, owned by MGM, became one of the first casinos to reopen last month with plexiglass dividers installed at every table, which allowed six-handed games to be played, and it also made the wearing of masks optional for players. Meanwhile the Aria poker room, also owned by MGM, did not reopen straightaway to see how the reopening goes for the other businesses in the Strip.

The Sahara Las Vegas and Caesars Palace poker rooms are running five-handed games and in accordance with the newest safety guidelines of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. All players will be required to wear face masks.

Caesars Palace executive manager Ryan Bishop sees no need to install dividers, "We're getting plenty of business without it. The players are happy."

Poker room manager Jason Sanborn at The South Point wants to also offer six-handed but without placing dividers. He said the new requirement of wearing masks eliminates the need for plexiglass, "Gaming indicated that masks equal plexiglass by the way they worded the new guidelines, so we feel like we have a good case to go six without them."

Governor of California Gavin Newsom has recently ordered certain businesses to close down in 19 different counties, including card rooms. The state has 277,433 confirmed cases with 6,445 deaths as of today. California currently holds the highest daily coronavirus case count of any state.

Positive Cases in Las Vegas
The COVID-19 is certainly no hoax, and when it has successfully infected somebody, it will disrupt everyone's peace of mind, or worse, it will definitely claim a life one way or the other.

Two employees of the Concierge team at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas tested positive for the virus. The Cosmopolitan was the venue of a video tweeted by Los Angeles Times sports columnist Arash Markazi which became viral, showing a huge crowd on the gambling floor with no evident social distancing and most of them are not wearing face masks. In response to this, Nevada Gaming regulators have now made it mandatory for all guests to wear a mask at gaming tables that do not have physical dividers between the player and dealer.

Two Oklahoma tribal casinos named The Sac & Fox Nation in Stroud and The Black Hawk Casino in Shawnee were closed for an undisclosed period of time after an employee tested positive for COVID-19. While business is ceased, both venues will be subjected to deep-cleaning procedures, and the whole gaming area will be thoroughly disinfected.

Gila River Gaming closed three casinos for two weeks: Wild Horse Pass, Lone Butte and Vee Quiva because of a 68-year-old security guard at Lone Butte who contracted the fatal virus and died on June 11.

Caesars Entertainment also suffered a loss of an employee due to the virus. Last week four casino workers on The Strip were infected by the virus, despite the extreme cleaning operations being implemented on their premises.

"Sadly, we can confirm that one of our colleagues has passed away after testing positive for COVID-19. We are heartbroken by this development and are expressing our deepest sympathies to their family and friends."

Nevada casinos this week reported a total of $5.8 million earned from poker and sports betting. This figure is down from a whopping $981.8 million in May 2019, a drop of 99.41%.

We all know that casinos tend to have really deep pockets, but nobody knows how much longer they can stay afloat if this continues.

As of today, the confirmed coronavirus cases in Nevada have reached 22,909, with 536 deaths.



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32 comments on "Las Vegas Continues to Struggle amid COVID-19"

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» Las Vegas Continues to Struggle amid COVID-19

 antonis32109/07/2020 20:37:32 GMT
The article said that this nightmare might continue for a couple of years more or so . i hope this is an exaggeration , if we have to bear all these restrictions and the craziness for two more years , wow , what can I say . Economies will be destroeyed , won't they ?? Hope for the best ,but all these signs from scientists and governemnt decisions , hmmm.... Drop by 99.5% for profits , devastating , heartbreaking cause this might cause many to lose their jobs in the future , at least cut their salary ,already happenning in many businesses Sad
 maragatero10/07/2020 00:18:18 GMT
antonis321 you have to think in the Dinosaurus, they were a good example of a specie who didn´t could adapt to their new context. And I think that we have a better mind than they, despite some bad examples between us. The only solve of this matter will be the vaccine. At least for you, and me, and dule-vu, and some more mobster...
 CALICUL10/07/2020 09:43:10 GMT
COVID 19 has become ridiculous. Most countries have removed general condition, but now some are trying to bring this coronavirus back to forefront. I have the impression that some famous doctors are censored because they are telling the truth...
 maragatero12/07/2020 00:22:58 GMT
You are a conspirancy lover my friend. To you always be something hidden that is the real explanation. The same attitude that you have with the poker online, when you told about the sabotage that the software makes in your playing. If you are happy in the middle of the shadow...good for you! But let me believe in the risk of death and the hope of teh vaccine!
 CALICUL12/07/2020 16:23:31 GMT
I am not a follower of the conspiracy, but of reality yes, of course. Why me should to lie and not tell this real truth? You can't be more informed than me, because your area where you live is much more secluded. Wait a few months to see that.
 dule-vu12/07/2020 19:09:19 GMT
today you can see on tv that even trump have mask for first time,he was in some hospital!they have again growt every day,so they will be in big problems again!who know where is end of this in usa!today they have over 62 K new people with corona in their country,so we will see when will be end of this and will this vaccine from uk help people as they think!
 antonis32112/07/2020 20:22:11 GMT
I guess social distancing is nice , it can help now and then , here and there , a convenient way to impose further restrictions to poor people freedom and to reduce their income and choices for the future , better results than recession by world economy crisis , you get better results without many complaints . Not saying this virus crisis doesn't exist , I say many other viruses or infections or deseases also exist . Not saying we shoiuldn't try to protect ourselves or the most weak people in the world , but these exagerrations lead to what ?? Why not have this social distancing for ever in all over the world , only people with job will be free to move for as long as they work , then home alone , lol Smile
 maragatero13/07/2020 00:40:55 GMT
Yes dule-vu, included Donald into the measures of health, with or without his wishes. Military Hospital makes he doing well. And antonis321, you don´t find the difference yet? The speed to the infected transmission and the absent of cure, are a clue of it. The mortality percentage to the total infected, maybe another. If you aren´t a conspiracy lover, why do you think that all the world are choosen this measure?
 CALICUL13/07/2020 17:12:17 GMT
This epidemic caused by the new coronavirus called covid 19 appeared in January in China and spread in a short period of 3 months around the world. It has become a pandemic and will throw us into a world dictatorship. Then you will understand my friend where the lie is.
 dule-vu13/07/2020 19:27:25 GMT
as I heard yesterday on one you tube channel,you can only gamble in las vega,they dont have buffets,they dont have entertainment and parties,so its not same as it was before!so for me its question till when they will gamble,if they have more and more sick people every day!they will stop at some point!
 maragatero14/07/2020 00:44:18 GMT
The situation in United States are out of control. Yesterday, with his partner Brasil, they had the 50% of the infected of all the world. And California and Florida are the principal focus of it. Worst than it (to all of us) some studies are saying that the inmunity of the people who had the disease does not last more than a few months. That´s terrible!
 antonis32114/07/2020 15:09:32 GMT
maragatero , these times there are not true enemies between the strong ones , there is totalitarianism , eevrything is under control , the whole planet is in absolute order (meaning they have decided which areas are going to be coinflict areas for the strong players , which will be the dump place for evry exploitation to take place , etc etc
They need specific number of workers and substitus for them , great numbers , but not need everyone , they also need many b*** Big Smile , you are not a 11 years old kid or a 15 years old teen to be naive Blink) .
They need total control , they desire depression and recession in economy and the poor people , my humble opinion , this social distance helps a lot , it's the new world order weapon , next one will be Mars alliens attack , lol Smile

You know , it's not bad to be a liitle conspiracy lover , better be protected against the strong ones , even if you make a mistake , the consequences will be 1.000.000 times less than if you believe everything , cause then you get screwd and f**** , and you'll be 1.000.000 times more idiot and sucker than the conspiracy lovers . And if you see exaggerateions on some matters for your life , for others lives , for policy , economy , healthcare , etc or words with opposite actions or no actions at all , you know what you have to think or what you have to do , don't you ? Smile
 CALICUL14/07/2020 20:29:55 GMT
It is terrible for manipulated people because infections are just ordinary lies. You can't even test covid 19 but there are patients. They don't have a vaccine but people are treated. Wtf is that? Planet of the sleeping people?
 maragatero15/07/2020 00:46:41 GMT
Wow! CALICUL you found a partner! The world conspiracy is making new adepts, and I still don´t believe in the agreements of Bill Gates with Putin, Soros, Xi Jinping, and the ghost of Elvis Presley, to dominate the entire world through introducing the vaccine delivery by the 5G, in the extended flat earth. I´m a hard head. But the truth will explode in my face soon....
 dule-vu15/07/2020 09:48:19 GMT
every day in america you have news that some players got corona,especially now with nba players and it will be in other sports also!nobody say that they will die now,but you cant allow people to get infected from him!same is with people in super markets,casinos and any other place!in my country you cant enter in any super market,shop or gas station without mask!
 maragatero16/07/2020 00:49:15 GMT
Here is the same way, and we, in my city, are in Phase 5 of the measure, with almost all the activities running. Only sports, clerical activity, and schools, are not open. We have only one case and death by covid, but in general, all the people are doing the right thing. Bolsonaro just fall down, I wait to see DTrump crying for his health!
 CALICUL16/07/2020 06:48:28 GMT
In Belarus, social exclusion measures have not been strict at all, and they claim that the toll was only 9,590 illnesses and 67 deaths. Certainly those who died had seasonal flu because covid 19 (coronavirus) is too weak to kill. In las vegas is hot and nobody die because of this...
 dule-vu19/07/2020 10:03:18 GMT
in america you have every day more then 70000 new people with corona virus,so they will be just in bigger and bigger problems every day,so las vegas and gambling will be on last place that people will think and soon they will close it again!
panama is from yesterday right example what can happen to one country!they said that all hospitals are full and that they cant put more people in them,so they cant help them!
 antonis32120/07/2020 02:12:06 GMT
Everyone struggles to stay on their feet , not only las Vegas , they have to think the small businesses , the employees who get fired , stay without income . Not because theya re lazy , or capable or efficient in their jobs no more , but because of this crazy situation , It has to stop very soon , things have to go to normality once and for all , ASAP Smile

It;s rediculous , some circumstances , in some businesses . They kept the employees during the first 3-4 months of the crisis , for solidarity reasons , they weren't paying them , or they paid them a small part of their wage or these employees did get help only by the state . Then they fired them , or impose them large decrease on their salary . Solidarity my a*** ..... Only good in propaganda ...
 CALICUL20/07/2020 07:06:28 GMT
We are always sacrificed by the world occult ( NWO). Our CNPs are like a company and they play on the stock market... They started wars and for over 200 years it has been hurting Europe and for more of 100 years all over the world because it is their planet.
 maragatero21/07/2020 01:41:18 GMT
Really, Donald Trump chooses the wrong enemy to fight in his general election season. He could make it against the deployment, or the corporation support, or he could still fighting against Twiter or Facebook. But he chooses to fight against COVID as a chinese lie, and he doesn´t do anything good to keep safe his people.
That mistake will pay dearly!
 CALICUL21/07/2020 08:06:20 GMT
I am not so optimistic in Donald Trump's struggle with the globalists (new world order). Jeffrey Epstein this pedophile (who is supposed to have committed suicide) was his friend and he is part of group of these progressives... who want to harm world population. A fight that is just politics.
 dule-vu21/07/2020 11:40:38 GMT
yes antonis,you are right!small businesses are in bigger problems,but still no matter how big you are,everybody lose with this corona!same will be in las vegas,people cant fly or they will not,nobody will spend money,nobody will sleep there,so lot of problems!you can even see in europe that people dont go on sea in other countries!every country that have sea have 60 or 70 % less tourists this year!
 antonis32122/07/2020 21:48:49 GMT
Goverments tooks the decision for total isolation and social distance , not the scientists , who were advicing the goverments different things , from one country to another . They took this decision for global isolation (in almost all the world with some exceptions ) . The businesses suffer not because of business plan failures or lack of consumers , but because of this isolationand the restrictions and prohibitions , people lost their jobs or take less money , not because of less capabilities or boredom , but because they couldn' t work

In few words , it's governments fault and the powerfull men responsibility to help the societies and the businesses these times , help them recover and have again work and profits . Either it's las vegas casinos or any other business in the world Smile
 CALICUL23/07/2020 10:18:41 GMT
Covid 2019 is actually an economic war between countries and the desperation of globalists / politicians to earn a lot of money from normal people. There will be other pressures, where citizens who pay taxes will be enslaved because at this moment we are being robbed of our rights.

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